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Dr. Fred Pescatore, Gastrointestinal Health, Allergies, Fibromyalgia & Restoring the Republic on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 22, 2011

Topic #1 over the past couple of months continues to be gastrointestinal health. I could not think of a better guest to cover this topic even more deeply (and microbially) than Dr. Fred Pescatore. Dr. Fred is the author of “Boost Your Health with Bacteria” and many others. Here are some great questions we’ll cover: What causes gastrointestinal distress and disease? Do you know the link to thyroid imbalance and autoimmune disease? What are the best probiotics to use and why? How do hormonal and birth control pills impact intestinal integrity? How about allergies? In addition to probiotics, what other natural remedies are helpful in restoring integrity to the terrain between you mouth and you know where? and and and Follow Dr. Fred on Twitter: @drfredpescatore

Did you ever wonder if it would be possible to restore the republic? Well, Douglas Dragomer definitely has. Check out his manifesto, we’ll discuss it:

Nancy Pelosi said that Congress would have to pass Obama-care before they knew what was in it. Boy, was she telling the truth! Look what popped up a year later: Free Medicaid for people who do not need it. That about sums up all of Obamacare – all except for the “free” part…

A North Carolina man held up a bank for one (FRN) dollar. He didn’t really want the dollar.
Bev asks via Facebook: Can Fibromyalgia be treated with homeopathics or other natural remedies? I want to treat naturally but can’t find a doctor not pushing the pharmaceuticals. I have a homeopathic pharmacist but have been using various remedies for a month with no improvement. RSB will answer.
Millions of Americans are not taking drugs for their Peripheral Artery Disease. I’ll tell you why that may be a good thing. and

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