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Dave Dahl of Dave’s Killer (Organic) Bread, Jordan Rubin Beyond Organic on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 12, 2011

In the midst of economic and political turmoil, sometimes it’s nice to slow down and appreciate a successful story of redemption. My producer, Don, introduced me to Dave’s Killer Bread recently. Dave Dahl joins me by phone to tell his inspiring story of recovery to produce high quality 100% organic bread in the Pacific Northwest. and

What is Beyond Organic? RSB has been eating organically since 1990, when he first realized that it was key to reversing 24 years of chronic disease. Jordan Rubin made a similar discovery some years later in his own young life, which led him to establish Garden of Life in the 1990’s. Jordan recently invited RSB to be present at the launch of his new company, Beyond Organic. It was much too delicious and nutritious to refuse! Today is a special remote broadcast from the Palm Beach Convention Center where Jordan and RSB will discuss what makes Beyond Organic beyond organic. What is it in dairy products that make so many people intolerant of them? What kinds of practices are allowed in agriculture that would shock you to still be considered organic? Is there something beyond kefir? Yes there is – and RSB can’t wait to drink it. Please enjoy another healthful interview with Jordan Rubin.

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Should you wish to learn more, here is a link to sign up for free: Special note from RSB: “I am sensitive to those who do not like network marketing. I make this available because I believe that quality food is very important and there are too few sources to acquire it. I believe this to be a viable option for some additional food security. Plus, Jordan’s attention to detail and quality is really impressive).

Many parents already realize the danger of vaccinations, but many more are just now waking up to this reality. What will RSB say to those parents? Suffice it say, vaccinating pediatricians will not be pleased.

Will your child lose weight if you reduce their TV consumption? Evidently reducing television calories is not enough.

Where is Dick Durbin’s mind? Hundreds of thousands of Americans die every year due to FDA-approved drugs and he wants to put more regulations on labeling for dietary supplements? Could we redefine stupidity as Durbinity?

Do you need another hole in your stomach? How about some high fructose corn syrup? You want some mercury fries with that?

We know that HIV is not what the authorities say it is. They cannot even agree amongst themselves whether they can even detect it! Is HIV a Northern-aggression elitist pathogen? Is it racist? Sexist? Americanist? Africanist? Even Ian Fleming could not have created such a conniving evil genius! Now HIV knows whether you’re rich or poor and whether you’re a Southerner. Do medical reporters for the USA Today get out much? Do they even think about what they are writing?

A real sexually transmitted disease is now completely antibiotic resistant (or very close to it) and modern medicine has no solutions. I wonder if nature has any options?

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