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David & Linda Freud, The Healing Gift, Remarkable Medical Intuitive, Chris Barr, Silicon on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 23, 2011

In this special edition of The Robert Scott Bell Show I interview David Freud, author of “The Healing Gift: Exploring the Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive.” His wife, Linda Freud, may very well be the most extraordinary medical intuitive on planet earth. We’ll explore just what that means and how she came to do what she does. Have you ever wondered if angels are real? What do the Hebrew Scriptures say about reincarnation? I’ll ask David. Why do some of the top medical doctors on the planet consult with Linda? What’s really behind Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? There is so much more to this interview than I can describe. If, after hearing this interview, you would like to consult with Linda Freud, call 310-289-2800. and

Nutritional historian Christopher Barr returns to discuss Silicon. Could this essential, yet overlooked trace element be the key to reversing osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and neurological degradation, just to name a few widespread medical conditions? Why is calcium supplementation dangerous? Could silica be the key to stopping cancer metastasis? and and

Could the TSA becoming to a location newar you? It was not bad enough that they radiated and groped you at the airport, but now they appear suddenly at train and bus stations, high school proms, your car and anywhere else they like. Have you had enough? and

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