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A Truth Bomb on the Myths Behind the Gun Control Agenda

In recent weeks, everyone who hasn’t been intentionally avoiding the television screens, or surreptitiously living under a rock, has probably been bombarded with the following statements: ‘America is the murder capital of the world!’, ‘America has an out of control gun culture!’, or the lefts favorite, ‘America has too many guns!”. This intelligently crafted propaganda campaign has left the average bystander wondering if it may just be time to do their civic duty and cave to stricter gun laws, under the age old ruse of keeping everyone that much safer. But where does the truth really lie in these eccentric claims?

First, is it true that America has the most guns in the world per capita? Yes. Based on the 2015 US Firearms Commerce report published by the US Department of Justice, it is now estimated that the US weighs in at a hefty weapon per capita rate of 1.126, with an estimated 357 million firearms for the 317 million people in the country. This places the US as #1 in the world for firearms per capita, but does that number really indicate what the liberal media thinks it does? Often this number is quoted in sequence with the murder per capita rate. Is it really true that America is the murder capital of the world? No. Based on the data collected by the United Nation Office of Drug & Crime, the US actually comes in at 111th out of 218 nations, with a murder per capita rate of 4.7 per 100k citizens. When you further scrutinize the available data, to look specifically at what cities contribute greatest to that rate, you’ll ironically find that its some of the heaviest democratically controlled cities, with the strictest gun control laws in the country, that land right at the top of the list! The FBI’s crime statistics shows the murder rate per capita of cities like Detroit (54.6), New Orleans (53.2), & Chicago (18.5) heavily exceed the national average (4.7). Detroit, when compared to the international list, by itself comes in at 2nd, only dwarfed by socialist disarmed Honduras, which has a whopping murder rate of 90.4.

When you take the FBI crime statistics and instead look at the cities with the lowest murder per capita rate in the nation, a heavily armed bastion pops up called Plato, TX, with a minuet murder per capita rate of 0.4. Interestingly the data also shows, that most of the areas in the country, with large amounts of law abiding citizens, who also legally own personal firearms, share a similarly low rate. If these were highlighted instead of the gun restricted leftist strongholds, you would actually see the US drop to 211th place out of 218 nations, right below countries like Switzerland, Germany & Australia!

So in conclusion, is it really an issue of an ‘out of control gun culture’? Or simply a flagrant expression, of the centralized despotism created by the democratic party and their welfare state politics, all evident in the cities they have historically reigned over for decades.