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CDC’s Swine Flu State Fair Pig Warning, FDA/Google Censoring Heavy Metal Detoxification, Flame Retardant Autism, Phony Natural Sweeteners, Breast Milk Substitute, Liam Scheff, Safe Hair Loss Depression, Genetically Modified Olympians, State-Sponsored Terrorists, Water Retention and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 8, 2012

Have you been to the state fair lately? The CDC wants you to avoid the pigs there because you might “catch” Swine Flu! We’ll cover the fallacy of catching disease, just in time for back-to-school vaccination season. Is your diet filled with variety? Could it be making you fat? Well, then how about a new “natural” sweetener from the makers of Splenda? Just how natural is it? We’ll have some sweet discussion on this one! Would you know what to do if you need a substitute for breast milk for your baby? More information forthcoming. We’ll push the First Amendment for all that it is worth, despite the FDA colluding with Google on censoring information about heavy metal detoxification. RSB reveals the deep spiritual crisis and suppression of awareness behind this nefarious agenda of censorship.

It’s a Barnum and Bailey world, and Liam Scheff jumps in to make no sense of the insensible! We’re talking CNN, the looming police state – and hair growth! Why is Propecia so depressing? Merck admits that its product causes depression! It also causes sexual dysfunction! Are there better solutions? Liam and RSB talk Olympics. Is genetic-modification the wave of the future – or another bit of science fiction used to sell bio-tech? Liam will bring in some historical Olympic notes and explain why he’s not a fan of these high-pressure events. And Robert talks herbal hair healing! and

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Does GMO stand for Genetically Modified Olympian?–finance.html

7 Cameroon Olympians defect–oly.html

If hair loss were not depressing enough- now there are hair loss drugs to make things even worse!

How about a safe and natural option for graying hair loss? It really works!

Flame retardants blamed for autism!

Al Qaeda or Right Wing Extremism – which is more dangerous?

Another new “natural” sweetener that may not be so natural? What will Lisa Ling say?

Love state fairs? Lookout for the pigs!

CDC warns of new Swine Flu!

Is the cause of overeating too much variety?

The Quackbusters are on the run!

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