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“Does CO2 cause Global … Everything?” by Liam Scheff

by Liam Scheff

California’s drought has kept me up for days reading about water use. I’ve learned what I already knew – and it’s the reason I stopped eating big animals 24 years ago. A number rising to half of all California’s water goes to cows. And it’s more than that, because you’re not just counting the roughly 2,000 gallons per pound of flesh you need to push through a cow to produce a pound of edible beef – you’re including in the alfalfa grown to “grass-raise” the “happy cows” sold to Whole Foods shoppers, not just the unhappy factory-farmed holocaust cattle ground up for fast food chains.

You can find it in big articles in big publications: we’re spilling California’s stolen water into cattle – not people. Humans use about 4% of it. None of this is news. I knew it when I was 19. How? Was I prescient? No, I was reading John Robbins “Diet for a New America,” and Jeremy Rifkin’s “Beyond Beef,” which listed the same cattle and pig rancher’s data – that is, big herbivores drink a ton and poop a ton. Straightforward stuff – it’s not tortured data. It’s alimentary canal biology.

But the topic led me to one of my least favorite discussions: global warming. Or, global temperature change. Or, anthropogenic global … whatever it is this week.

So, I’ve been up for two days reading about global temperature – and weather. Note – they’re different things, aren’t they?

“Nobody knows nothing.” is about all I can say.

• Antarctic ice? The Al Gore machine said it would all be gone! Is it? No, it’s increasing at present.
• Arctic ice? There is less. But wasn’t it all supposed to be gone? And weren’t there supposed to be 50 million climate refugees by…5 years ago?
• Is it warming? Uhm. Yes? Sort of? Sometimes? Unless it’s really cold and a more terrible winter than…ever. But maybe that’s because we’re in a warming trend coming out of the “Little Ice Age?” Who knows!
• Is the ocean absorbing CO2? Yes? Sometimes? More than was believed? Send cash, we need more research?
• Do 97% of scientists agree? No. Not really. Maybe. On some things. But, really, not most.
• And hasn’t there always been climate hysteria? Well. Yeah, apparently there has. Quotes.

Also revealed: The Sun plays a more important role than “initially thought!” What? The SUN? Gasp! Say it isn’t so!

Yeah, the Sun. Driver of all things, giver of all things, God of all Gods. The bringer of life in our little corner of the cosmic playpen.

And this is why I never bothered with the fake debate. Because NASA scientists live in the 17th Century when it comes to understanding outer space. Theirs is a Newtonian world – a gravity-only universe. But the universe is electromagnetic – and if you discount the most powerful forces in the universe when modeling any motion – you’re always going to be wrong. (I cover electric universe and the Big Bang fiction in Ch.9 of my book, “Official Stories.”)

Also of note: recent massive CO2 increases do not reflect in weather or temperature. Why not?

Because weather is driven by the Sun. Unless – and boy, it’s a greasy pole – it’s not. Because solar activity – at least by some models, readings, estimations – (jeez – is anything here REAL?) – the Sun nicely correlates global temperature change – forever and ever, but there is a divergence over the last 25 years. (According to some, but not other graphs, models, articles, publications, websites and vicious online debates. Ugh.)

So, maybe it’s CO2!! And we’re back to the beginning.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Just like water. Yes, water! Of which there is an endless, salty, increasingly radioactive supply. But it’s hard to – impossible – to know to what degree CO2 affects temperature.

Now, about weather – you know, hurricanes, tornadoes, raining days and Mondays… these generally aren’t agreed by sober climate readers to be caused by “global warming.” That’s more of a newscast attention grabber. But – again – the recent blizzards in Boston are “caused by global warming!”

Because… the ocean might be a bit warmer. By some readings and models. (But not by others. Ugh. I’m tired and I want to go home!)

What’s clear is this: the politics overwhelm the discussion immediately. The Left Wing has never met a worldwide sex-virus-weather disaster that it didn’t IMMEDIATELY fall in love with. Yes, “Global Warming spreads HIV.” Look it up. It was a headline during Hurricane Katrina. (This is why so many do not give a damn what liberal media reports).

And the Right Wing? Oy vey. So in love with capitalism that nothing else really matters. If they’re on the right side of the debate sometimes, it’s an accident of greed.

Okay. Does CO2 “cause” global…something? Well.

I mean. Uhm. “Maybe a little?” is the recent compromise position – from both sides.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]And the plans to “reduce” CO2? They all favor some meaningless, marginal reduction – that wouldn’t dent what they assert is the “cause” of all the…hot…dry…snow.[/pullquote]

Right. And that’s another issue. Everything – every possible shift of a nose-hair on planet Earth is blamed on…. CO2. But it doesn’t line up most of the time. When it does, I guess it impresses – but turn the page, and the data (whoever, whatever, however it’s collected – and tomorrow it’ll be contradicted) finds the opposite.

Then, the adjusters come in: when it doesn’t seem to work, other “interfering” issues are called into play. So, now, there are “interferences!” And it’s “complex!” And even a little “muddy.” (But why, if CO2 is the primary mover of all things, high and low?)

It’s like vaccines: they’re “life-saving,” (except that they kill a lot of people and harm many more – and also, you can get the disease – or worse – that we’re vaccinating against….but it’s Science! Don’t be a denier of science!”)

Or, it’s like HIV and AIDS. “HIV causes AIDS” (but HIV tests don’t work, AIDS drugs kill people – and send cash, we can’t figure out how it all works. But it’s serious! Trust us! We’re in charge of life and death!)

I’ve been down this road before, and I know something about modern science.

HIV, vaccination, HPV, Global Warming, et al: these are modern religions; panic and death cults.

And if the “science” of CO2 were any good, serious or sincere, the military would be called out to take everyone’s car keys, and we’d all be forced to grow food locally, till we liked it.

And we’d get used to it. And weather would go back to being – crazy – which is what it’s always been…

I mean…hasn’t the weather always been pretty freaking crazy? Isn’t that the first thing people talk about when they meet? “How’s the weather?” “Pretty crazy!”

My hunch is and always has been that “global warming” is a proxy stand-in for another, more real, serious and important discussion – that of global resource depletion: from oil, coal and natural gas, to phosphate, rare earth metals and even drinking water…

I mean, check out this headline from the Financial Times:

“Discoveries of new oil and gas reserves dropped to their lowest level in at least two decades last year, pointing to tighter world supplies as energy demand increases in the future.”

Uh. Yeah. And we’re talking about CO2 – like we’re going to have a choice.

Oh yeah!

Hey California:

Don’t worry about CO2. Fight to end factory farming in your state. That’s the best use of your energy. Water for people, not cows.

One more time:

Water for people. Not cows.

Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, a reverse textbook to all the fibs you were taught in school; his current project and next book is “This is all temporary,” all about the collapse we’re just beginning to soak up, coast to coast.