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A New Perspective — A manifesto by a citizen of the republic

by Douglas M. Dragomer, MS, CCP

We are at a time in our Republic that demands a renewal of principles or else the Great Experiment will fail. The Founding Fathers referred to the inception and development of our country as the Great Experiment as it was the first time in the history of the world that people willfully deliberated about which form of government would best protect their individual liberty.  The premise of the experiment was that both the government and capitalism are to serve the citizen in his or her quest for liberty.  The citizen’s do not serve the government or capitalism. The point to remember is that the government and capitalism are “means” only, not the “end” of our country. If the relationship of the citizens to the government or business becomes inverted making the citizens secondary to the government or business we have effectively transformed the purpose of our country.

In just ten years we (United  States of America) have gone from being a leading economy of the world to being financially insolvent with the threat of losing not only the prosperity that has been achieved throughout our 234 year history but our role as the leaders of the free world. For any change as dramatic as this there must be a source, a cause to this potential demise. The prime cause behind this potential collapse is without a doubt our two opposing political parties taking turns serving their own ends at the expense of the citizens and failing to serve the public good. This in-turn has polarized our society to such a degree that a registered democratic or republican citizen cannot see the failings of their own parties’ means. It seems that citizens oppose the other party, do not want to be involved with the political process because of its apparent complexity, or feel that there is nothing they can do as an individual. These perspectives illustrate deeper fundamental problems. As citizens we have placed our faith in our statesmen as we each pursue our own careers, however, this has lead to a lack of understanding of how our country is to operate. This has disconnected us from the purpose of the Republic further exacerbating our demise.

These conditions create a potentially dangerous environment where the policies now put forth are no longer connected to the citizen’s welfare but instead to a select few and if they are intended to be connected to the citizen the means are inconsistent with individual liberty. The interest of our statesman has become bifurcated no longer only tied to the public good of the US citizen but the good that can be achieved in another foreign country as our statesmen have determined is our moral responsibility. Former President George HW Bush termed this new moral responsibility as the “New World Order”. Once we have committed to this new moral obligation it supersedes the previous social contract we are all obligated to in the US Constitution. Consequently, we as citizens lose. This perspective has caused a decrease in energy economically which attempts to be mitigated by involuntary means on the rest of the citizens via federal mandates for previously voluntary services. We see this manifested today by the mismatch of expenses to revenue resulting in the insolvency of our fiscal policies at the local, state and federal levels of government. This is now leading to a potential collapse of the US dollar as the currency for the rest of the world. If this happens we as citizens of the Republic will bear the individual responsibility for our narrow views and our failing to understand how each part of the Republic is supposed to function as intended by the Founding Fathers. Specifically then, there must be a perspective that allows the citizen to go beyond our political parties today and understand how a given solution by a politician will affect the citizens liberty and therefore the nation. I will point out that each citizen’s right to liberty and prosperity as guaranteed by the US Constitution has and is being ignored by our statesman. I then will define an old mutual want in a new way to reconnect the citizen’s to a common bond and purpose to recapture the liberty and prosperity guaranteed to each citizen by the US Constitution.

How? In order for us to resolve our impending financial crisis that will destroy every citizen’s liberty we will have to pierce the veil of our Republic and find the essence of our structure that formed our country.  In finding our essence we will reach a depth of understanding that will touch on the principles of awareness, the symbols of the Republic, the philosophers that the Founding Fathers looked to for guidance in designing the structure of the Republic and our founding documents that make up the ideals of our country. When we have reached the bottom we will have found the common point to sacrifice all our differences on and realize that the common point is liberty. As our country has moved into modern time’s interpretations and perspectives of the citizens have changed which has caused confusion to the real purpose and intent of our Nation subsequently changing our reality and environment we now live in. These four subjects will be our beacon of light in these dark turbulent times creating a path for understanding and a means to gain a new perspective and order out of the manifold phenomena of today. These four subjects are intimately connected to our political and economical welfare and will become our pillars to uphold the Republic. With our focus on these four areas we will regain our purpose of being a sovereign state and independence as individuals, cities, states and as a nation:

