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CDC vaccine empire strikes back? Prince’s FDA approved kidney damage, Advanced Medicine w/ Dr. Rashid Buttar, BPA free, stupid statins & more!

CDC-Locked-govtMonday, 25th April,  2016 on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9 PM EDT

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

How desperate are the forces of vaccine mandates? Since the explosion of Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe exploded onto the scene, it is no longer possible for the pharmaceutically-conflicted mainstream media to build Wakefield into a straw man to tear down. The old media can no longer claim that the #CDCwhistleblower is a conspiracy theory. So, what’s next? The vaccine empire strikes back: Rumors swirl that Dr. William Thompson has been bought off by the CDC and will submit ‘reanalyzed’ MMR research to destroy vaccine safety skeptics. Will it work? We’re not sure you can un-ring a bell. Congress has yet to call hearings. Hardly anyone trusts the government anymore. The CDC has proven to be rife with conflicts of budgetary interest as well. The word of the year is “backfire.” All that used to work in favor of the forces of vaccine-safety-censorship at CDC is blowing back on them. We’ll report more on that LIVE on radio this evening!

Bonus vaccine articles to cover:

1) A world waking up: damage after vaccination; It’s no longer an “anecdote” by Jon Rappoport

2) “Behind the massive vaccine scandal in China; And don’t think America is safe” by Jon Rappoport

If you have a health product to sell in America and you say that it is safe due to a study you commissioned and ran in-house, would regulatory authorities give you a free pass? Only if it’s a pharmaceutical drug approved by the FDA to be used for smoking cessation. Pfizer’s Chantix not linked to serious psychiatric side effects: Study (basically conducted by Pfizer). Are you in line for yours? Might you consider other options for reduction of cigarette addiction? Got homeopathy?

The tragic story of another rock star’s descent into drug addiction take an even stranger turn. Prince’s former drug dealer reveals extent of his addiction and suspects that it was the acetaminophen portion of the FDA-approved opiate drug is what ultimately did him in. Others are reporting that he was awake for over 100 hours straight before his untimely demise. That could terminate anyone, but the bigger story is that Prince is another FDA-approved celebrity BANNER---Unlock-the-Power-t-1death.

We’ve got loads of Questions Of The Day (QOTD) today, all running along a familiar theme on The RSB Show – gut health and recover of it.

1) What is the recipe for healing the gut, the one with silver and aloe Vera juice? Thank you, Buitre

2) Please send me a link for the Silver/Alovera protocal for gut detox ~ Jeffrey

3) I was watching the Truth about Cancer. He says Robert Scott Bell has a receipe that contains silver and aloe vera that helps to heal IBS and leaky gut. Where can I find the receipe? ~ Rebecca

4) Thank you so much for all he info you put out. Ty Barringer mentioned that you had a drink with aloe vera juice mixed with something else that would cure leaky gut. I have IBS and hoped your recipe would do the same for it. Would you mind giving me the exact amounts of everything you put in this drink? Thank you so much in advance. ~ Marilyn Keating

5) Where can I purchase your Silver Hydrosol? ~ Eileen Ray

6) Ty Bolinger mentioned your leaky gut protocol but I can’t seem to find it on your website. Could you direct me to it please? Thank you! ~ Joely

7) Just wanted to know the product that you have that was mentioned on “the Truth About cancer.” The one with selenium and chromium. Thanks, Tracy

8) Dear Dr. Bell, I was listening to The Truth About Cancer and Ty Bollinger mentioned you had a drink mix for IBS containing Aloe Vera and silver. Can you please let me know the ingredients and how much of each and how often to drink? ~ Roxanne

Answer: Selenium. GTF Chromium.

Finally, to wrap up our first hour, what are the 8 ways you’re ruining the health perks of your coffee? Super Don should be an expert on this one!

Buttar-RSB-HoustonHOUR 2 – Dr. Rashid Buttar joins RSB for some more Advanced Medicine!

What kind of doctors are they churining out of Flexner Report inspired medical schools? Infant assaulted with 8 vaccine doses at six months old… collapses into state of brain damage… doctors blame the parents!

Even though many of you already know the stupidity of statin drugs, many have yet to hear the message that cholesterol is actually good for you. It is correlated strongly with longevity and optimal cognitive functioning well into old age. So, beyond statin stupidity, what other problems might doctors cause in their chemical windmill tilting at LDL levels? We’ll discuss an investigative look into the relationship between type 2 diabetes and statins.

Get ready for some more fish-bashing. A new Study Suggests Women are Exposing Themselves to Unsafe Mercury Levels if they consume too many of our ocean-bearing friends. While mercury is a genuine concern, where is the study warning moms-to-be to avoid mercury-laden flu shots and other dangerous vaccines? Where is the warning about dental amalgams containing over 50% mercury?

How bad has CAFO dairy operations tainted a food source known as milk? Apparently Big Dairy milk products taste so horrible that they propose adding artificial sweeteners to them without telling you! Seriously. U.S. Dairy industry petitions to secretly add chemical sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose) to products. Have you tried raw, real milk from pasture fed cows? It has a natural sweetness that requires nothing to make it more palatable.

Remember when Angelina Jolie claimed that she got a preventive double mastectomy? We took serious issue with her poster-girl promotion of a barbaric, unnecessary butchering of the female side of the human species. Do celebreties really have influence on the public-at-large? A new study reveals that Celebrity Cases May Help Spur Rise in Double Mastectomies. Ladies, hold onto your mammaries.

Do you live an aseptic life? Cleanliness to that extreme may be detrimental to your health! As if you wanted any, there really are Science-Backed Reasons to ‘Eat Dirt’

Do you let your kids touch those heat sensitive receipts from nearly every retail establishment with a cash register or ATM machine? Wash their hands immediately! Even in low doses bisphenol A is bad for health says new research. You will not believe all the places you may be exposed!

Finally, the U.S. Department of Health admits vaccines can cause injury and death! Our government has always been an institution built on secrets, cover-ups and lies, if we were to look at it at the negative, disillusioned end of the spectrum. For instance, certain information about vaccines, which the public ought to know, has long remained shrouded in mystery — that is, until previously unheard of admissions came to light thanks to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) “Vaccine Injury Table.”

The table, which appears on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program portion of the HHS site, succinctly breaks down what’s likely to happen to people in the event they’re given certain vaccinations.

Chernobyl could trigger more cancer, deaths 30 years after nuclear disaster

AUTISM Is Now Disclosed and Acknowledged as an Adverse Event Reported for Use of DTaP Vaccine

Dr. Buttar’s new book can be found here! www.the9steps.comDr. Buttar slider

Find more episodes of Advanced Medicine with Dr. Buttar and RSB here:

Bio: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army. Dr. Buttar is board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology, Preventive Medicine, is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical societies.  Website

TTAC-Aug-2015RE-Launch! Ty Bollinger has up-dated and is re-releasing his much applauded docu-series, The Truth About Cancer.  Stay tuned for how you can gain access, and share it with those you love.  Too much epic information to not get informed!

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