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Brain Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Natural Blood Pressure Remedies, Tubby Bunnies, Fish Oil, Allergies, Dangerous Images, Ginger Taylor Canary Party, Political Healing, DNC’s Ron Paul Moment, Chiropractic Drugs, Monsanto GMO Prop 37 Phony Opposition and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show September 6, 2012

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This evening in Tampa, RSB lectures on gastrointestinal health and more at Abby’s Health and Nutrition – September 6, 2012 beginning at 7 PM EDT. See you there! What else is going on during today’s RSB Show?

  • Fish oil and allergies
  • Monsanto’s phony fight against Prop 37 GMO labeling in California
  • Chiropractors want to prescribe drugs in Florida?
  • Diabetes of the brain and Alzheimer’s
  • Natural blood pressure remedies
  • Susceptible to alcohol abuse? Avoid these professions…
  • Images on cigarette packs could be more dangerous than the cigarettes?
  • Political healing – did the DNC just have a Ron Paul moment?
  • Is your bunny rabbit rotund?

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Today we hear from Ginger Taylor, duly elected delegate from the state of Maine who was removed from her seat by the Republican National Committee at the urging of Mitt Romney’s lawyer, Ben Ginsberg.  Ginger experienced first hand the corruption and conflict in the GOP, but her message is not to give up and go home, but to say with the

The Real Maine Delegates

GOP and fight for the soul of the party!  Follow the story of the Maine Delegation on Maine for Ron Paul 2012 Facebook group at, and follow the Elected Maine Delegation’s twitter feed at!/GingerTaylor/maine-gop-delegation to hear directly from the delegates themselves.  The delegation will also be posting on their site, – Ginger Taylor, MS, Executive Director, The Canary Party,

More stories:

Fish oil for infants does nothing for allergies? That’s what the Web MD headline insinuates. But what does the article say?

Is the fight against labeling GMO foods a scam? You bet it is. Say hello to Monsanto’s artificial grass roots…

Blood pressure up? We’ll share a few natural tips on reducing it…

Chiropractors in Florida are no longer drugless? What’s going on here?


Presenting The Democratic National Convention’s “Ron Paul Moment”

God not allowed in the DNC?,0,3260786.story

Maine Republicans call for committeewoman ouster…

What is brain diabetes?

What profession carries with it a higher risk of alcohol abuse? This could be today’s Moment of Duh…

Repeated exposure to traumatic images may be harmful to your health?

Rabbits are fluffy and furry; now they’re flabby, too?

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