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Dr. Nick Gonzalez, Emotional Gun Control, Tangerine Bolen Stop NDAA, Makia Freeman Sovereignty Tools, Flu Fear Fanaticism, Psychiatric Drug Dangers & More!

Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

The Robert Scott Bell Show January 10, 2013 Did you miss the show? Click here to listen right now.

Don’t panic! RSB will calm the influenza epidemic fears. If someone dies of complications of the flu, as the old media may claim it, does it mean that the flu virus is super bad? Not necessarily. But that’s what the pharmaceutically-conflicted mainstream media wants you to believe. RSB will delve into the physiological realities never reported by medical dunderheads like Nancy Sneiderman and ignorant political pundits like Wolf Blitzer and even the Weather Channel’s Abrams and Bettis. Want to stay healthy or get healthy? Beware the flu shot and the doctors who still promote them. We’ve got safer, more effective options right here on today’s RSB Show broadcast…

Makia Freeman joins me for Tools for Freedom to discuss the lost word. What is it? Sovereignty. How does an Aussie, coming from a constitutional monarchy, cherish liberty more than most Americans, who don’t even know that they are supposed to be living in a constitutional republic? Do you know the difference between the two? What is it about self-governance that your friends or neighbors don’t get? If you want to learn about sovereignty basics, Makia will share some simple steps and get you access to the information that has been purposefully hidden from you. There’s a reason they do not teach this concept in government schools. The U.S. is a corporation – but what does that mean? The Federal Reserve is not federal, nor does it have any reserves. How does that affect you? You want the tools for freedom? Call 1-800-770-8802 or go to the website. Use the word “radio” at checkout and get 20% off your first order!

Tangerine Bolen

Tangerine Bolen Did you know that the NDAA allows the United States military to detain suspects indefinitely and without charge or trial — even American citizens? Did you know that reporters could be escorted away not only indefinitely, but also perpetually? Yes, “perpetual detention” is the new buzzword coming out of the latest court hearing! Does anybody know the government’s definition of perpetual?  Help us reverse this travesty of justice! Tangerine Bolen returns from “Stop NDAA” with updates on the case. From Tangerine: “Our second circuit court date has been set for February 6, 2013, in the Southern District Federal Court in Manhattan, time TBD. If you support our efforts to restore your rights and are in the New York area, please publicly show your support by joining us in court this day! Your presence matters. Please share this widely, and invite your friends! Court details here: US District Court, Southern District of New York, 500 Pearl Street” Stop the NDAA! The NDAA’s indefinite detention provision is a real thorn in the side of the Obama Administration as a ragtag group of transpartisan freedom mercenaries uses the Federal Court system to overturn it. Why is Obama fighting FOR something he claims to be AGAINST? Special thanks to Revolution Truth (Tangerine), Bill of Rights Defense Committee (Shahid Buttar), Tenth Amendment Center (Michael Boldin) and for their efforts to roll back the government in a country where the government can imprison you indefinitely without charge. and

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There is a lot of emotional non-discussion happening in the old media and the Obama Administration surrounding the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Today, we will rise above the fight or flight fray to go deeper. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez writes “On Sandy Hook, Guns, and the Dangers of Politicians” and begins I have been affected deeply, as have all of us, by the horrific events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, occurring, as they did, to make the tragedy more pointed, just two weeks before Christmas.  My family has been touched perhaps more than most, since my lovely niece, herself a former and very dedicated elementary school teacher in the New York City school system, now lives in Sandy Hook with her husband and their two beautiful daughters, aged four and two.  The eldest girl has been attending pre-kindergarten in an annex separate from the main school building where the massacre took place, but both girls were destined to attend that very same elementary school just down the road from their home.  In fact, one of the great attractions of the Newtown area to my niece, when her husband’s job took him to that part of Western Connecticut, was its superb school system. Get ready for an intellectual discussion, grounded in real history with Dr. Nick on The RSB Show today.

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More news:

Boston Mayor declares flu emergency! Is there a flu shot deficiency going around Bean town, or is it something else? RSB will cover it.

Aurora shooter James Holmes was on psychiatric medication and vaccines. Anyone surprised?

“Media fascism is all about trusted television anchors” by Jon Rappoport

From yesterday: Get the flu shot and die of complications from the…flu.

It turns out that Carly Christenson was given prednisone before dying of complications of the flu, even though she had already received the flu shot. Count this tragic death as another casualty of modern monopoly medicine. Iatrogenocide.

Secret government documents reveal vaccines are a dangerous hoax!

Ten ways to use colloidal silver for health benefits…

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