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Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Flu Shot Sneak Attack, Cancer Cures, Liam Scheff Movie Review, Vaccine Failures, Labeling GMOs & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 07, 2012 Click here to listen to the broadcast right now.

RSB is back just in time for the weekend! We’ll answer questions about the phantom retrovirus called HIV, synthetic organic alerts, Monsanto dangers, the right form of Chromium, Selenium and more today! Did you see the Vaccine Buyback Program we initiated on Wednesday? There is word on the street that activists are not waiting for the government to get behind GMO labeling – we have an eye witness account to cover! Special thanks to Ty Bollinger for the graphic inspiration to manifest it! Spread the word before any more children are harmed! Did you know that fully 97% of the Mumps cases are happening in vaccinated children? Vaccine cultists will probably blame 3% of children for purposefully spreading mumps to the shot-up children. Keep speaking out – we are winning, because the Power to Heal is Yours!

Dr. Frank King

What can Pearl Harbor Day remind us about our need to shore up our immune system? It’s time for the Healing Revolution! Dr. Frank King is back with gentle, yet powerful reminders of ways to stay healthy during the winter months and beyond. What are the 8 essentials to do so? We’ll see how many we can get to… There is good news on the flu shot front – as 60% of Americans have not gotten one! We’ve got Multi-Strain Flu Relief, so there is no need to resort to injecting 25mcg of mercury! The government thinks that only a small number of American children are being treated with ADHD drugs! We think that even 14% is too many, so we’ll revisit your options. Attention doctors, there are homeopathic options in the realm of cancer reduction. Got Misteltoe? Finally, there is science to support our position that taking drugs in front of your children is a bad idea. We shall explain why you should hide your drug-taking from toddlers. Even better, switch to homeopathy! Viva the Healing Revolution! Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. and Family Wellness Kit: 9-1-1 Stress Control: Multi-Starin Flu Relief:  Healthy Mind/Body Appraisal: Stock up now on another super food, Carolina Bison and DK Natural Meats

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Healing Revolution Friday Movie Reviews? Creativity – where does it come from? Liam Scheff has seen the mega-budget ‘bomb’ “John Carter,” and reports that it is one of the most creative and enjoyable movies he’s seen in years. Why did Disney flub the marketing of this so badly? Why did mainstream critics hate it? The movie was based on books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in the early 20th Century. How does Burrough’s life inform the tale of a reluctant cowboy on Mars? We talk “John Carter” of Mars – how did this very creative, mythic and female-empowring movie get panned by Hollyweird? And check out this Autism Mom Blog.

Questions/Comments of the Day: 1) Dear Robert, as I know that all kinds of topics are being discussed and solved on your show I have a question. There’s a girl who got tested with one of those protein marker tests called Eliza and Western Blot, she had been intimidated by her local consultants to take pills against the phantom killer virus and has done so for one year and a half, recently she stopped with the pills as she came across books, infosites and radio shows like yours. Couple of days ago she went back for a CD4 count and of course got intimidated again and now is devastated and doesn’t know what to do. I told her that I would seek people who could give her emotional support and that she should stay off the pills. Is there anything else you could recommend to this young healthy lady? Highly appreciated! ~ Dean B.


More news:

Action Alert from the Cornucopia Institute to keep synthetics out of organics! Thanks Roger for the heads-up!

Michael Savage may be smart about some things, but he is totally unprepared to answer listener questions on GMO food. Give a listen:

Get vaccinated, get the Mumps. Yes, 97% of cases were already vaccinated.

Good news Down Under! 600% increase in parents opting out of vaccines for their kids!

Are American kids overmedicated for fictitious diseases? The U.S. Government thinks not…

Would you or your girlfriend like to smell like the Pillsbury Doughboy dipped in pepporoni? Eu de what? Pizza the Hut!

Is Mistletoe (Iscador) really the kiss of death for cancer?

There’s hope for America – nearly 60% have not received a flu shot!

Where do kids learn to take drug? From their parents! Don’t pop pills in front of toddlers…

Studies linking nutrition and cancer prevention should be eyed with caution. What about the studies on chemotherapy and cancer? Throw caution to the wind?

“Eight quotes from a cancer surgeon that will set your hair on fire” by Jon Rappoport

Who cares about supplement effectiveness? The FDA only cares if they actually work, especially if the manufacturer tells you what they do.

Do older adults need vitamins and supplements? Of course not, silly, they need drugs! This says it all, actually: Donald B. McCormick, PhD,   —   “We know too little to suggest there is a greater need in the elderly for most of these vitamins and minerals.”

Give us your guns and we’ll give you a flu shot! No thank you. Not on your life!

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