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Childhood obesity, diabetic insulin, Liam Scheff on atheistic religious myths, Big Pharma cannabis conflicts, infections, therapy ducks & more!

Liam & RSB

The Robert Scott Bell Show July 24, 2014 Missed it? Click here to download & listen now!

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: Are we on the verge of new (or old) biblical plagues? Where is the law of the terrain in all of the news reports about plague, TB and other re-emerging infecitons? RSB talks about the impending state of infectious disease in America and Liam Scheff thinks critically about the religious myths of humanity. Do atheists get anything right and what do they get horribly wrong? Says Liam: “Big Bang: It is Biblical Genesis, reborn with a little bit of ‘theoretical math,’ which is to say, unreal numbers and utter speculation that only make sense to people who think that Star Trek is a documentary series.” Can you handle controversial conversation regarding the many varied beliefs within the human tribe? Why are more American kids obese than ever before and why do they not recognize it? How can you set your workout goals and actually achieve them – I mean without electroshock therapy? Did you know that insulin accelerates death in Type 2 diabetics? You’ve heard of therapy dogs and monkeys, but what about ducks? What entities are lobbying hardest against the legalization of cannabis? Would it surprise you to learn that the companies producing patented, synthetic pain killing opioid drugs that are most threatened by cannabis? Are you ready for political election season to commence once again? The early polls indicate a surprise leader in the race for president 2016. Why not go all out next time a declare an imperial presidency? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

Question/Comments of the Day: I am on dialysis [PDI] due to extended period of high blood pressure. In addition to all the other drugs Lipitor is pushed at me. Is there another way to lower bad cholesterol. Also, on Jerry Doyle you mentioned a book about your early experience with alternative meds that helped you. Please give me the title so I can go to Amazon and purchase, Regards,

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