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Dr. Buttar Advanced Medicine, Flu Shot Scam, GMO What-To-Do, Chris Barr Food Grown Supplement Secrets, Truth on Cancer/Autism & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show November 12, 2012 Click here to download mp3 show archive.

I believe that there may be a special place reserved in hell for mainstream medical pundits who insist that giving flu shots to pregnant women will prevent flu (and now, autism). Do your family and friends a favor and let them know that you get your news from Natural News and The RSB Show. We have much to do to counteract and go beyond the consciousness-limiting effects of vaccines and the pharmaceutically-conflicted shills who promote them. What does RSB say about the flu and flu shot? Watch it on Natural News TV! Also, in case you missed my interview with Jon Rappoport from Sunday’s broadcast, give it a listen – especially if you want to know what to do next in the battle to label GMO food.

First up today, the author of books on Selenium and Chromium, nutritional historian and Not-A-Doc Christopher Barr returns to discuss the brilliance of plant life in converting rocks, soil and minerals into forms that humans and animals can actually use! Have any dietary supplement manufacturers actually mimicked the action of plants to the degree that their supplements are actually food? Or are they merely fooling you with 1% spirulina, plus coal tar and other petrochemical derivatives? What of claims that these supplement companies are really just using synthetic ingredients? We’ll get to the bottom of the dietary dilemma and even cover issues such as flash heating, freeze drying and cold fusion processing. What’ the best way to preserve nutrient integrity in a bottle? Also, we’ll also answer questions from an RSB Show listener who needs loads of help with diabetes and heart issues! We’ve got GTF Chromium, Selenium, Silica, Hawthorn Berry and Can-Gest at the ready! Go here to learn more about Chris:

RSB, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Buttar Advanced Medicine Seminar

Dr. Rashid Buttar previews the Advanced Medicine Seminar in Houston, Texas, this Friday and Saturday, November 16-17, 2012. What’s the Truth on Cancer and the Truth on Autism? Is there a way that doctors, non-doctors, patients and non-patients can interact freely without unconstitutional prohibitions from the FDA? What are private associations and why might they be the way we can go beyond government healing restrictions and regain freedom of speech? It’s Advanced Medicine Monday, so we’ll reveal many answers about that and more! Would you like to know more about what autism really is and how it manifests? What’s the link between NSAIDS and bladder cancer? How about Tylenol and childhood asthma? All this and a whole lot more are available in the international best seller “9 Steps To Keep the Doctor Away!” (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for an incredible discount!) Facts on Toxicity Call Dr. Buttar’s clinic if you would like to learn more (704) 895-WELL (9355). Remember, Trans-D Tropin to insure a speedy recovery Are Advanced Medicine Seminars heading to a city near you? Houston is up next November 16-17, 2012. See you there! and

Call us at 1-866-939-BELL (2355) with your questions or comments!

Question of the Day: Hello,
Thank you for your program. I listen as much as possible. I am Tom Pratt and let me first apologize for the length of this question. I do hope you might want to tackle my situation.
I am 61 years old and am an insulin dependent diabetic since the age of 40. About 6 years ago I had my first episode of what was diagnosed as Ventrical Tacyhardia, in which my heart begins to race wildly, which to this day I still have every 2 weeks to 3 months. According to conventional medicine, my options are drugs, of which there are no guarantees of working and all the side effects, or to electrocute that part of my heart where they guess this originates and hope I don’t have to wake up with a pacemaker. Neither of these sounds attractive to me.
Along with this, about 3 months ago my blood sugar levels have risen about 100-150 pts with the same eating habits as before. I am beginning to lose some weight. (I am 5ft. 10 inches and 180 lbs.)
The last piece of this puzzle is I believe my Liver is deteriorating, starting about 1 year ago I started passing darker, strong smelling urine and have night sweats at least a couple of times per week.
There are other issues, but these are the most predominant. I am not certain how to approach these, nor in what order as I have limited funds to purchase products that may be helpful. I am not a believer in the allopathic way of taking drugs to remove symptoms. Can you give suggestions or direction to my situation? Thank you so much and if you can provide some direction, could someone email me back as to what day or program this may be answered?
Blessings to you, Tom Pratt

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From the PURE B.S. department of the mainstream media – Flu during pregnancy linked to autism in kids! Didn’t they mean the flu SHOT?

See what RSB has to say about the Flu and Flu Shots! This will never be aired on The pharmaceutically-conflicted Today Show…

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who is a leading advocate for your health also lets loose on the flu and flu shots here and here. She will also appear with Dr. Buttar and RSB at the Advanced Medicine Seminar in Houston, Texas, this Friday and Saturday, November 16-17, 2012.

Acetaminophen in infancy linked to asthma – medical doctors claim ignorance…

NSAIDS and bladder cancer – what’s the relationship?

It may be National Diabetes Month, but don’t let that get in the way with the fact the business of diabetes is VERY profitable. Meet the Diabetic Investor. We may have to GTF Chromium all over him…


This Friday and Saturday! RSB will be in Houston with Dr. Rashid Buttar for Advanced Medicine Seminars! See you in Houston November 16-17, 2012!

RSB and Vaishali hosting a seminar together? Yes! March 23 – 24, 2013 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California!

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

Listen live here 12Noon-2PM EST: or here:

In case you missed my RSB’s Sunday broadcast (11/12/12) on GCN Veteran’s Day, Ronnie McMullen Structured Water, Jon Rappoport Prop 37 GMO Vote Fraud, Election Fallacies, 3-Year-Old Ticketed for Peeing and More! You can download the archive here: Also, here is the iTunes feed for Sunday RSB Show broadcasts:

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