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Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Immune Tree Colostrum Super Food, Leaky Gut, IBS Reversal, Allergies, Immune Modulation, Chris Barr on Diabetes, Cancer, Selemium, GTF Chromium and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 22, 2012

Super Don says: "For you, only $500 Billion!

Is it possible that the economic disaster and real estate bubble popping could have been prevented if only we had the right FDA approved drug on the market? With great incredulity, Super Don and RSB will discuss this fact that is truly stranger than fiction to kick off today’s RSB Show. Did you know that there are breakthrough Alzheimer’s drugs that CAUSE memory loss? Or that there are more melanoma deaths in areas that have more melanoma cases? Who pays for these studies? Also, does freedom really bring us together? RSB plans to share more stories from his “super” mom’s foray into politics to become a Ron Paul delegate. You will learn that peace is possible if only governments would get out of the way.

Did you get colostrum when you were a baby? If not, that could explain the myriad of disease from which you may have suffered at an early age. This was most certainly a significant contributing factor to RSB early suffering. Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, President and founder of Immune Tree, Inc. returns to reveal even more of the many profound healing and regenerative properties of colostrum. We’ll cover great options for overcoming allergies through immune modulation so you will fear not the kissing disease we reported on yesterday’s show! What about leaky gut and IBS? What is the role of Prolean Rich Polypeptides (PRP) in reducing inflammation and up-regulating regenerative events within the body? Have you wondered about the role of IgF-1 as a barometer if you have cancer? RSB will ask Dr. Kleinsmith about the safety of the growth factors in colostrum for cancer patients. Dr. “K” holds a Ph.D in Nutritional Science. He has 18 years of experience in the research of nutritional health. He has been formulating for Immune Tree as well as other companies around the world for the past 16 years. Dr. Kleinsmith has formulated and been involved with research for both human and animal health; and his product development has reached into Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. His specialty and focus have been on anti-aging, immune enhancement/regulation, and weight loss. His work with recombinant forms of growth hormones lead him to solidify research on natural forms on the IGF-1/GH Super Family found in abundance in his colostrum. If you want some colostrum, go to, enter DIS10 for 10% off your first order! Dr. K has graciously offered his Health Practitioner’s Guide for free to any RSB Show listeners who call 1-888-617-8733 this week, even if you are not a doctor!

Due to RSB’s travel schedule, he’ll have to bug out early today. Never fear, however, as we have an amazing encore presentation! Nutritional historian Christopher Barr returns to discuss the real cause of obesity and diabetes – as well as how to reverse it! We will also preview his new book on Selenium, the One Answer to Cancer.

For all of our South Florida listeners, Liam Scheff will be appearing at BM Organics this Saturday evening to debut his presentation on the fallacy of HIV tests! 2960 N. Federal Hwy. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, just south of Oakland Park Blvd on Federal Hwy. Call 954.533.328 for more information.

Here are some of the stories we plan to cover on The RSB Show today:

Fewer Melanoma Deaths in Counties With More Dermatologists Counties with more dermatologists have lower rates of deaths from melanoma, a new study finds.

Alzheimer’s Drug May Impair Memory A class of drugs being investigated to treat Alzheimer’s disease may actually have the opposite effect of the original intent — they may impair memory, a new study in animals suggests.*

Brain study finds what eases pain of financial loss Financial market traders and keen gamblers take note. Scientists have found that a chemical in the region of the brain involved in sensory and reward systems is crucial to whether people simply brush off the pain of financial losses. “Scientists say the study points the way to the possible development of drugs to treat problem gamblers and sheds light on what may have been going on in the brains of Wall Street and City of London traders as the 2008 financial crisis took hold.”

Personal Health: Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Cause A series of reports in The Lancet lays out the reasons why the number of overweight Americans began skyrocketing in the 1970s, and how the problem can be brought under control.

Experts: 366 million people now have diabetes AP – An estimated 366 million people worldwide now suffer from diabetes and the global epidemic is getting worse, health officials said Tuesday.

The Health Freedom Expo is almost here! March 2-4, 2012 in Long Beach, California.

It’s finally here! Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! – with Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

Will you be near Raleigh, North Carolina on March 24, 2012? You can meet RSB at the Rally for Ron Paul and Freedom Fest!

What do you do when you realize that federal permission is not required? You go to the 10the Amendment Center’s Nullify Now” Conference in Philadelphia on March 31, 2012!

Do you know where you are going to be for the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere? How about New York City for Alive New York 2012?

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (02/19/12) on GCN from this past Sunday, with Vaccine-induced Cancers, Mercury-Autism Link Realities, Stuart Tomc EFA’s, Inflammation Reduction, Drug-Deficient Grief, FDA’s GMO’s, Diet Soda Dangers and More, you can still listen to it here:

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