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Bonus Jesse Ventura, DemoCrips and ReBloodlicans, Liam Scheff, Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Asthma Relief, Climate Adaptation Remedies, Doggy Dust, Improving Your Constitution, Obama-care Statistical Propaganda Debunked, ALIVE NY Dies, Listener E-mails and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 22, 2012

Long time listeners to The RSB Show know that I love to give voice to unsung heroes and healers from around the globe. I thought that the Alive New York event would be a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate such healers, but Alive died an unceremonious death this week as two of the founders scurried away under the scrutiny of a Natural News investigation when suspicions of mismanagement were raised by co-founder Liana Werner-Gray, as well as invited keynote speaker Dr. Leonard Coldwell. More details are revealed here: Mike Adams has just released an article about the broader implications of the growth of the natural health movement and it becoming a target of schemers and scammers here: If you bought tickets to the event, please let Super Don know at, so that we can do something for you as a courtesy for the inconvenience related to the unraveling. It is a sad reality that as our message and reach grows, there will be more people playing a game of subterfuge to infiltrate and take advantage of our trusting nature and good will. We must all remain vigilant, even as we may wish to see only the good in people. Stay alert, communicate any concerns that you have and together we won’t get fooled again. More later…

We’ve got a bonus Jesse Ventura segment today as the interview yesterday carried on well after The RSB Show ended. What will Jesse say next? Revelations forthcoming about the next season of Conspiracy Theory! What subject was too hot for TV? The shocking story will be revealed. What happened to Dr. Fred Bell after participating in Jesse’s TV show and why? What does it have to do with Nikola Tesla? Why would a Minnesota police chief not return the call of a former governor of the state? Liam Scheff and RSB go places with the governor that they never will in the mainstream media! How does Jesse Ventrua propose eliminating all political parties?

The heat is on in the Northern Hemisphere as we pass the summer solstice – how are you adapting to the climate? Dr. Frank King returns with the Healing Revolution to help you deal with weather extremes. Yes, homeopathy can strengthen your constitution and assist you in adapting to extremes of weather. You don’t like hot and humid? There’s a remedy for that. You can’t stand dry and hot? There’s a remedy for that, too! Did you know that exposure to doggy dust and other environmental allergens may actually result in less asthma? We’ll cover stress control, allergies and the link to asthma as well. Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. and Family Wellness Kit: Hot & Humid: EMF Detox: Healthy Mind/Body Appraisal:

Listener question: “Hi Robert, I very much enjoyed your lecture at B&M Organics last night and had to leave without discussing my problem. I am bald, in my 60′s and have been controlling a large pimple like rash with whiteheads on my scalp for a couple of years now with 2 medications and cant get to the bottom of it. It is only on my scalp and have changed shampoos and been tested for allergic reactions with no results. I want to find a solution so I can stop the medication and no one can get to the bottom of it, Some lay people have said the stomach is the cause others said maybe candida. Would love to know your thoughts and should I try 2 weeks of the silver? If that works after 2 weeks do I just stop? I am an ice cream lover, some have said that could be the cause. HELP!! Thanks again for your great lecture the other night.” – Bob –  RSB will answer this on the air today!

Listener comment: I have to tell you it is such a joy listening to your show and the guests you have on. You guys are a hoot! Besides learning a lot about health and other important issues, I enjoy immensely listening to the banter and discussion between “real” people–not the dumbed down, politically correct robot speech you hear everywhere these days. Such a joy! Thank you Robert and all your guests you make my day.” – Sandra D

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