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“A Good Argument Is Like A Tent” by Liam Scheff

by Liam Scheff

People don’t understand how to argue; they mistake small for large evidence; they mistake massive arguments requiring extraordinarily strong evidence for small ones requiring little.

How good are your arguments? How good are your thoughts?

Big arguments require big evidence. The bigger and more unusual the argument is, the better the evidence, the more solid and strong it must be, the further it must penetrate to hold the argument down.

An idea or argument is like a sheet of canvas. The evidence you hold it to earth with are like the stakes you secure it with.

How good is your evidence? How secure is your ‘tent’ when you make an argument?

• “Yahweh made the cosmos.” Big canvas. You’re going to need very big and very many stakes to hold that down.

• “Vaccines are safe and effective.” Pretty big canvas. How’s it going finding the stakes to plant it with?

And so on… and on.

When you debate, organize your materials. Figure out how large a claim is being made. The bigger and wider the canvas, the deeper and stronger the evidence must be.

See how the official stories of our time measure up...

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.