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“Do this and God and the Angels will be Give you Energy To Help You Make Positive Changes” by Stephen Heuer

Cleanse & Purify Thyself

When Senators and Representatives work as a Mafia to protect and further the interests of the highest bidder, what do you do to get true representative government back?

When the system no longer works for you, but against you, what do you have as a resort to steer the run-away train back on course and at a safe speed?

How do you succeed in getting the government to work for you instead of for the corporations and banks?

How did Gandhi and the society of East Indians succeed in getting the British Empire to leave Voluntarily?

Some may feel that it is time to use guns? While guns do not need to be ruled out, there is another course that actually has more power to effect positive change that the entire population of North America has become ignorant of for the most part.

We have to start our conversation at the foundation of life at an earlier place in the conversation to identify what power is and where it comes from.

Stephen Heuer, Bachelor of Science as a Nutripath

Quantum Physicists tells us there is a Quantum Field and Unified Field in which all life comes from and lives within. When you meditate successfully you find out that this field is an infinite ocean of life giving energy that gives feelings of peace, love and bliss. This then is the foundational energy of creation from which all life springs. Then there is frequencies that are vibrational against life. All these frequencies are derived from the life-giving field of love. Therefore the originating field of energy is the eternal life giving energy that is the original and eternal fountain of life. The derived energy that has an anti-life energy is weaker since it is derived from the life giving energy.

Geneticists tells us that 10% of the human DNA is now defined for all of the protein production of the body. The other 90% is undefined. The Quantum Physicist tells us that the 90% undefined DNA acts as an antenna to receive and transmit frequencies. The 90% that acts as an antenna is what enables us to feel connected to the Quantum Field, to feel connected to God. It is the source of our peace love and harmony.

When we live in harmony with life and live by the Golden rule then we are more in touch with the Quantum Field and more able to attune to the infinite ocean of energy to receive the knowledge and information to direct and guide our lives moment to moment. What most people are not aware of is that degree to which you can access this feeling of connection to peace, love and even bliss is dependent upon a few factors. If you are entertaining thoughts that cause you fear then you will be cutting yourself off from the awareness that God is love and you are a free will being that can choose to feel that love and amplify it or you can choose to believe too strongly in the power of the third dimension in which your body lives as having all power over you. When you take time to meditate and tap into the peace within, then it becomes easier to be guided by the peace, harmony and love frequencies. The only reason that the Government creates things like 9/11 and other disasters is that they know that if they can keep you in fear, they can control you.

Fear is a lower vibration than peace and love. It is a derived energy, not an original energy of God.

Meditation is a very valuable tool to help one. Meditation is the process of stilling the mind so that no thoughts are had. The desired state of meditation is to get to the place where you have no thoughts and you have instead pure awareness. This is the original state of God. God started out as a pure ocean of infinite awareness and bliss. No thoughts one-way or the other. Therefore to find and feel God in the most maximal way, one must meditate and get to the state of no thoughts and pure awareness.

Until one is able to achieve this advanced state of awareness through developing the skill of stilling the mind, we have to consider all the factors that affect the function of the DNA of our body. After all the 90% of the DNA of our bodies that act as an antenna are either functioning well or not. Since DNA is a protein structure it is subject to changes based upon the environment created for it to live in. If the environment has anti life frequencies in it then the DNA’s ability to function optimally is diminished. If the environment of the DNA is has life giving frequencies that the DNA is able to function optimally. The human body is designed to function in the frequency range of peace, love and joy. The human body is not capable of sustaining frequencies of fear, hate and anger. These frequencies are destructive to the human nervous system and body.

Therefore in order to become more one with the giver of all life, God we must attune our body/mind device to the frequencies of peace, love and joy. By doing this we acquire an infinite amount of power and that power is forever able to renew our body to stay in a more perpetual state of youth.

Every thing we eat or drink is a package of vibrations that is either life giving or anti-life. The molecules that make up all foods are broken down and assimilated into the blood stream. They are then transported to the different body parts for utilization by the cells. The molecules are now carrying not only the structural building block but also a vibrational message of either life or less than life. So not only are we dealing with chemicals, but energy. Describe the affects of water on scientists who drank water at a conference table about which they were all discussing how to create a lethal microbe.

The saints of old would always fast and pray to achieve the states of love, purity and inspiration that is ascribed to them.

Each of us has access to the frequencies of God’s life giving powers of peace, love and joy. But we must attune our bodies to pick up these frequencies. Since peace, love and joy are the original energy of creation, they are infinitely more powerful than the derived energies of fear, hate, anger and death.

It has been my personal experience and the experience of virtually every person who has ever preformed this experiment, that to eat a raw vegetarian diet that includes raw milk and raw organic quality eggs, that the feelings of peace, love and joy are far more easily achieved and sustained than when eating raw or cooked flesh proteins. It has been my and many other people’s experience that in order to move towards a natural state of peace, love and joy, that one has to detoxify the body of chemicals, drugs, heavy metals and all flesh proteins and then resume a diet that is mostly a raw vegetarian diet with the inclusion of raw milk, cream, butter and raw eggs.

If you want to experience the original power of peace, love and joy returning to your being then you will have to perform the 28 day cleanse outlined in the book: “Cleanse and Purify Thyself”. This cleanse will assist in the removal of old mucus and fecal matter build up in the intestines. It will assist in the detoxification of the entire body. One of the pronounced benefits of this cleanse is that the body will digest and remove the healthy protein structures harboring the lower than life frequencies.  The cells of the body record the dietary and emotional insults to them. These recorded messages then create the perpetual states of fear, anxiety and dis-ease that most people experience to some degree today. By performing the 28 day cleanse you get to erase this toxicity and the low vibration it is carrying. You feel reborn and spiritually renewed, feelings of peace, love and a happiness to be alive returns.

