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Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, 1-year detox, Mike Adams, skin health, Ebola remedy updates, Liam Scheff, non-religious biblical history & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show August 8, 2014 Click here to download and listen now!

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: We crank up the Friday edition with the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, putting perspectives on this Ebola outbreak like nowhere else in broadcast media! What can we expect if we live an immunosuppressive lifestyle as a cultural norm? Is this evidence of a global depopulation agenda by some deranged scientific elites? What about our medical instructions at the Federal level – are they competent enough to know what is really going on? Why is their mantra “vaccines, drugs or bust”? We have more natural options to curtail the spread of this scary disease! RSB and Dr. Frank King talk detoxification for the Healing Revolution today! They answer a listener question about a very complicated skin condition. Could detoxification be on tap, homeopathically speaking? Get ready for a one-year plan to cleanse your body of harmful metabolic and environmental toxins! Is it true that old people are more alert in the morning? Will Super Don use that against RSB in the new evening timeslot? Is AIDS a sexually transmitted disease? Liam Scheff is back to put that myth to bed, figuratively. It used to be controversial to reveal that HIV is not the cause. Where is the controversy now? Liam delves deeper into religious texts from a more detached, historical perspective and reports on what he finds. We have a listener criticism that must be addressed. Consider yourself forewarned if you are easily offended by historical discussions of the Hebrew Scriptures, New Testament and more from a non-religious context. Is intellectual curiosity a good thing or a bad thing? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

The Healing Revolution is here with Dr. Frank King as we respond to a complicated listener question about skin conditions during pregnancy and post-partum! Help for babies as well! It looks like we all need about a full year of detoxification! We’ll journey through skin, candida and into the deeper levels of clearing the terrain. Where shall our detox journey begin? How about the liver, kidneys and lymph? Yes. We can option a Total Body Detox as well. The ICV cleanse is very helpful for intestinal blockages, too. Where else? Acid Detox, Additives/Preservative Detox, Caffeine Detox, Chemo Cleanse, Cosmetic/Household Chemicals Detox, EMF Detox, Indoor & Outdoor Air Pollution Detox, Vaccinoplex, Water Chemicals Detox, Food Sensitivity, Dairy and Grains detox as well! Check out Dr. King’s new website by clicking here. Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. Mind/Body Appraisal: Stock up now on another super food, Carolina Bison and DK Natural Meats Check out the amazing new video featuring Dr. King on his bison ranch:

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) My brother Chris is in physical therapy school and highly recommended your show to me to hopefully have some questions answered.

For years now I have suffered from seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and perhaps elsewhere on my body (was also told it was eczema and dry skin). I am looking for an all natural treatment/cure. I used to take a topical steroid medicine for my scalp but when I got pregnant last September I stopped. Then I used Head & Shoulders shampoo throughout pregnancy even though it didn’t help much. I believe I have the dermatitis (or something) in my ears because they itch and scab all the time in the outer ear canal. Also the knuckles on my toes itch and then will get severely dry and I can peel the skin off. I think this would all be related but I’m not sure. I would like treatment or a cute without drugs or steroids.

Also, my daughter has eczema and baby acne as well and I would like to know if there is something I could do for her.

I used to have lots of white pimply bumps on the backs of my arms and forehead (especially during hot seasons) but they went away. But just a few weeks ago my upper arms got covered with those bumps again and worse.

Another thing, I had an unplanned c section due to a uterine infection in June. So we both had large amounts of antibiotics right after she was born. My daughter Cadence has had three major diaper rashes since being born, two open sore rashes and then one yeast rash. When I eat dairy, I noticed that she has white mucous in her stools. So I have cut out dairy, eggs and soy and try to avoid tomatoes because it also gives her reflux. What is the best thing I could do for my daughter and these issues? We plan to start using cloth diapers now that the yeast rash has cleared up.

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you! ~ Stacey Hadsock

2) I am just dropping a line to say how much I enjoyed your contribution to Ty Bollinger’s series about the cures for cancer. We certainly need warriors of truth and knowledge to stand up for us all.

Of course there are more battles to fight and I was disturbed to hear of Dr Arntzen’s “flippant comments” and his role in developing a vaccine for Ebola in a video Ty shared:

Can we not call up/call on any activists who are willing to empower indigenous West African communities? My guess is that essential oil of cloves or frankincense with CBD oil would provide an inexpensive cure.

Keep the faith and best wishes,
Jim Park

3) This is in response to all the air time you have been giving Liam on religion. Liam is creating his own religion, picking and choosing what he likes and doesn’t like, like he is at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It doesn’t sound like Liam has ever read the entire KJV bible, but instead looks at it to compare verses with corrupt bible versions. Dr. Nick explained the differences in the versions.

Liam’s heart may have been hardened when he was abused as a child and may have blamed God for allowing it to happen to him so he calls the bible a myth.

In God’s eyes Liam is committing blaphemy every time he opens his mouth about Christianity. He has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Just because he doesn’t understand the true word of God doesn’t make it a myth. He mixes New Age Bible Versions (all other versions except KJV) with the true word of God, which is the KJV bible. He mixes up Catholic, Greek Mythology and New Age with Christian, which are not the same thing. No wonder he’s confused.

When you read the wrong bible version there are always contradictions. Will the next time you have Dr. Nick Gonzalez on, can you bring Liam on so that they can have a discussion? Then maybe Liam can understand what God’s word really says.

Remember, some day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. ~ Lover of Jesus

Notes from Liam on stories not in the Bible that appear in the Bible:

The woman “taken in adultery was not in the “Bible,” but added somewhere after the 5th Century or later:

James M. Robinson. The Gospel of Jesus: A Historical Search for the Original Good News:

“But the basic problem with this story is that it was not part of the original New Testament. It is not in the oldest and best manuscripts, but was added, at various places, by later scribes.

However, since it ended up in the medieval manuscripts used by the King James translators, we are familiar with it, in a way that we are not familiar with most late additions to and alterations of the original text (namely, those absent from the manuscripts used by King James’s translators). Most modern translations either leave it out or indicate in some way that it is not part of the original text. (The New Revised Standard Version uses double square brackets and a footnote saying, “The most ancient authorities lack 7:53-8:11.”)

Bart D Ehrman. Misquoting Jesus:

“It is a brilliant story, filled with pathos and a clever twist in which Jesus uses his wits to get himself—not to mention the poor woman— off the hook. Of course, to a careful reader, the story raises numerous questions. If this woman was caught in the act of adultery, for example, where is the man she was caught with? Both of them are to be stoned, according to the Law of Moses (see Lev. 20:10). Moreover, when Jesus wrote on the ground, what exactly was he writing? (According to one ancient tradition, he was writing the sins of the accusers, who seeing that their own transgressions were known, left in embarrassment!) And even if Jesus did teach a message of love, did he really think that the Law of God given by Moses was no longer in force and should not be obeyed? Did he think sins should not be punished at all? Despite the brilliance of the story, its captivating quality, and its inherent intrigue, there is one other enormous problem that it poses. As it turns out, it was not originally in the Gospel of John. In fact, it was not originally part of any of the Gospels. It was added by later scribes.

The special edition ending added to Mark:

What else is in the news?

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Pfizer facing surge of lawsuits over Lipitor | Fox News

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“Ebola: 100 people from Beverly Hills starving in a rat-infested apartment” by Jon Rappoport

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