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“Dr. Jack Wolfson Exonerated To The Dismay Of The Skepducks” by Hoofnagle The Science Cat

Dr. Jack Wolfson – 1  Skepducks – 0. That’s right. David Gorski and Co.

The Paleo Cardiologist retained his license after a 4 to 1 decision by the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners. Yeah. That guy you described as “one of the most vile antivaccinationists I’ve ever encountered”…. was cleared of any wrongdoing. Your drama queen act is old and busted dude. Seriously.

Those 38 formal complaints by a handful of butt-hurt jerks who disagreed with him went nowhere.

They were recognized to be what they were; a manipulation of the system to try and silence someone from speaking their mind. A professional opinion by a doctor that you and these 38+ narcissistic douchebags didn’t agree with.

What was it that caused this medical board to dismiss his case? Something called free speech. The same free speech that you enjoy in order to spew your hate and narcissistic “Insolence” that furthers your agenda. An agenda that to an outsider like me is plainly obvious as to it’s origin and purpose.

You remind me of another duck. The similarities are striking. Maybe you can learn a thing or two here:

– Hoofnagle The Science Cat