1.     Principles of Awareness

Being “aware” implies knowledge gained through one’s own perceptions or by means of information. In its older definition it means being vigilant; watchful. So awareness means, that a person has knowledge of, understanding of, or perception of something. It is through perception that we each gain knowledge and the depth of our perception determines our understanding of a given situation. In our present state of affairs we must seek to gain a better awareness of the nature of our Republic in order to regain our liberty. We will use each of the following principles listed below to better understand the nature and structure of our society. In doing so, we will find ourselves at our essence which gives us the ability to sit high atop the Republic and look down on it with a detached viewpoint freeing us from the emotional influences of political affairs and special interests. It allows us to be independent or neutral. Secondly, they give us the perception to, “think outside the box”, to not be held to a particular viewpoint but to see how a given action actually affects our endpoint of individual liberty. We learn the value of sitting in another’s shoes thereby gaining perspective. If we don’t use these principles our country evolves into something else, something that resembles more of a totalitarian perspective as each political party gyrates back and forth dominating each other which will slowly erode each citizen’s liberty and prosperity as experience has proven. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson said, “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. Let’s learn how we can keep our focus on liberty and independence of each citizen as this is the only way each person can evolve to become more as individuals.

a.     The ends never justify the means-

This simple phrase identifies whether the means of our policies used today both within and without of the US are consistent with individual liberty which is the end point of our country. The means and ends are a paradox. If the means aren’t consistent with liberty of each citizen you then contradict the end point of liberty. This becomes our gold standard measure in determining the policies within and without of not only the government at each of its respective levels but also the actions of our companies and the action’s of individual citizen’s within society as well.

b.    Polarity- Polarity is the recognition that opposites exist and within those opposites are the varying degrees of manifestations or outcomes that allow us to compare differences. These differences allow us to gain order out of our murky state of existence. Polarity becomes then a tool to further detach ourselves from emotional influences that can compromise or sacrifice another’s liberty. We realize that these differences are innate to our existence and can be used to better understand our environment. Ultimately, we want to be able to use polarity to compare our own interpretations with another to see if together they produce a third perspective that will be more evolved and better preserve individual liberty.  This is a simple step that can open one’s mind to greater possibilities.

c.     Microcosm vs. Macrocosm- the original definition from ancient Greek origin is the recognition of seeing the same patterns reproduced from the cosmos to man to subatomic particles. By using this principle we create the concept that regardless of what individual unit we are focused on, whether it is an individual person, a business, a city, a state, or a nation, the same patterns are present thereby making the principles apply to each one respectively. By using this model we gain a clearer understanding of how the respective parts of society can create or destroy another parts’ liberty. This creates boundaries or limits on each respective part which confines the responsibility of each part to itself preserving liberty for the other parts. What follows then from this breaking up into parts is the natural state for an exchange. Whether the respective part can exchange with another part for money, property, or ideas determines the parts liberty.  This model makes it clear that the more independent the microcosm part is, the more independent the macrocosm part is, the more liberty we each have. We want to be mindful, aware of the means we use within each of these respective parts and not overstep our boundaries encroaching on the liberties of another. This model determines whether the individual citizen, city, state or our nation is becoming independent or dependent on another.

d.    Part to the Whole relationship- This model was first described by Aristotle and continues to be used to this day. The part to the whole gives us a simple and effective way to describe how a part can affect the whole or how the whole can affect a part. What it does for us is set up a model to assess whether or not a part of the republic is being sacrificed to the whole thereby reducing the respective parts liberty.  A part can be considered to be a citizen, a company, or the government. Most people think that the whole is the government when in fact it is the society of which the government is a part of. Each one of these parts makes up the whole of the United States of America as a society. They each respectively provide energy for the whole society and if one of them is subdued or grown out of proportion through a lack of perspective or understanding then the whole of society is affected.