Before during and after this 28 day cleanse your are returning to the bodies original diet of raw vegetarian foods, that includes raw milk, cream, butter, and organic quality raw eggs.

A book called “The Essene Gospel of Peace” communicates a message of how to return your body to a state of health and how to return to a state where peace, love and harmony are your natural state of being, by fasting, enemas and eating raw vegetarian foods. This book is a translation from an old Aramaic Manuscript. It is a message Jesus spoke to a group of sick people in the wilderness 2000 years ago. The disciple John recorded the message of Jesus. It is a profound book, that if lived by would return peace to the hearts and minds of mankind and restore peace on Earth.

When an animal is killed the frequencies of fear and death are now in that flesh food. Nature begins the decomposition of this flesh food the moment it is no longer living tissue. The chemicals produced in the flesh in the state of decomposition are toxic and stimulatory to the body. So when people eat flesh food of any kind, fish included the strength they are experiencing is a stimulatory energy from these toxins. Feeding the cells of your body substances that are stimulatory in energy and carrying a vibration of fear and death, lowers your DNA’s ability to stay tuned to the life giving frequencies of peace, love and joy that is the original creational energy of God.

If you want peace in the world; if you want the power to influence your fellow man or woman to a state of mind and being that operates from peace, love and joy; then you must first become that energy of peace and love and eventually joy. The science to health and a return to a life of more at-onement with God is to return to the original diet of mankind; a raw vegetarian diet that includes raw milk, butter, cream and organic quality raw eggs. This diet along with juice and water fasting will bring to you the peace, love and joy that you seek. It will erase the fear, hate and anger from your being. It will give you the unlimited power to manifest all of your dreams goals and desires. It will give you the power to make change in the world that leads to a world where mankind lives in peace and harmony.

The forces of darkness use fear, hate and anger to control and push their anti-life agenda. The forces of light use peace, love and joy to create and sustain life. Since the forces of light are the original energy of creation and the forces of darkness are the derived energy of creation. The forces of light have an infinite supply of energy and therefore will have more power to replace darkness with light.

If the men and women of America want to have their freedom back, if they want to have no more fears and threats from the men and women that run the State and Federal Governments then they must access a greater power than the dark ones have chosen. They must access the infinite power of peace, love and joy to overcome the darkness of fear, hate and anger. I propose that by performing the 28 day cleanse and by eating a raw vegetarian diet that, everyone who does this will have a return of the kingdom of heaven within themselves and once again have the Angels and Gods’ powers of love with them to make for all the positive change that we wish to see happen. Men and women elected to Congress who are living on the cooked flesh proteins and alcohol and cooked dead foods, lack the consciousness to bring about a peace on earth existence. Then cannot deliver what they do not have. Only men and women who function in the frequency range of peace, love and joy can bring that kind of society into existence.

If you want peace, love and joy to be the emotional world you live in and help to create, you must detoxify, restore an alkaline pH, eat mostly to completely living vegetarian foods, with the inclusion of raw milk, cream, butter and organic quality eggs. This is the science of life that enables each man or woman to become a living light to the earth. A living joyful being that can only think to do good unto others. When you are fully alive, your desire is to do good to yourself and to others.

Thus Gandhi was able to use love to affect change. Gandhi would fast and raise his connection to the love energy of God. His fasting connected him more strongly to the field of God’s love and in turn he had more power to achieve his goal. Therefore, if everyone in this country would juice fast and purify themselves, then they too would connect up toe the field of God’s love and in turn beam that energy into the psychic realm of mankind and improve the overall feeling of mankind from chaos to peace and love. Those who are able to be an anchor for peace and love are far more important on the earth than those who are using fear and anger to scare others into change.

God is the author of life and all that sustains it and Satan is the author of death and all things that support it. Choose to eat, drink, think and speak in a manner which supports life and you choose God. Choose to eat, drink, think and speak in a manner which supports death and you choose death for yourself. If you bring any harm to others you are causing negative Karma for yourself. As a soul you will have to be on the receiving end of your deeds at some time in your soul journey, in order to learn from your actions. Do you want to be on the receiving end of suffering or love and joy?

One other benefit of Gandhi’s actions was that because he never reacted to the hostilities of the British with fear, the negative Karma of the people causing suffering was then returned to them, much more quickly. The energies we put out into the Quantum Field are returned to us. The Quantum Field is designed to give to you in physical experience the vibrational match to the vibrations you are offering to it. If your vibrations are those of fear, hate and anger, then that is what the Quantum Field will deliver to you in experience. If your vibrations are peace, love and joy, then the Quantum Field will deliver to you physical experiences that carry those vibrations.

This point deserves repeating. The forces of darkness want us to become filled with fear and anger. However the cosmic law of creation works thusly, when someone is the sender of destructive energies and the person or people that are the intended recipients of this energy do not react in fear or anger, but remain emotionally neutral or even loving then the negative energy will return its sender very quickly, causing the corresponding suffering of life difficulties that this energy will bring.

This does not mean that you should not be armed with weapons to defend yourself. I support lethal force against those attempting to be lethal in their actions. What I’m saying is that the most powerful way to avoid physical conflict is to not let the theatrics or the dark side get you all stirred up with negative emotions.

The Quantum Field (God) set it up so that the all that is delivers to us the experiences that match our expectations. The experiences we have are mirroring the vibrational offering we are sending out from our beings.”

We are the makers of our own reality. Become aware of this law of creation and begin to create consciously what you truly desire.

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