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David Gorski Commits The Ultimate party Foul: Logical Fallacy

If you’ve spent any time venturing into the madness of pseudoskepticism that inhabits that “wretched hive of dumb and nitwittery” (apologies to Obi Wan Kenobi) run by David Gorski, then you may have noticed that these guys pride themselves in their ability to root out the logical fallacy in a statement.

They then will proceed to beat the person who said it over the head with it while uncontrollably quacking like a duck. It’s entertaining sometimes. Other times it’s outright hilarious, especially when you see something like what I found.

I stumbled across this little gem from Dorksi’s blog yesterday


Ok. Seriously. This goes beyond the usual douchey goodness I expect from this guy. How do you attack other people with the mighty hammer of skepticism and brag about the ability to extract the logical fallacy – and then turn yourself into the poster boy of that which you show such disdain for?

I have yet to find anyone who has made the claim that SHARKS are good for you. Well, ok…I have enjoyed a good shark steak before but come on dude. This is a textbook example of “jumping the shark” you ignoramus. Hurricanes are natural. Avalanches are natural too. I’m trying to find someone… anywhere… claiming those are good for you.

A logical fallacy is, fundamentally, an error in logic. Your cartoon contains neither logic nor anything remotely funny. It’s an example of how YOU are the cartoon in your attempts to apply “Respectful Insolence”. Your ability to do so has suffered though my friend. It has deteriorated into something more like “Resentful Impotence”

I took the liberty of reworking your cartoon to make it a bit more logical:


– Hoofnagle The Science Cat