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Cash Coffee Terrorism, Global Warming Cooling, Vaccine Dangers, Safe Childhood Diarrhea Remedies, Meningitis Vaccine Fear, Religious Exemptions, Diet Soda Sucks, Raising HDL and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 9, 2012

Buying a cup of coffee with cash now makes you a potential terrorist? If anyone had predicted this in 1984, they would have been called crazy. The global war on terror is a scam, just as global warming is a scam. Global pollution is real. Monsanto’s GMO food terrorism is real. The dangers of vaccination are real. Cholesterol as a cause of heart disease is fake. Diet soda is fake, but is a real threat to your heart. The RSB Show is where you go for your daily health and healing reality check, whether it’s physiological, emotional, mental, economic, political and even spiritual. Thanks for being here and spreading the good healing word!

We are planning for a follow up interview with Dr. Charles Richards regarding his best-selling new book, The Psychology of Wealth, but may have to delay until Friday, due to circumstances beyond our control. In either case, some great economic healing will be yours!

Just in case, we have an encore presentation of Dr. Carolyn Dean standing by, to squash the use of ADHD drugs with nutrition and homeopathy. Keep Kids Off Drugs: Homeopathy for Children’s Emotional Health:

Are you going to the Health Freedom Expo?

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Here are some of the stories we plan to cover on The RSB Show today:

FBI says paying for your morning coffee with cash a potential terrorist activity, urges coffee shop owners to report cash-paying customers to authorities

How long will it be before governments begin to spy on farmers by satellites and drones? It’s already happening.

Where is Al Gore when you need him? The polar ice caps are not melting as Global Warming alarmists had predicted!

Poor Al Gore can’t catch a break recently! The Himalayas and nearby mountain peaks have lost no ice in the last 10 years! Could it be a new ice age? Will Al come out for global cooling?

More dangerous vaccines claimed to be safe by those who stand to profit from such a claim. Now it’s time to spotlight the dangers of the “new” meningitis vaccine!

How about the rotavirus vaccine? Now it’s declared to be safe as well! RSB will cover ways to deal with childhood diarrhea that the government will never sanction… Have you ever heard of these homeopathic remedies? Baptisia, Cinchona, Arsenicum alb., Bryonia, Iris, Chamomilla, Podophyllum. RSB shall explain on the air…

Wal-Mart comes out with new “Great for You” label designating healthy food. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Diet soda is linked to cardiovascular events. Despite the dunderheads at the American Dietetics Association, artificial sweeteners are as dangerous to your health as refined sugars.

Although he has not won a primary contest officially, Ron Paul may very well be winning the all-important delegate count!

Will you be near Raleigh, North Carolina on March 24, 2012? You can meet RSB at the Rally for Ron Paul and Freedom Fest!

Tom Woods list 26 things Non-Paul voters must be thinking…

What do you do when you realize that federal permission is not required? You go to the 10the Amendment Center’s Nullify Now” Conference in Philadelphia on March 31, 2012!

Do you know where you are going to be for the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere? How about New York City for Alive New York 2012?

It’s finally here! Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! – with Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (02/05/12) on GCN from this past Sunday, with nutritional investigative reporter Jon Rappoport (vaccine dangers), Dr. John Apsley (radiation reports), Ron Paul Nevada Caucus updates and more, you can still listen to it here:

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