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Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Stiff Necks, Allergy Antihistamine Tumors, Acne Drug Eye Dangers, GMO IBS Reversal, Saging Not Aging, Bacon Ice Cream, Mel Gibson’s Eats, Jack Hunter, Ron Paul rEVOLution Continues, Dick Clark and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 20, 2012

Happy Healing Revolution Friday! What a week it has been here on The RSB Show! Are you ready to eat? How about some nitrate-filled bacon on your rBGH infested ice cream sundae? Not so appetizing, I know. Maybe Mel Gibson will get you something better to eat. Before the weekend hits, we’ll talk longevity and lifestyles that will reduce the likelihood of creating cancer in your body, despite the government-medical complex arguing for more mammograms and vaccinations. We’ve got some serious healing to do! Whether it’s musculoskeletal, respiratory or gastrointestinal, it’s on tap today. And if you don’t like the research, maybe you can get Monsanto to buy out the research facility. What’s killing the honeybee? Fascism. Also coming up, great news on the Ron Paul rEVOLution will be revealed! Plus, could Dick Clark have lived to 102 if he relied on nature instead of FDA approved meds and surgical interventions?

Where are you going to be tomorrow (Saturday, April 21, 2012)? How about celebrating Earth Day at Marando Farms in Ft. Lauderdale with RSB and friends?

Dr. Frank King returns for the Healing Revolution! Do you have a springtime stiff neck? Believe it or not, they’re quite common this time of year. Why? Also, news reports are claiming that there are more allergy sufferers than ever! Are you one of them? Did you know that antihistamines are now being linked to tumor growth? If you or someone you love is on acne medication, be on the lookout for serious eye complications and liver damage! Would you like to get your family members off of Allegra or other allergy drugs and shots? Finally, after saying no to GMO, how do you repair your gastrointestinal system? Are you confused about the differences between classical homeopathy and clinical advancements? Do you want to learn more? King Bio will be hosting a major healing seminar for health care providers June 2-3, 2012 in Asheville, NC. Call 1-800-543-3245 to find out how you can attend. and Family Wellness Kit: Back, Muscle and Joint Relief: Regional allergy map:

Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger and official campaign blogger for Ron Paul 2012, returns with exciting updates on the road to restore the Constitution! Is the Ron Paul delegate strategy working? Can we do it without the coverage of the old media? How do we bridge the generation gap of this revolution? Could the bipartisan threat of NDAA, Patriot Act and economic collapse really bring progressives and conservatives together? What are Obama-care and the imaginary constitution? Where is the Tea Party? Is anybody serious about cutting spending? Jack is back! and and and

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Other stories we might cover on The RSB Show today:

Acne drugs are pretty nasty – and that is an understatement. Got eye problems?

More people are sick with allergies than ever. Are you?

That grumbling that you hear in your stomach may not be indigestion…

Do you desire longevity? Here’s your for sure Moment of Duh. Science says that you might want to avoid this…

Could a healthier lifestyle cut your potential for developing cancer? Might be a Moment of Duh part deux…

Is it even food? How about some bacon in your ice cream sundae?

Public Citizen group calls for withdrawal of Diabetes drug…–finance.html

If you don’t like the research results, perhaps you can buy the company that conducted it. That’s just what Monsanto did to whitewash their slaughter of innocent bees…,_Monsanto_Buys_Leading_Bee_Research_Firm_/19039/0/0/0/Y/M.html

Why is Mel Gibson angry and who does he want to feed? (Caution: F-bombs are dropped)

Dick Clark had a history of heart disease and diabetes. Could he have lived to 102 with nutritional support instead of drugs and surgery?

The Health Freedom Expo is coming up in Chicago June 15-17, 2012! Make your plans now! See you there!

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (04/15/12) on GCN from this past Sunday when RSB and Michael Badnarik discussed Tax Slavery Day, rights versus privileges and restoring the Republic. Chris Barr also returned to discuss Antoine Béchamp, the Law of the Terrain, Lymphatic Health, whooping cough, nebulizing silver, grains and more! Listen here:

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