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Clark Baker OMSJ, Liam Scheff, Super Villain HIV Drugs, Gold is Money, Mercury Bulbs and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 14, 2011

Clark Baker, Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

Clark Baker, former LAPD Cop, U.S. Marine, and good friend, joins me from the Office of Scientific and Medical Justice. We’ll discuss the HIV Innocence Project. Did you know that there are people convicted of crimes based on faulty evidence devoid of factual scientific basis? The crime? Being “diagnosed” HIV positive. Clark and I will explain how the criminal justice system is the place the HIV doctors are up the AIDS creek without a paddle. and

Investigative journalist Liam Scheff returns to discuss FDA-approved pills that know your sexual orientation. Really? Did you ever wonder why the pharmaceutical/HIV establishment puts out such nonsense in broad daylight? Who benefits? Hello Bono. We’ll discuss it like nowhere else in media. Uncensored even. and

And you thought that I was kidding about the evil villain stature of HIV drugs! Now they are claiming that there is a special pill, but it’s just for heterosexuals. Is it genetically modified? How does it know? and

Should Parents lose custody of super obese kids? Who made the fruits of your marriage potential wards of the state again?

When are the doctors of chiropractic going to learn? The state medical boards are not their friends and you can’t make a deal with the devil – not even in Texas.

Ron Paul asks Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke if gold is money. You’ll never guess what Helicopter Ben said in reply. You want evidence of an Austrian-Economist Deficiency Disease? Watch the clip. and

Bernanke is wrong, gold is money.

How many dim bulbs filled with mercury are there in Congress? Apparently, too many, as the GOP cannot overturn the ban on incandescent bulbs. Can’t vote them out, then Nullify them.,0,746290.story and

Smoking during pregnancy does what? This is almost a Moment of Duh. Almost.

Does having a supermarket close by mean you will eat better if you are an urban dweller?

Somebody must have listened to us report on the anti-parasitic drug story yesterday for malaria prevention. You know, the one where people consume a toxic pesticide so that when the mosquitos feed on the humans, they die. Well now, a strange scientist came up with a better option – just don’t wash your socks…

Have you signed up for the Food Security Event conducted by Mike Adams and RSB yet? What are you waiting for? Look what’s happening in China relative to fossil water (we cover this domestically in the course): and

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