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Childhood Obesity Reversal, PHAT Axis, Dr. Frank King, Healing Revolution, Beyond Health Insurance, Darren Craddock, Safe Skin Care and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show December 2, 2011

Dr. Frank King returns to discuss natural options for obesity, especially for kids. Do you know about the PHAT axis? This is the PHAT you need to hear about in order to get rid of the excess fat! What about the HCG diet? We’ll alter your gene expression and burn fat not muscle on the Healing Revolution! and Appetite & Weight with P.H.A.T.: download the PHA & PHH Mind-Body Appraisal forms below to help you identify issues that may be addressed with our homeopathic formulas

Darren Craddock from EnerFoods drops by to discuss how food is the most critical component for good health, not medical insurance. In fact, quality, living food is your insurance! We’ll talk subjects beyond insurance, heart disease, depression, inflammation, toxins, topical care and more! and and

Listener email: Hi Robert, I have a dilemma.  I just was hired full time, coming off 3 part time jobs. Yes, I am stoked!  Problem is, I must enroll in the companies insurance plan, which is outrageously high ($400 individual and $700 family a month!!)  The only way to waive it is to show proof of outside insurance.  Is there any Holistic Care insurance companies out there….doubt that!  I really only need medical emergency.  My family and I are drug free. I woke up over a year ago and realize being an individual is becoming utterly impossible with each government law passed.  So, maybe you have an idea about how I can avoid paying for services I won’t be using?

Over-regulated US citizen,


PS: I love the passion that radiates from you!!  Rant on!!!!!

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Here are some other stories we’ll be covering on the show today:

Americans dislike mandated government health care and Obama-care, yet they do not want Congress to overturn it. What’s going on here?

Doctor’s financial ties to diagnostic equipment may lead to needless testing…

Depression linked to heart disease? Really? They just now discovered that?

Is the Senate prepared to lock you up without a trial?

Occupied America: Senate bill 1867 would allow U.S. military to detain and murder anti-government protesters in American cities

Action Alert! The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law on January 4 of this year. For the past several months we’ve been sharing our concern over one of the FSMA’s mandates that eventually developed into the disastrous NDI draft guidance. There are only a few days left to tell the FDA what you think about these new anti-supplement rules—FDA’s public comment period ends this Friday, December 2. Please take action today, if you haven’t done so already!

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (11/27/11) on GCN from this past Sunday, you can still listen to it here: Guests included Chris Barr (talking heavy metal detox), Stephen Heuer (Glutathione production) and Bill Stanton (radiation detox) and more: and

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