These four principles of awareness allow us to look at the nature of our republic to better understand how we are achieving liberty. These principles become the tools we will use to identify the proper means for individual liberty.  Keep these concepts in the back of your mind as we now reconnect to the purpose of our country. We will bring these principles back later on when we look at the policies used today.

2.     Symbols- The symbols of our country show the importance of the citizens staying connected to each other in order for the Republic to survive. That is that the statesmen are to only have the US citizen best interest in mind. We will know when they don’t when the prosperity of the citizens become disproportionate. Our symbols are meant to remind us of our purpose. The following is a description of our symbols and how they relate to our values as a nation.

a.        The five pointed star- The five pointed star or pentagram is probably the most common symbol we see everywhere whether on the American flag or on all of our military planes, uniforms or our five star generals. The five pointed star expresses a relationship that if the parts are in a certain proportion within the whole, the whole or object is pleasing to the eye. Each part has a specific function and each part needs to function to their fullest potential in order for the whole to be considered a work of art. From this symbol we gain the understanding that if a part is compromised the whole becomes compromised and liberty is lost. When all the parts are functioning to their potential within a given whole such as a business, a community or even a team sport we all recognize the rarity of it and strive to be like them. This is the sole reason the United States of America became the envy of the world. People from around the world recognized that individual liberty provided these proportions. Although it has mostly been understood in the realm of art it should be understood in every area of our lives. In military terms, we know that a fighting unit is only as strong as its weakest part. That’s why in military training it is unacceptable for a soldier who is a part of the unit to fall behind. If one soldier falls behind it makes the whole unit weak and susceptible to defeat. We can also expand this concept out to our country. If a part of the country such as a statesman of the government or a business misrepresent themselves the whole is affected. We see this today in the most egregious form in the reduction of jobs due to certain parts of society that became distorted and out of proportion.  As parts of our economy become weak the whole is weakened and we find the need to artificially maintain proportions. Another feature of this symbol is that at the center of the five pointed star is a pentagon which within it can be drawn another five pointed star and within that another pentagram can be drawn. This goes on ad infinitum. What this means for us is that there is no end to our understanding of how the parts relate to the whole it is constantly being evolved into a better understanding. The means to accomplish this however is from individual realization not a coerced state. If each citizen can realize these two concepts and apply it to their surroundings we decrease the need for government intervention increasing the liberty of all. As each individual appreciates this symbol, individual responsibility is created by realizing that the citizen next to you is you and virtue is brought into existence. It makes you feel for another connecting each other so that distortions are kept in check. We will find out in our next section that when virtue ceases to exist the Republic will cease to exist. This leads one to the next symbol which is each individual’s end point.

b.       American Flag- the American flag denotes liberty and freedom. It represents the many uniting together as one which is noted on the US dollar bill in Latin as, “E Pluribus Unum.” As the stewards of liberty this concept is defined as, “the proximity of your fist to my chin”. This defines the limits placed on individuals, businesses and governments thereby preserving liberty of each citizen. It clears the grey area of creating profit even though there may be some negatives associated with the creation of a particular good or service. If a given action by one entity touches another then that person’s liberty has been violated.  This is the distinction of our philosophy, the proclaiming of man’s nobleness and worth as an individual citizen which leads to human liberty. As, “Liberty is the liberty of one man or it’s not liberty at all.” Liberty is not a free for all, it has defined limits and it is within these limits that an individual uses reason to become more as an individual which will usually include sacrifice. Liberty allows for the moral development of man. Innately then the nature of liberty is determined by the ability of an individual to have choice. To have choice allows the individual to refine their own moral nature. As parts of our society take away the ability of a citizen to have choice they take away the means that allow each citizen to become more. This is the challenge for our statesman, the ability to make a choice that sacrifices their own gain for the gain of the citizen.

