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CDC busted, whistleblower admits data delete, protocol slip, Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Roger Martin Grow4Vets, phony cancer war & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show August 27, 2014 Miss the show? Click here to download & listen now!

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: What hath the vaccine cultists wrought today? They’ve apparently brought back book burning as they seek to withdraw and censor Dr. Brian Hooker’s peer reviewed article causing all the consternation at CDC. Is the data flawed? What have we learned today regarding the CDC cover up of the MMR relationship to autism? While #CDCwhistleblower Bill Thompson was busy releasing an official statement praising vaccines, he did officially confirm that the CDC suppressed data incriminating the MMR shot for causing a higher incidence autism, particularly in the excluded African American boys vaccinated on the CDC schedule. He confirmed that CDC had strayed from protocol. Thompson admits working behind the scenes with Dr. Hooker on the compilation and review of that data. They’ve got some explaining to do! RSB welcomes returning guest Roger Martin of Grow4Vets about the benefits of cannabinoids for veterans suffering with PTSD. RSB and Ty Bolllinger talk the disaster that is Monsanto GMO when compared with the major boom in organic oils! Is the world catching on? Don’t like fecal transplants? There may be a pill for that. Guess they never heard of oral probiotic supplementation? If you don’t like that, maybe you’ll like Silly Putty pizza? What is the “feel goo” war on breast cancer? What 10 questions should you ask your doctor should you receive a cancer diagnosis? We’ll also reveal the donation made by the Quest of the Cure to the ICRF! Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

It’s time for Ty Bollinger and Outside the Box Wednesday as TMB and RSB talk GMO contaminatin and the global rise in demand for uncontaminated, organic oils. Got probiotics? The medical profession seems more obsessed with FDA regulated fecal transplants. Or maybe not? Can you get suspended from school for saying “bless you” after someone sneezes there? What is the “feel good” war on cancer? What 10 questions should you ask your doctor after receiving a cancer diagnosis? And congratulations are in order as the Quest for the Cures continues, but not before making a generous donation to the ICRF! Special thanks to Better Way Health for making this possible! And remember the superfood of superfoods: Zija Moringa. Click here to get some and work with Ty and his team! Get ready for Ty and RSB as they go way Outside the Box! Ty’s websites include and The new book by TMB and RSB is available now! Get ready to Unlock the Power to Heal! And remember to sign up for The Truth About Cancer series going on all this week!

Did you know that there is a big event scheduled for Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, September 14, 2014? RSB, Liam, Paul Barattiero and Paul Nison will be there to Unlock Your Power to Heal! Seating is limited, so sign up now!

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) Hey RSB and Super Don,

I just wanted to say that the two of you have offended my personal beliefs on numerous occasions over the last year and for that I can’t thank you enough. It has been great to have the motivation to look into things for myself and then move on with the help provided through your show.

My first question is something that I want to know for future purposes if needed. How much sovereign silver is safe to take per day while treating an acute integumentary infection or any other infection? I know that you should not do large doses for long periods of time, but I have yet to find an answer on the upper limits that should be taken short term.

I am currently taking beta glucan, silica, and also on a short term silver aloe protocol to restore my gut flora, as well as taking Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic at night. Is the beta glucan affected in any way by taking it in the morning with the silver and aloe before I eat?

Through the RSB show I have learned so much beneficial knowledge that makes me feel more alive than ever. Thank you and keep up all the good work! ~ Chris

2) In Unlock The Power To Heal you mention Argentyn 23. It’s only sold to health care professionals, so how can we order it for our families?
Thanks, Christopher

A U.S. Army veteran, Roger Martinhas been in constant pain since the early 1970’s. Shortly after a new “miracle drug” Oxycontin hit the market,

Roger Martin

Roger’s civilian doctor prescribed it for pain relief. The manufacturer claimed that it was non-addictive. They later paid a $250 million fine for that lie, an amount that is probably less than they make from the sale of this poison each day.

Taking a daily dose of 180mg of Oxycontin, Roger made two failed attempts at quitting cold turkey. Both resulted in his hospitalization. In 2010, he met a doctor who recommended that he undergo treatment with another narcotic drug called Suboxone and that he supplement that with medical marijuana.

Desperate to rid himself of Oxycontin before it killed him, Roger agreed to undergo this medically supervised therapy in October 2010. He stopped taking Oxycontin the first day of the therapy, switching to Suboxone. Concerned he was simply exchanging one addictive drug for another, Roger managed to wean himself off of Suboxone in a mere 5-1/2 weeks. He later learned that his doctor had neglected to tell him that Suboxone therapy is supposed to last for 12-18 months. Roger now eats a marijuana infused cookie at night to reduce his pain to a level where he can now sleep 4-6 hours a night.

Over the past several years, Roger has met both adults and children who have experienced the beneficial effects of using marijuana for the treatment of PTSD, TBI, MS, Epilepsy, and chronic pain. He has also personally witnessed the usefulness of marijuana in helping chemotherapy patients who were suffering from issues relating to the complete loss of appetite. Roger has often stated that, “Anyone who would deny treatment with marijuana to a seriously or terminally ill person is either incredibly uninformed, or simply lacks any measure of compassion for his or her fellow human beings.”

As a result of his personal life experiences, Roger is no longer a believer in the myth that marijuana has no medicinal value. Further inspired by encounters with fellow Vets who are suffering from service connected disabilities, he founded Operation Grow4Vets. Roger believes that marijuana should be the first choice for doctors treating veterans and children with serious medical conditions. He works tirelessly to convince VA administrators, elected officials, and medical professionals that marijuana is a better option for Vets than the dangerous prescription medications that result in the death of an American every nineteen minutes.

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TWITTER PARTY TONIGHT extended to August 27!

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ICRF check presentation….last Friday Aug 22 – The Quest for the Cures Continues….

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