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Bye-bye allergies? First you must realize that your stuffy nose is not caused by allergens

Welcome fans of Carol Alt!

By Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom., host of The Robert Scott Bell Show

The first mistake most Americans make when trying to relieve their allergies is to suppress the allergic symptoms while ignoring the underlying factors that brought them about. While you may feel better temporarily on a drugstore medication, you run the risk of making the underlying condition much worse. But what is that condition? The health of your gut!

Allergies start long before you actually notice that you have them, often because of damage to the gastrointestinal lining in childhood from well-meaning doctors prescribing antibiotics. These anti-bacterial drugs can be life-saving in serious situations, but they indiscriminately kill all the good bacteria, too!

That would be bad enough, but in the process of killing the bugs, the lining of the gastrointestinal tract is left damaged and inflamed, like little napalm explosions deforesting the jungles of Vietnam. The rain forest of the gut, once teeming with beneficial bacterial life forms, is now left desolate, like a sandy desert with occasional pools of quicksand. When this occurs, undigested protein  macromolecules can cross a now-permeable gut barrier, just as sure as microbes have easy access to your blood should you have an open wound on your skin.

Pathogenic bacteria, viruses and even fungal species like Candida albicans can take advantage of such a damaged state as well. They would normally not have access to the blood stream, but when the gut lining is compromised, the gate openings become large enough for access to formerly prohibited substances and life forms. When undigested proteins enter the bloodstream, they elicit powerful immune responses appropriate to repel the intruders. So what’s the problem?

This goes on undetected, often for years. The immune system is always on, always responding to this incursion with each and every meal. When the immune system is constantly in reactionary mode, it begins to hyper-respond or hyper-react to normally occurring substances in the environment as well. Pump up that histamine!

Yet we wrongly blame the allergens. Dust, mold, animal dander, grasses, pollen, weed, dairy, grain – you pick one or all of them! I was the poster boy for pretty much all of them in my young life. While the trigger may vary from person to person, the stage was set deep inside the body well before it first manifested as an allergy. All the OTC drugs, prescriptions and allergy shots did little but manage my symptoms, but they never addressed my underlying, chronic gut inflammation.

Since most doctors are trained to only manage symptoms, you will rarely find an allergist that focuses on restoring gut integrity in order to ultimately rid you of your allergies. I do not mean to oversimplify the process of healing, nor downplay your desire for symptomatic relief. You can actually achieve both.

Homeopathic remedies such as Allium cepa, Sticta pulminaria and Kali bichomicum are often successful at minimizing symptom severity, particularly when the sinuses are involved. Since Latin-named homeopathic single remedies are often confusing or intimidating for someone new to homeopathy, complex formulations for many different types of allergies are available from King Bio to make symptom management much easier (and safer, since there are no side effects), including regional allergies. I am often met with much gratitude from those who I have introduced to silver hydrosol for spraying directly into the sinuses as well. The silver works as an astringent, cleansing the area of allergen triggers, while reducing tissue inflammation as well.

More importantly, the correction happens deeper in the GI tract with a focus on restoring epithelial integrity to the gut lining, including enzyme and probiotic restoration. And remember to take a good probiotic each and every day! I will go into this in more detail on a future episode of A Healthy You & Carol Alt.

You can also find more details in my new book, Unlock the Power to Heal. Remember, the power to heal really is yours!

You can listen to The Robert Scott Bell Show 6 days a week on Natural News Radio.

For more information on homeopathic allergy remedies, contact King Bio 1-800-543-3245.

For more information on silver hydrosol, contact Natural Immunogenics 1-888-328-8840.

6 thoughts on “Bye-bye allergies? First you must realize that your stuffy nose is not caused by allergens

  • Dr. Bell
    I seem to have constant inflammation and signs of edema. What is your opinion in being able to reverse these symptoms and what can I take to help this situation? I also have a sore that has never completely healed and feel it may be part of the same problem.

  • Dr. Bell,

    My son and daughter both suffer from seasonal allergies triggering sinus headaches, migraines, and drips that upset the stomach causing vomiting and diarrhea. They have been taking antihistamines almost year round for several years now. Which of your products would be good for 11 and 14 year old children?


  • Ty Raju

    Where can i get aquaflora products?

    • Robert Scott Bell

      From King Bio 1-800-543-3245.

  • Dr Bell; I am desperate to find someone to treat me homopathically locally. I am 77 yrs old and suffering from all kinds of allergies and sensitivitiies. I struggle to find foods I don’t react to either with a swelling in my neck, stuffy dry nose, low blook sugar or glucose intolerance, or crazy head or all of the above and more. I literally feel like I’m dying a little each day..I cut out gluten, lactose, preservatives, nuts, soy, most dairy and read labels and watch everything I put in my mouth but I am lost..Can you guide me to a person in my area? I live in Arlington, Tx..
    Thanks, for helping me live again.

    • Robert Scott Bell

      Call 1-800-543-3245 and ask if they know of a doctor suitable to your needs in teh area.

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