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Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Animal Health, Vaccine Detox, DSM-5, Jonathan Emord, Fiscal Cliff Calamity, Restoring Free Enterprise & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 28, 2012 Click here to listen to today’s broadcast.

What were the Top Health Stories of 2012? The old media may have covered them, but not like The RSB Show! We’ll review a few of them on the way to the New Year! Perhaps the biggest story, though not officially recognized, was the complete medicalization of all human emotion and behavior by the DSM-5. That psychiatric bible may be more dangerous than the gun-grabbers. Why? Because if they are successful at diagnosing those who love liberty with a druggable disorder, then the state will have a compelling reason to take your freedom from you in the name of public health and safety. Liam Scheff will help us see where this may be going. This is the great danger of adopting a state religion, even though the First Amendment specifically prohibits such a thing. Jon Rappoport was not exaggerating when he referred to Modern Medicine as the Church of Biological Mysticism. Have you been ex-communicated yet? You’d better hurry…

Are you ready for the last Healing Revolution of 2012? Dr. Frank King, who is also a 4th generation farmer/rancher, discusses animal health. How can you raise animals and keep them healthy? Is it enough that you use oil of oregano instead of antibiotics? We’ll discuss the Law of the Terrain as it relates to the animal kingdom. It is astonishing that factory farmers (if you can actually call them farmers) believe that providing a diet completely foreign to any given species would result in good health, much less for the non-vegetarian humans that may consume them. Dr. King went organic in the 1970’s so he’s got the ranch-cred to discuss it. Does your state mandate vaccinating your pets? We’ll talk homeopathy to counteract the negative effects! Also, the stunning EPA report revealing toxicological accumulation in children cannot be ignored. There is no time to wait – detoxify your kids (and you, too)! We’ll show you how. It’s time for the Healing Revolution! Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. and Family Wellness Kit: 9-1-1 Stress Control: Total Body Detox: Healthy Mind/Body Appraisal: Stock up now on another super food, Carolina Bison and DK Natural Meats

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Constitutional attorney and FDA Dragon Slayer Jonathan Emord returns to The RSB Show with political, economic and legal perspectives rarely discussed in media! Jonathan has authored a number of bills for Congressman Ron Paul over the years, including the Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act, HR 6342, and various Health freedom bills. What does he see with the political chaos in full swing regarding the fiscal cliff? Is there any opportunity for economic healing there? Or is this a one-way ticket to the self-inflicted destruction of the federal government? We’ll talk about the inevitable end of the bureaucratic oligarchy and the rise of free markets once again. Jonathan’s got an insider’s perspective that provides a deeper look at what’s really happening inside the political beltway. We’ll reveal all that the mainstream media pundits will not! Check out Jonathan’s article archives here. Learn how to Restore the Republic here.

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More news:

“Murder in the medical Matrix: the FDA” by Jon Rappoport

12 Moments of Duh rolled into one? Have writers at MSNBC been listening to The RSB Show?

The DSM-5 threatens to make everyone a walking psychiatric disorder. Am I exaggerating? Nope.

If you have “a recurring pattern of sexual fantasies, urges and behaviors lasting a period of six months or longer that are not caused by other issues, such as substance abuse, another medical condition or manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder. Also, individuals who might be diagnosed with this disorder must show a pattern of sexual activity in response to unpleasant mood states, such as feeling depressed, or a pattern of repeatedly using sex as a way of coping with stress,” you’re not a normal human, according to the DSM-5.

What were the Top 12 health stories of 2012 according to one outlet of the mainstream media? We’ll cover them and, time permitting, mention the ones they missed, including the psychiatric drug connection to school shootings, GMO vote fraud, and the FDA caught red-handed with 100,000+ drugs deaths a year!

If only we had more government regulation, the earth would be clean! Really? How’s that EPA thing working out for you?

Infants who are most vaccinated more likely to be hospitalized and die. Seriously, what are vaccines for?

Nullify the Federal gun-grabbers! The Tenth Amendment Center show us how!

“The artist against the system down through time” By Jon Rappoport “99% of the world has been trained like rats to adore systems. Give them a system and they’re ready to cuddle up and take it all in. If they have questions, or if they want to argue, it’s about how to tweak the system to make it a little better. And with every move they make, they put another blanket over the Fire Within.”

When the media lies to you, don’t complain, BECOME the media. RSB was on the inaugural episode, Saturday, December 22 on the Next News Network! Interview starts around 01:20 (one hour and 20 minutes) into the video.

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