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Conspiracy Realities with Liam Scheff, Kid’s FDA Drug Abuse, Shrinking Brains, Pregnancy Stroke Rates and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 3, 2011

Kid's Abusing FDA-approved Medications

What’s making pregnant women have more strokes? A shocking new study reveals that from “1994-95 and 2006-07, the rate of stroke hospitalization rose 47% for expectant mothers, while climbing 83% for women in the three months after giving birth.” What does this indicate that women are lacking? RSB reveals…

Where do kids learn to abuse drugs? Usually from their parents. They used to raid the liquor cabinet in years gone by; now they are going after the medicine cabinet.

If you had said 10 years ago that the U.S. government would grant patents on human genes, you would have in all likelihood been called a conspiracy theorist. Ah, but your theory would have been correct.

Liam Scheff

For too long now, elitist-one-worlders have dictated an agenda where questioning the official story – just about any official story – is met by marginalization, ridicule and/or ad hominem attacks. The RSB Show does not play that game. Questioning authority and giving them the answers that they do not want to hear is what we do. Professor Carroll Quigley once said, “Conspiracy is the normal continuation of normal politics by normal means.” This is why Liam Scheff returns to The RSB Show in studio to help us all become conspiracy realists. What is the difference between a theorist and a realist? What was your wake up call that helped you realize that the word is not exactly the same, as historians would have us believe? Liam will reveal links from recent American aristocracy OSS/CIA/Harvard/Yale/Princeton to JFK, Iran, Guatemala and more recently, 9/11. Never before have these topics been covered so clearly and succinctly during daylight broadcast hours. Stand by for some critical thinking grounded in conspiracy reality – if you can handle it… and and

Smoking, diabetes and obesity may shrink your brain. Ignoring the real causes of all disease is evidence that your brain may already be shrunk. RSB explains…

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