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Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Healing Alzheimer’s & MS, Mike Adams Rawesome Raids Revelations, Color of Lawlessness, Christina Tobin Free & Equal Elections, Ron Paul Festival, Sara Sotomayor Gardasil Injuries, Liam Scheff in Three TSA Stooges, Ritalin for Grandpa and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 20, 2012

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and victims of those impacted by the shooting last night in Aurora, Colorado at a Batman screening. Since the rest of the media will be all over this event, I have no plans to make it a focal point of discussion on today’s RSB Show broadcast.

We kick off the Healing Revolution Friday with the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, as we cover the blockbuster story breaking in Los Angeles County surrounding the Rawesome raids and arrest of James Stewart. What could this mean to the larger unraveling of law enforcement throughout the rest of the country? How many other municipalities are plagues by rogue DA’s, judges and police who have no oath of office on file as required nu their state constitutions? This story is MUCH bigger than just Rawesome, raw milk and James Stewart. Just how big? Mike and RSB shall discuss…

Dr. Frank King is back for some more Healing Revolution to talk about reversing neurological degradation diseases, including MS and Alzheimer’s! What do the symptoms of those diseases indicate in terms of homeopathic prescribing? How do we detoxify environmental neurotoxic poisons? In light of medical admissions that Interferon-beta does not work, it’s time to end the drug error and era and return to natural healing sanity! How many Americans are pesticide-poisoned? We’ll also talk about giving you a Sporting Edge and Maximizing your Muscles! We’ll throw the poison out with Liver Detox, Lymph Detox and Blood/Kidney Detox as well. Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. and Family Wellness Kit: Sporting Edge: Muscle Maximizer: Healthy Mind/Body Appraisal:

Christina Tobin is the founder and chair of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation and president of Free and Equal Inc., a non-partisan, full-service ballot access consulting and petitioning firm that works with candidates from across the political spectrum and across the United States. She is also serves on the Board of Coalition for Free and Open Elections. She is one of Paul Festivals’ top sponsors, and has been intricately involved in it’s planning for quite some time now. and and

RSB and Liam Scheff welcome back Sara Sotomayor, independent medical research at the age of 19 years old, who is working on reversing her severe and debilitating Gardasil injury. Dr.Bruce Shelton: Christine Simmon: Liam joins in to promote his new segment, “The Seven Minute Video Interview” with Sara, which you can view here: Remember, Liam in Three!

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Listener question: “Hi Robert, I was present at the BM Organics lecture you gave a few weeks ago. You recited instructions for the aloe vera-colloidal silver cleanse but I arrived unprepared lacking anything to record notes with. I would like to know some detailed instructions, could you please help me? What can I expect to gain from the cleanse and what kind of foods should I be eating during the cleanse?”Vlady – RSB answers on air today!

See more stories we may cover today:

Could government officials be acting under color of law when they come after you? It happened at Rawesome! The shocking revelations have just begun to surface! Demand their Oath of Office – always! If you look around America today, in fact, you may recognize other top officials who are also impersonators with fake identities who push a destructive agenda that denies Americans our Constitutional rights. Ring a bell, anyone? Now you realize just how deep this story really goes.

The TSA or the Three Stooges? Which group protects us from terrorism more?

Ritalin: It’s not just for children anymore!

Today’s Moment of Duh is brought to you by the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. Or, were you under the impression that binge drinking would improve cognition and memory in old age?

Is oil priced in gold or the fiat dollar? Ben Swann reality checks..

Unthinkable to hit in 2013? Get your economic head out of the fiat sand while you still can.

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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