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“Coexist with Monsanto or destroy it? Follow the organic money.” By Jon Rappoport

October 13, 2013

Let’s stop screwing around and go to the heart of the matter.  Whether the public campaign against Monsanto takes the form of GMO-labeling or putting millions of people in the street protesting against an evil corporation…

Depends on who has the money and what they’re willing to use it for.

I’m talking about the billion-dollar natural health industry.

If companies like Whole Foods, Stonyfield, Dr. Bronner’s, Lundberg, and the big-time nutritional-supplement outfits want to bankroll a popular and very visible uprising against Monsanto, they have the dollars to do it.  And they have the PR people to ignite it.

If they decide they don’t really want to co-exist with Monsanto and GMOs, they could start funding something a lot hotter and more effective than GMO-labeling ballot measures.

But that’s not in their playbook.  They don’t have the stomach and courage for it.  They don’t want to get their hands dirty.

So they go for GMO labeling, the ballot measures, coexistence with Monsanto, the lite version of a campaign.

It’s a lot easier.  It doesn’t risk everything that goes with taking on Monsanto directly.

“Hey, we’re all really nice people.  Don’t get nasty.  Monsanto is terribly misguided, so let the consumer know what he’s buying and let him make up his mind…”

Suppose, in the 1960s, we had this: “The Vietnam War isn’t really evil, we don’t want to promote a few million outraged Americans going out on the streets, so let’s just have a ballot measure…I buy Vietnam or I don’t buy Vietnam…and then people can decide whether to support the war…”

Last May, two million people in 436 cities across the world protested against Monsanto.  So far this weekend, it’s 250,000 people in 50 countries.  That’s a drop in the bucket.

Those demonstrations could expand by millions, with some major PR dollars behind them.  Organic dollars.

Here’s a quick piece of personal history that gives you a parallel to what’s happening now with Monsanto.

Back in 1994, I took an active part in what was called the Health Freedom movement.  The campaign was bankrolled by a few nutritional-supplement companies.

The objective, from their point of view, was passing a federal law that would protect them from the bad guy.  The bad guy was the FDA.  The FDA was going after supplements, threatening to close off consumers’ access to the full range of products.

My position was: okay, pass a law, but that isn’t going to stop the FDA.  We have to attack it with the truth, from every possible angle, as a rogue federal agency committing major crimes.  We have to put the Agency on the defensive, back on its heels.  We have to make it scramble.  We have to make this a very public war.

The nutritional companies and their toadies said no.  They were the equivalent of the GMO-labeling funders of today.  They wanted a nice neat solution, after which they would withdraw their dollars and go home.

And so a bill was passed into law (DSHEA), and the FDA has continued, in various ways, to go after nutritional-supplement companies, saddling them with red tape…accusing them of marketing unreliable products…harassing them.

Meanwhile, the FDA approves medical drugs for public consumption, drugs that, by conservative estimates, kill 106,000 people in the US every year.  The supplements kill no one.

Sure, pass GMO-labeling measures, but that’s not the real answer.    The thing is, the people who are funding these measures are basically putting all their money into the ballot campaigns—all the money they intend to contribute.

For them, it IS an either-or situation.  Pass ballot measures, or launch an all-out attack on Monsanto.  They’ve made their choice.

They SAY they believe they can sell GMO labeling to the public.  They SAY that’s all they can sell, because the public is too ignorant to go for anything else.

That’s a very convenient position.  It automatically excludes a real rebellion against the evil corporation, Monsanto.

“Well, you see, educating people to understand why GMOs are dangerous to health and how Monsanto is destroying the sanctity of the food supply…that’s too much.  We can’t achieve that.”

I don’t buy it.

Everything looks bleak until you take action.  In other words, we’re looking at a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The CEOs of these natural-health companies would turn pale at the prospect of going after Monsanto directly.  It’s fear.

They opt for the ballot measures.  They assure us that this is the only option.  They stage their own version of reality and defend it with “rational” assertions.

It’s a con.

Take on Monsanto…directly?  Take out ads exposing Monsanto?  Promote a million people in Washington DC Mall on a Saturday afternoon?  Reveal the names of the Congressmen who are defending Monsanto?  File new lawsuits against Monsanto?  Put small farmers on television who are being harassed and driven out of business by Monsanto?  Show the American people the faces of the men and women who spend their lives growing food for us, and listen to what they have to say? Bring the outrage to a boil?  Expose (gasp) Obama as the number-one supporter of Monsanto in the nation?  Name the people he’s appointed to protect Monsanto?  TELL THE TRUTH?

Oh my God!  Run for the hills!

No no no no!

Let’s have a ballot measure.  For labeling.  Let’s calm down.  Let’s be nice.  Let’s coexist.  Let’s play together in the sandbox, even if the sandbox is polluted with GMOs.  Easy does it.  Relax.

Take a deep breath.  The cosmic glob Goo-Goo is with us, and all will be well.  He instructs us thus:

“Less energy.  Less action.  Less outrage.  Less imagination.  Less truth.”

Thank you, Goo-Goo.  Thank you.

Your serene bullshit will sustain us in the days to come.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California.  Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.  Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.  You can sign up  for his free emails at


2 thoughts on ““Coexist with Monsanto or destroy it? Follow the organic money.” By Jon Rappoport

  • Alicia

    ONE of the reasons Whole Foods is not interesting in standing up against Monsanto is that their store is full of GMO products!

  • Charlene Fellows

    Protesting Monsanto is very good for awareness, but not necessarily for getting rid of GMO foods because frankly they are too far up the food chain (if you will excuse the pun) from consumer dollars.

    Letting specific companies know that you are not going to buy their products anymore unless they stop using GMO ingredients in their popular foods, can be effective. An elementary school class wrote to a famous tuna company stating they would tell their mom’s to buy another brand until they started using dolphin safe nets and that did it.

    Can you imagine receiving scores of letters, let alone hundreds or thousands of letters, from kids saying we are not eating your Mac and Cheese and are going to ask our mom to buy XYZ Mac and Cheese or we are not eating your corn flakes, or other popular cereal and are going to eat another brand because they don’t use GMO ingredients?

    That is direct pressure. 🙂

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