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Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, pain relief, endometriosis, Michelle Rider Team Isaiah, obesity, pesticides, mesothelioma, prostate & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show July 25, 2014

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: RSB and Dr. Frank King discuss relieving pain without intoxicating the liver, including the pain of endometriosis. ? Are you revitalized? Can you take your healing to new levels? How can we reverse liver congestion and mental constipation? We’ll talk education, revelation, impartation and implementation as we uncover mission and purpose in life! Michelle Rider, mother of Isaiah, returns to discuss the latest in her attempts to regain custody of her son. He was subject to state/hospital custody in Chicago after the doctors claimed there was evidence of medical abuse. What evidence? Michelle apparently asked too many questions or was overly concerned about her son’s care. Could this happen to you or your family? Join Team Isaiah and help to prevent this from ever happening again! What else might we cover on the Healing Revolution Friday? What kind of ice cream doesn’t melt and should you eat any? How healthy are snacks in public school vending machines when they are filled with GMO corn syrup and carcinogenic food coloring? We’ve got questions of the day about mesothelioma and fulvic acid, too. Did you know that if you are obese, it might be due to your great grandma’s pesticide exposure? Finally, men, would you get your prostate examined at a professional baseball game? Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

The Healing Revolution is here with Dr. Frank King as we review the happenings at the Healing Revolution Summit from last weekend. Are you refreshed? Are you revitalized? Can you take your healing to new levels? How can we reverse liver congestion and mental constipation? We’ll talk education, revelation, impartation and implementation as we uncover mission and purpose in life! A recent peer-reviewed published report says that Tylenol does not work for back pain, so what does? We’ll also answer a question of the day regarding endometriosis. Could the pain be more than just physical? Might we need to detoxify from dangerous household cleaners? Check out Dr. King’s new website by clicking here. Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. Mind/Body Appraisal:

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Michelle Rider claims Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago is holding her son Isaiah ‘hostage.’ The facility alleges child abuse, which Rider fervently denies.  BY MEREDITH ENGEL NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, June 20, 2014, 4:08 PM

All Michelle Rider wants to do is bring her son home.

Isaiah Rider, 16, suffers from neurofibromatosis, a painful disease that causes tumors to grow on his nerves. He’s also spent much of his life in and out of hospitals for problems that cropped up after a nasty spill he took when he was 6. He even had to have one of his legs amputated, but the procedure was not without complications.

Doctors in Kansas City, Mo., as well as in Texas and Boston, couldn’t effectively treat his multitude of conditions. So the mother took Isaiah to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. He had surgery there, but after his pain got worse following the procedure, Rider sought to have Isaiah brought to another hospital — a request hospital officials denied.

Rider said the hospital strung her along to believe that Isaiah would be transferred.

But Lurie officials wouldn’t transfer him because they said she requested stronger medications for her son and was tampering with their care.

“They called it medical child abuse,” she said. But she didn’t know what that meant. “They told me to look it up. They said ‘we are taking custody of your son for 48 hours,’ and that they would be making medical decisions going forward.”

Forty-eight hours turned into 24 days. Isaiah’s case was given to another doctor and a social worker with whom Rider had never met or even spoken.

The case is drawing parallels to that of Justina Pelletier, who was embroiled in a legal tug-of-war between the state of Massachusetts and her family in Connecticut after she was kept in a medical facility for 16 months against her family’s wishes. Pelletier was allowed to return home June 18.

“It’s not just about Isaiah or Justina,” Rider said. “It’s about our children, our rights.”

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) Hi RSB, I need some direction and advice. I have been suffering from painful endometriosis for many years. 10 years ago i had surgery to remove the endometriosis but is back with a vengeance! I am considering seeing a surgeon about this issue again for treatment options but i will refuse to take hormone therapy or be bullied into cutting parts of my body out (uterus/ovaries). My naturopath tells me that the only way to get rid of endometriosis is to have surgery. Can you lead me to any information on natural effective cures for this problem? In the past 3 years i have studied and learned about my power to heal, and have changed my diet and supplementation regiment to effectively eliminate these problems; asthma, allergies, GI issues, joint pain, fibromyalgia and even healed up a labral tear in my hip with medical nutrition that the surgeon said would never heal. I a, considering contacting Dr. Gonzalez or Dr. Buttar for help on this. Thanks for all you do! ~ Heather, Colorado

2) Hi Robert, I am the guy who went on holiday for 7 weeks. I want you to know that I am retired, so there is no problem getting the time off, and my wife and I own a caravan (I think you call them trailers) so we go off and explore France. I am trying to catch up with the shows that I missed so I record them to my MP3 player and listen while I do the jobs my wife tells me I should do. I was at the top of a ladder pruning the hedge when I heard my question and I have to tell you that you caused me to nearly fall off my ladder.

Enough of that, I have a serious question this time. A friend of mine has mesothelioma and has been operated on but told the cancer WILL return. They would not do chemo as they said it would lesson his survival time as it would make the cancer more virulent. They have told him that he will live 3 years at the outside. Credit to the doctor for not doing the chemo but my friend is not expecting to be alive for much longer.

I have sent him as much information as I can. Ty’s 2 video’s that are available, The forbidden Cures video + other snippets which hopefully show him that his potential for life is as good as anyone else’s if he changes his lifestyle.

I heard you talking about nebulising the silver hydrosol and drinking lobelia extract which makes a lot of sense having seen Dr. Simoncini talking about cancer being a fungus, so killing the fungus with silver kills the cancer. In the UK where I live colloidal silver is easy to get, my wife and I use it all the time and it works great. Having to get the hydrosol from the US makes it much more expensive. Can the colloidal silver be nebulised or does it have to be the hydrosol?

Your show is brilliant, the sincerity and humour shine through and it means when my wife gives me a really boring job I don’t mind at all.

Regards, Derek

3) What do you and Mike Adams think about fulvic acid? Has Mike tested it in his new lab? Does Mike have a website that shows all the products he has tested? ~ Bill

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Michelle Obama goes all in for Monsanto in new ‘GMOs for children’ campaign Hoax or not, [the response to] this story sends a VERY important message to the White House: Don’t get in bed with Monsanto! – Acetaminophen May Not Help Against Back Pain, Study Contends The common pain reliever, best known as Tylenol, showed no effect in Australian trial.

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