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B-52 Naturopath Peter McCarthy’s Adrenaline Nation, Stress Stacking, Official Stories Liam Scheff on Holocaust Chicken, Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer’s Kitchen Classroom 4 Kids, Domestic Terrorist Doctors, Chemo Causes Cancer, Holistic Nurses For the Queen, GMO Flat Tire Infertility and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 7, 2012

Chemo Causes Cancer

The words “domestic terrorism” are thrown around by the old media in order to program the populace that at any moment you or your neighbor could go nuclear. This is operant conditioning to distract from the real domestic terrorists – the ones responsible for 784,000 deaths every year. The ones responsible for 200,000 deaths by mistake per annum. The ones that foist deadly chemicals on men, women and children and call it medicine. The real terror is visited upon us by those with licenses from the state. Not only is it domestic, it’s state sponsored. Beware of (GMO) doctors (and nurses) carrying vaccine syringes and prescription pads…

First up, Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer invites us into her Kitchen Classroom 4 Kids! Let’s get delicious and therapeutic for vaccine-damaged children. Who can we help out today?

  • parents who would like to start cooking with their children
  • families transitioning to a gluten-free and/or dairy-free diet
  • teachers/therapists who work with children who have special needs and would like to use cooking therapeutically
  • parents who would like to use cooking as a way to connect and communicate with their kids
  • families seeking ways to share their culture through cooking
  • everyone who wants to cook healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense and kid-friendly food!

Liam Scheff is back to disrupt the peace to announce a 30% off one-day sale of “Official Stories,” and more. The sale will be from Thursday to Friday – stay tuned for details. Then onto the current spate of “lone gunman” in the news. How do the media and the powers-that-be focus our attention on one scapegoat to deflect our critical thinking from the complex realities of political events? And, is KFC really better – or worse – than Chik-fil-a? Liam weighs in on “holocaust chicken” – an apt description of what all fast-food chains and most restaurants serve as “food.” and

Peter McCarthy, the world’s only Naturopathic B-52 pilot, joins RSB to discuss his new book, Adrenaline Nation. What is the Stress Stack? We’ll talk about ways to alleviate stress without drugs. Are there secrets to successful sleep? What role do electromagnetic fields play in disrupting normal rhythms of rest, relaxation and regeneration? and

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See more stories we may cover today:

Chemotherapy increases cancer growth? and

GMO Flat Tire?

GMO-induced infertility?

Hellllooooooo? The Queen wants a holistic nurse. Are you available?

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