c.        Statue of Liberty-symbolizes the ability of the citizen to have reason acquired by the citizen through their own trials and tribulations. With a focused attention the citizen gains awareness by comparing the possibilities of the parts to bring order to the mundane and break the shackles of tyranny. This is the New World Order as noted on the back of the one dollar bill in Latin as, “Novus Ordo Seclorum”. The New World Order is an individual perception not a police state that blankets the world for control.  The word, “order”, used in this context means a condition of methodical or prescribed arrangement among component parts such that proper function or appearance is achieved as perceived by an individual. Therefore, the New World Order is an individual perception that gives individuality, creativity, ingenuity and innovation that leads to a thriving economy and liberty for all citizens. By each individual having their own minds we naturally protect ourselves via diversity of thought leading to competition and preventing consolidations and the concentration of power that through the history of mankind has lead to the downfall of all great nations. The Statue of Liberty stands as our ideal that we all are to strive for.

As we look at these symbols they are intended to remind each one of us of the ideals that distinguish our country from the rest of the world and to be lived by every citizen. They are there to provide us with inspiration to maintain the perspective of individual responsibility using reason to become more as independent citizens of the Republic.

Part II The Connection– the above principles of awareness and symbols of our country are connected to the mainstream via the writings of the philosopher’s the founding fathers consulted and our founding documents.

3.     Philosopher’s- The three main philosopher’s that contributed to our structure and ideals are Charles Montesquieu, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

a.     Montesquieu was called “the oracle” by Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, due to Montesquieus’ classic work “The Spirit of the Laws”. What Montesquieu does is connect the republican form of government to individual liberty. Montesquieu is the first philosopher that offers a means to establish a republican form of government over such a large area as the United States of America. The key is dividing the areas into smaller governments that can be efficient in managing the area they are located in. This is called federalism. Federalism gives individuals more choices thereby enhancing the individual’s ability to reason. Federalism recognizes the inefficiency that the federal government has in operating closely to the citizen which then creates particulars and special interest. The larger federal government then only becomes involved in general areas that can affect all areas equally. The second key is that the representatives elected by the citizens have to be connected to the interests of the people as this is the virtue that maintains a republic. He said, “When virtue ceases, ambition enters those hearts that can admit it, and avarice enters them all. Desires change their objects: that which one used to love, one no longer loves. One was free under laws, one wants to be free against them.” Montesquieu clearly states that if the love for another part within the country is lost then the country will be lost.  If the statesmen do not have the interest of the citizen’s than the Republic will go into ruin from the ambitious statesmen.

b.    John Locke- defines property as the means to liberty and prosperity. Without the ability to acquire property the individual cannot have liberty. Property includes all forms such as the money one earns to the actual goods or services an individual can buy for use. If the citizens are losing the ability to acquire property or their property is reduced by taxes than the means need to be refined to ensure that each citizen has the ability to pursue their own prosperity. If this equality to property is compromised than the citizen’s liberty is compromised. Locke speaks eloquently on the potential of the government to use absolute power to take property and therefore liberty from the citizen. He says, “for nobody can desire to have me in his absolute power, unless it be to compel me by force to that which is against the right of my freedom. To be free from such force is the only security of my preservation.” We can only enjoy prosperity if we have the liberty to pursue property. If that property becomes concentrated in a few, the proportions are out of balance and the prosperity is not consistent with the individual claim of each citizen. Without property we do not have liberty.

