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Back-to-School Vaccine Dangers, Mary Tocco, Flu Shot Pregnancy Non-Safety, Chromosomal Protection, Bill Gates Drone Syringes, Tenth Amendment Center rEVOLution, Absurd Public School Rules, Polio Vax Paralysis, Teen I.Q. Reduction and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 30, 2012

Warning! It’s flu shot back-to-school propaganda season! From your local school administrator to Bill Gates, the pressure is on. Today, we’ll discuss the many assaults against your medical freedom and what you can do once you discover natural health options. And to all of my friends in the rEVOLution, what do you do with all that energy now that the RNC has proven itself to be just like the DNC? Physiological and political healing are in abundance today on The RSB Show!

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Back-to-School time? Time for vaccine propaganda! Mary Tocco joins RSB to counter the childhood shot hunting season misinformation.  The Vaccine Education Revolution is not going away, parents across the world are now waking up to the damages caused by vaccines.  People refer to Mary as the “Erin Brokovich” of the vaccine industry because she has been educating and exposing toxic vaccines for 30 years. Mary’s DVD, “Are Vaccines Safe?” is available to RSB Show listeners for 30% discount.  Simply go to and use coupon code “Mary” on the check-out page. You can also join her FaceBook page and get a daily health post that will cover everything pertaining to raising healthy drug-free children. God Bless, Mary Tocco No shots, no school, not true!

India is beset by paralysis – following mass Polio vaccination! What is the cause? Liam Scheff and RSB talk about generations of pesticide use and now genetically modified food that has been the plague of India. Why were 47,500 Indian children paralyzed in 2011? And why is Bill Gates hiring U.Conn’s AIDS propagandist Seth Kalichman to spy on and turn in to the AIDS-Vax cops? That’s right, Bill Gates is hiring AIDS goons to monitor the internet for ‘vaccine denialists’ spreading ‘misinformation’ (ie, “truth”)”An anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system: Seth Kalichman of the in the USA will establish an Internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analyzing, and counteracting communication campaigns containing misinformation regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts.” and

Call us at 1-866-939-BELL (2355) with your questions or comments!

Message to the rEVOLution from the Tenth Amendment Center…

What would Rosa Parks do?

From the desperate Vaccine Industrial Complex – “Flu Shots Are Safe During Pregnancy.”

Who paid for this? How not to raise your teenager’s IQ…

Bill Gates wants to find you and discredit you if you do not go along with his vaccine agenda! He may even send you a drone filled with syringes if you’re not careful…

Polio vaccines are causing paralysis? 47,500 cases? and

Did you know that early pertussis shots actually INCREASE infant mortality?


A deaf 3 year old may be asked to change his name why? You’re not gonna believe this!

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