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Ads create angst, Repeat Rubio, shed some winter weight, Dr. Buttar, Beyonce helps out, milk prevents asthma, organic’s worth it, Val’s QOTD!

Monday February 8,  2016 on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9 PM EST

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show

doritoes adThe National Abortion Rights Action League is angry about a Doritos Super Bowl ad it accuses of “humanizing fetuses.”  In the commercial, a guy munching away on a bag of Doritos during his wife’s ultrasound attracts the attention of their unborn child, who makes a hasty exit, presumably to share Dad’s snack.   According to some, the biggest losers in the Super Bowl are men…as they point out that big commercial moments paint men as “infantile doofuses”.  

Did you eat too much junk yesterday?  Well ladies, it may be harder for you to shed that weight than for your male counter-parts.  Women find it harder to lose weight than men do, because their brains react differently to a family of key metabolic hormones, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Aberdeen, the University of Cambridge and the University of Michigan, and published in the journal Molecular Metabolism.  Don’t lose hope though, Dr. Rob is going to get into some great health tips later in the show that will help you get right back on track.

RubioSpeaking of getting off track, poor Marc Rubio has become “Repeat Rubio” over-night as he kept doling out the same catch-phrase during his recent speech at the Republican debate. Check out the video here. Let’s remember that all of these politicians are reciting memorized talking points edited by professional speech writers, and any of what we see in these media venues is most likely groomed by campaign managers, and has little to do with the candidate themselves.  Are we looking for a great actor? Or a great leader?


Question of the Day – From loyal listener Valerie, this is big…

Hello RSB…my husband & I listen to your show every day. I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet…very painful…Also 3 herniated disks in my back and 6 bulging disks also..verified by mri. I don’t have diabetes. I was on narcotic pain meds for almost 20 years…started with lortabs…then oxycodone….then morphine sulfate …then oxycodone again…then methadone for 12 months.

I finally stopped taking narcotics in December 2015. I have been using cannavest plus cbd oil gold. Also…taking your advice I got some Altamonte health products herbal organic silica with bioflavonoids. I tried to take the recommended loading dose of 3 tabs four times a day…but after a few days my skin began to itch all over….so I stopped and now only take them once or twice a day and only one pill each time. Is the itching normal…will it go away? I want to go back to loading but what about the itching…will it eventually stop? My husband says if I don’t use the silica in recommended dose to repair connective tissue that the cbd won’t work as well for me…but I cannot deal with the itching.

I take silver every morning and elderberry syrup…I am on 2 different blood pressure meds…my thyroid is hypoactive..I take synthyroid in two pills..125 mcg and 137 mcg. I also take soy plant based estrogen due to a total hysterectomy at age 23 because of severe endometriosis. I am now 48. I also take effexor for depression and want to get off of it and go herbal but I have no idea how to go off an antidepressant safely and make the change. I had knee surgery on Dec 23 2015…and am still home recovering…I have been more depressed not used to not working. Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendation you may have for me. Also..we both eat an organic diet. Best wishes to you and super don..and Ty…we love you guys! ~Valerie

In gross news, a woman saved her happy meal from Mc Donalds for 6 years… and here’s what happened. Nothing. She writes: “[It] has not rotted, molded, or decomposed at all!!! It smells only of cardboard. We did this experiment to show our patients how unhealthy this “food” is. Especially for our growing children!!

Hour 2 on RSB ~ Advanced Medicine Monday!

Dr.-Buttar-picture-2-242x300Co-host:  Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM

Dr. Buttar has been a champion of the concept of using IV Chelation to cleanse the heavy metals out of the victims, yet this life-saving treatment about to be banned?

In hopeful news, soy may actually be useful in protecting against the negative reproductive effects of BPA – the poisoning from plastics. BPA is known to mimic estrogen in the body, and therefore it’s believed to disrupt conception and implantation of a fertilized egg in the womb, the researchers write in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Experiments in rodents suggest that soy, which also interacts with estrogen receptors, could offset or mitigate those effects of BPA, they add.

baby_bath_bubbles_istockAttention mothers! Here are 5 toxic chemicals you should avoid in baby care products.  The baby shampoos, soaps and lotions you use on your child might be labeled “natural” or “gentle,” but could also be filled with toxic chemicals which are dangerous for your child’s health, experts say.

Do you know someone with asthma?  Then check out this study – hopefully not funded by the dairy association. According to the study, high-fat, un-processed cow’s milk help protect against asthma.  Research may show that drinking large amounts of processed milk is a contributing factor to developing child-hood asthma.

Milk fresh from the cow - lovely girl with dairy products and cows on mountains pasture

Speaking of un-processed…organic food is finding vindication for it’s price. The most infamous fact about organic food is that it’s expensive—about 47% more expensive, according to a recent analysis from Consumer Reports. But a new review study published in Nature Plants analyzed everything research currently knows about organic farming versus the conventional kind and found that organic offers a lot of good that outweighs its sticker shock.

Bio: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army. Dr. Buttar is board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology, Preventive Medicine, is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical societies.  Website:

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One thought on “Ads create angst, Repeat Rubio, shed some winter weight, Dr. Buttar, Beyonce helps out, milk prevents asthma, organic’s worth it, Val’s QOTD!

  • Regarding listener Valerie’s question of the day, seeking help to sort through detoxing off meds and supplementing with appropriate nutrition to meet her needs, she might consider Human BioAcoustics. Sharry Edwards has pioneered this field over the last several decades at the non-profit Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health. With just a 30 second vocal sample, it can be used as a diagnostic tool to pinpoint frequency equivalents of low and high levels of vitamins, proteins, hormones, bacteria, toxins, etc. so that you can tailor your health strategy in a more targeted manner. Furthermore, careful sound presentation of specific frequencies can be provided to spur the body to respond by healing itself. That’s a lot of info to wrap one’s head around as it is truly a paradigm-shifting technology that gives the power to heal back to the people. I’ve made a simple web site to introduce interested persons to BioAcoustics at Folks may also be interested in signing up for Sharry’s 2-day technician level class being held online this Thursday and Friday, February 11-12, 2016. It is normally $1200, but is generously being offered at no charge in an effort to empower people to care for themselves.

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