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Atheist vaccine fanatics, Monsanto bites, Jolie ovaries, ANH-Europe Dr. Rob Verkerk, parental rights, Amanda Thomas, UK goldmine & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show March 24, 2015 Click here to download and listen now!

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: Why are atheist vaccine fanatics invoking Jesus to violate human rights in efforts to mandate vaccines without exemption? How did the old media fall for the arsenic in wine hoax story? Is this more evidence that mainstream reporters are scientifically illiterate? How will Monsanto strike back against the WHO for declaring glyphosate a probable carcinogen? Why would a 2006 drug that caused elephant-man-like side effects be making a comeback? Which body parts has Angelina Jolie removed today? What’s left for Brad Pitt? Would you like an elegant flamethrower? RSB talks with Dr. Rob Verkerk from ANH-Europe about this weekend’s Health Care Crisis Think Tank in London and the ANH Masterclass with Dr. Jonathan Wright and RSB. Criminalizing parents who seek alternative healing treatments for their children does not only happen in America. Recently a
young British girl with a medulla blastoma left England to get a proton beam treatment unapproved by the NHS. Her parents were arrested, but Carnivora Bannernow she is declared cancer-free. How do we break through the brick wall divide between allopathic dunderheads and doctors who are more open to freedom and innovation in medicine? Then RSB talks with fellow radio broadcaster Robert DeAguero about his experience recovering from mysterious ailments with the help of the Venus flytrap extract. What happened when his co-host was near death with declining renal function? How did he help his mother-in-law who was suffering from headaches and dizziness? Needless to say, he is very grateful to Carnivora! Finally, we go back to Britain with our UK health correspondent Amanda Thomas to mine for gold – but you’ll never guess where! Might it be found trailing behind the world’s first poop-powered bus? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

Robert Verkerk PhD, Executive Director
Alliance for Natural Health International is an internationally acclaimed scientist with over 30 years experience in sustainability, specifically in the fields of agriculture, food production and healthcare. He has Masters and Doctorate degrees from Imperial College London, where he continued his research for a further 7 years as a postdoctoral research fellow. In 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl), a pan-European and international, non- governmental organization dedicated to promoting natural approaches to healthcare and shaping the scientific and regulatory framework affecting such approaches.

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) Please help my husband is in ICU in Memphis TN with a tumor on his lung that is hitting an artery, they have done radiation twice and I want to actually get rid of the cancer not kill my husband via the treatment. Who in the US does the sodium bicarbinate? He has already died once and God allowed him to come back, he is in a vent right now. His name is Ronnie Montgomery and is at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, TN. in room 368 in ICU and the password is Samson to get info. Please pray for his healing and see if someone would help him before they kill him they have already given up. I was giving him baking soda and molasses and took a 10 day break and he got worse fast when doing it orally the symptoms of swelling and not being able to breathe would subside. I am so upset my heart is broken and shredded apart. PLEASE HELP it should not be illegal to heal!!!! ~ Lisa

More upcoming RSB events:

Health Care Crisis Think Tank Event with RSB in London on March 28, 2015! Hello to all my friends who happen to be doctors in the UK: sign up now! Space is limited! Plus a full day of integrative medicine with Dr. Jonathan Wright and a special guest appearance by RSB thanks to the Alliance for Natural Health UK!

Healthcare whistleblowers unite for thought and change: London, 28 March 2015

ANH Masterclass with Dr Jonathan Wright

Start date: 29 Mar 2015

End date: 29 Mar 2015

Venue: London Hilton Metropole, 225 Edgware Road, London W2 1JU, United Kingdom


Practitioners only – Turn back the biological clock and retune metabolic, endocrine and immune systems in this special ANH event. Dr Jonathan Wright shares from his 45 years of clinical experience, and Robert Scott Bell is appearing as a special guest.

Sign up for Cal Jam 2015 here: ‪ 

Autism One in Chicago May 2015 ~ See you there!

Join RSB at Natur-Tyme’s Annual Health Fair in Syracuse, NY, Sunday, April 19, 2015!

What else is in the news?

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Pocan & Massie Introduce Legislation to Repeal PATRIOT Act | Congressman Mark Pocan

A nice handheld flamethrower? How handy

“Be prepared to grow food: This Moment In Oil and Cultural Decline” by Liam Scheff

“Adult immunization push: Medical Dictatorship” By Jon Rappoport

200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate – FREE Research PDF

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