c.     Jean-Jacques Rousseau- Rousseau defines the need to have multiple viewpoints within society or else you risk being overrun by a majority that will turn into its own form of tyranny. This has been described by another philosopher as the, “Tyranny of the Majority”. Today we have been reduced to two viewpoints which have both severely reduced the liberty of all citizens of the Republic. Rousseau says, ”When the State, on the eve of ruin, maintains only a vain, illusory, and formal existence, when in every heart the social bond is broken, and the meanest interests brazenly lays hold of the sacred name of “public good”, the general will becomes mute: all men, guided by secret motives, no more give their views as citizens than if the State had never been; and iniquities decrees directed solely to private interest get passed under the name of laws.” We will see this illustrated today in tax code S 936 as a poignant example of private interest getting passed into a law. He further notes, “it is therefore essential, if the general will is to be able to express itself, that there should be no partial society within the State, and that each citizen should think only his own thoughts: But if there are partial societies, it is best to have as many as possible and to prevent them from being unequal, as was done by Solon, Numa and Servius. These precautions are the only ones that can guarantee that the general will shall be always enlightened, and that the people shall in no way deceive itself.” By having a diverse population you naturally create a mechanism that should prevent ones liberty from being encroached upon by a majority.

There are other philosopher’s who contributed to our ideals, however, in today’s environment these three define what is needed to protect the structure of our government and how that structure preserves individual liberty.

4.     Documents- Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison and the Wealth of Nations written by Adam Smith- These two bodies bring the principles of awareness, symbols of our country and the ideas of the philosopher’s as discussed to the surface of our country. They give purpose to the US Constitution and delineate how human liberty is to be achieved through the means of our government structure and our economic model of capitalism. The point to remember is that these are means only not the end of our country. Both the government and capitalism are to serve the citizen in his or her quest for liberty.  The citizen’s do not serve them.

a.     Federalist Papers- without reading these papers our constitution is a hollow shell. These papers give the substance and purpose to our constitution. They were written in 1787 and 1788 to justify to the public on why and how the US Constitution would protect individual liberty. Today our US Supreme Court Justices consult the federalist papers when they are making decisions regarding constitutional law. The purpose of the United States of America is noted in Federalist Paper#1, “that the Union would be the safest course for each citizen’s liberty, dignity, and happiness.” The rest of the 84 papers go into detail connecting the means of a Republican form of government that utilizes federalism and democracy to protect the citizens’ individual liberty. Our whole structure is dependent on whether the statesman can have an enlightened perspective that sacrifices his personal gain for the public good. The public good is a collective description of how well each individual has a claim to prosperity.  It is said in Federalist #10 that the Republican form of government is, “to refine and enlarge the public views, by passing them through the medium of a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of their country, and whose patriotism and love of justice will be least likely to sacrifice it to temporary or partial considerations.” If our statesmen are unable to sacrifice their own gain for the citizen then the connection is lost and the policies enacted will run counter to the citizen’s liberty, dignity, and happiness. The federalist papers go further and give us a sign that will tell us when policies are running counter to the citizen. In Federalist Paper #45 it says, that when parts that were previously under state powers moves to federal power it is called “derogation” which means to take away a part. As the federal government does this it becomes a sign of the Republic, “degenerating into one consolidated government resulting in a consolidated mass.” This direction is the antithesis of the intent of the Founding Fathers as a consolidated mass restricts every citizen’s liberty. As local government revenues decrease from businesses relocating overseas more state powers will become dependent on the federal government further consolidating the government into one lump mass.

b.    Wealth of Nations- the Wealth of Nations defines the means of capitalism and how it provides individual prosperity for the citizens of the country while supplying energy for the republic. Specifically, we find the limitations of capitalism and its ability to generate prosperity for the citizen’s of a nation. The main principle is the fact that the business owners should always preferentially create commerce within the nation because, “capital employed in the home-trade, it has already been shown, necessarily puts into motion a greater quantity of domestic industry, and gives revenue and employment to a greater number of the inhabitants of the country, than an equal capital employed in the foreign trade of consumption.” If business owners pursue foreign trade or they relocate to a foreign country the revenue and employment of the former home country is then sacrificed for the new foreign country. This is the environment we have today. A disconnect exists between the building of commerce globally while sacrificing the wealth of our nation.  As one can clearly see if that self-interest of the business owner and shareholders is bifurcated and now placed in a foreign country the wealth of the former country will be sacrificed to the latter. Yet, the owner and shareholders will still gain. Adam Smith defines the purpose of a nation as, “riches, and so far as power depends on riches, the power of every country, must always be in proportion to the value of its annual produce, the fund from which all taxes must ultimately be paid. But the great object of the political economy of every country, is to increase the riches and power of that country. It ought therefore, to give no preference nor superior encouragement to the foreign trade of consumption above the home trade.” The path of our nation is no longer one of wealth but one of poverty as companies detach themselves from their communities decreasing the liberty of all parts, most notably, the citizens who are left unemployed.

Part III The Bond to the Citizens- Part III will take the above documents, philosophy, symbols, and the principles of awareness and take a fresh look at the decisions made by our statesman today to see how they affect the citizen’s liberty. Today, we find two examples that illustrate the degeneration of our country one within and one without. The combination of the two will lead to our collapse. We will first start with an example of a policy within our country that will illustrate the abuse of individual liberty.

1.     The Affordable Healthcare Act put forth by democratic President Obama is a prime example of the “ends justifying the means”. However that perspective is the definition of a totalitarian state. It is one that does anything in order to accomplish a given end, even sacrificing individual liberty. We know from our previous principles of awareness that the “ends never justify the means” in a society that values liberty. By this Affordable Healthcare Act we transform a previous voluntary service such as healthcare to an involuntary service by the federal government and in doing so we have failed in choosing the appropriate means that would preserve individual liberty. Philosophically, we interfere in the individual reasoning of the private citizen as there is nothing more personal then deciding about one’s healthcare. Healthcare is an individual choice and to force a citizen to purchase healthcare we find ourselves face to face with the very force that the government should be protecting us from. That force is an absolute power that can take a citizen’s property when it deems it necessary. Further, there is no where within the Federalist papers or the US Constitution that justifies this action as it falls completely out of the jurisdiction of the federal government. Why? Because the federal government is to be general in its application. That’s why the Founding Father’s limited the federal government to its specific roles. If the federal government were to take on providing services that are personal to every citizen of the Republic we will have created the very form that we rebelled against in the American Revolution. That is the arbitrary concentrated power that makes decisions about each citizen at the most intimate level possible. The risk that is inherent when we concentrate all the power of providing health service to the federal government is the most dangerous. If the soon to be named health czar of the Obama administration makes a wrong decision, that decision affects every citizen of the republic. As an individual citizen your liberty is effectively reduced. The role of healthcare falls within state rights and needs to be provided at that level. This preserves individual choice and therefore liberty of the individual citizen. If the citizen does not like the healthcare provided in one state he then may seek healthcare in one of the 49 other states. The real solution to the state of our healthcare system goes much deeper than merely forcing every citizen to pay for it and is a topic that would require much more room to address than this article.

2.     Our second example will illustrate a policy that has been put forth and supported by our republicans. This policy is leading to the destruction of our communities, states and federal government due to the number of jobs that have been removed from these communities and consequently the lack of taxes paid back to the government. In 1976 a tax law was passed, known as section 936 in our tax code, which provided US companies operating in Puerto Rico with tax-free income. This was intended to help stimulate the industrialization and infrastructure development on the island. By increasing the economic abilities of Puerto Rico and removing our trade barriers, Puerto Rico would be able to sell their goods to the US duty-free. The Puerto Rican citizens would then buy more goods from the US creating more jobs in the US. This became the gold standard model of how a company could finally rid themselves of the expensive human rights minded US citizen and tax hungry US governments. However, what it really did was allow a US company to operate in a country without any social welfare benefits at rock bottom labor costs. What actually occurred is that the US Company didn’t take advantage of the decreased costs to sell to the Puerto Rican citizens but instead to sell their goods back to the US citizens dramatically increasing their profits. All of this was accomplished by the US citizens’ tax dollars subsidizing the efforts of the politicians to make this new model available to US companies. Unbeknownst to the citizens of the US at the time, is that this would become the microcosm, the seed if you will, of a much grander plan that today is termed globalization and the New World Order. Coincidently, it is also at this time that our federal deficit begins to take off in 1980. This model is potent because it also becomes the unifier of both political parties as the democrats aim to spread human rights throughout the world and the republicans get a tax free business model. In the end however, the US citizen is left to figure out what to do next as their prosperity is lost. Moving to today, these companies use our government officials and the US citizens tax money to create these opportunities worldwide in Ireland, Mexico and China just to name a few. Although the tax law that provided theses subsidies to Puerto Rico and the US companies has been phased out these companies now use an old tax law from 1921 that gives them a tax credit as an incentive to close their manufacturing plant here in the US and relocate their manufacturing plant to a foreign country. They also get to form a Foreign Subsidiary Company which is set up only on paper that is typically located in the Bahama’s as a tax shelter to hold all their revenue. If they reinvest their revenue back into the foreign country they then get a perpetual tax break and operate tax free. This is not a benign step. Each time a company leaves the US it’s not just the employees that lose their jobs from the company relocating overseas but the loss of a multiplier effect.  All the other companies in the area that provided services or goods to the company that relocated overseas have now lost a client. The result is a significant decrease in tax revenue received from all levels of government, locally, the state, the county and federally. This epitomizes the destruction of the connection that the statesmen and business owners are supposed to have to the public good and the homeland respectively. The end of profit does not justify the means used especially when it comes at the price of sacrificing all the parts of the society. We are reminded of the quote by Montesquieu, “When virtue ceases, ambition enters those hearts that can admit it, and avarice enters them all. Desires change their objects: that which one used to love, one no longer loves.”, and Rousseau, “when in every heart the social bond is broken, and the meanest interests brazenly lays hold of the sacred name of “public good”, the general will becomes mute: all men, guided by secret motives, no more give their views as citizens than if the State had never been; and iniquitous decrees directed solely to private interest get passed under the name of laws.” As you can see if the bond for ones country is sacrificed by the statesmen the result is the US citizen loses their prosperity and are left unemployed, the local government’s expenses then exceed revenue and the federal government runs the risk of defaulting on its obligations and can no longer pay its debts. We become reduced to figuring out where to take money from and who to give money to in order to ease the eventual collapse. The end result of this model is that for the first time in US history we ended a decade where there was not one net US job created. Our economy in order to keep up with population growth is supposed to create a net 2 million jobs per year.  That would equal a creation of over 20 million jobs during our lost decade. Could this be the reason for our financial problems today? Are you scratching your head yet?

We can now clearly see that the means used by both of our parties fail in preserving liberty for the US citizen. These are just two examples, there are many more. I am reminded by a quote made by one of America’s first great poet’s as he says, “The architects of these states laid their foundations and passed to spheres. What they laid was a work done; as much more remains. Now are needed other architects, whose duty is not less difficult, but perhaps more difficult.  Each age forever needs architects.  America is not finished, perhaps never will be; now America is a divine sketch.” We are in need now more than ever of men and women who will become the new architects and continue to build America into the land of liberty. If we maintain our current means that divide our country we will fall. By addressing today’s environment in this well defined approach we can gain a clear understanding of our means so we may accomplish the Great Work as intended by the Founding Fathers. This is our purpose.

“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

Doug Dragomer MS
A citizen of the republic

Douglas M. Dragomer, MS, CCP is a husband, father of five children, and the Chief of Pediatric Perfusion at the Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, one of premiere academic centers in the world.   He is the creator of “A New Perspective” which outlines a practical step by step plan to restore the principles and foundations of our constitution, eradicating political and corporate corruption, while offering simple and economically sustainable solutions that every American citizen will benefit from, whether they are a Democrat, Republication, Libertarian or no party at all. Read more at