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Ebola survival tool kit, your futile right to vote for dunderheads, DoD polluting veterans, gut dysbiosis, Paul Barattiero, water detox & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show October 21, 2014 Click here to download/listen now!

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: Do you have a gambling problem? How about an issue with shopping or sex? There’s a drug for that. Or is it for Parkinson’s. When the side effect is obsession, perhaps it’s time to figure out another way to reverse neurological degradation diseases. Maybe water could help? RSB talks with Paul Barattiero about the role that hydrogen-rich water plays in detoxification of the body. Did you hear about the EPA water regulations regarding contaminants? They are now focused on strontium. Why? We’ll discuss it. Speaking of the environment, do you know what entities are the biggest polluters on planet earth? Governments. Do you know about the open-air burn pits used by our military to incinerate unneeded waste products? Would you breathe it in? Our troops are suffering mightily from inhaled toxic waste. That is on top of the toxic poisons injected into the bodies. Cannon fodder has gone high-tech toxic! What can we do to help them detox? Ebola is terminal in everyone who encounters it, right? Not even close. Why does it appear to kill some, but not others? While mainstream medical pundits are scratching their heads, RSB, reveals the reason that you will survive, even if you encounter it (whatever it is). Rwanda has begun screening travelers to their African nation, but you may be surprised from where their concern is focused! What’s in your Ebola tool kit? The government has fences for you and that’s about it. Why? They have no drugs or vaccines. An explanation is in order! Have you ever heard someone say that if voting on a federal level could change anything it would have been outlawed long ago? An Op/Ed in the Boston Globe actually acknowledges some level of futility in the voting booth. Get ready to cover this frustrating reality and find out what you can do about it! We’ve got a Question of the Day on gut dysbiosis. And you thought everyone already knew about the silver-aloe protocol! There have been a slew of unusual stories of people finding critters in certain orifices where they do not belong. What’s that flapping? Check your ears and make sure you put out that ear candle after you are done with it! Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355. Listen in at

Question/Comments of the Day: 1) Hi Robert, I missed your recent talk at Marlene’s Market and Deli on Gut Dysbiosis. Both my husband and I are going to follow your suggestion to heal our tummy’s… but the Silver Hydrosol, Aloe Vera juice, and probiotic amount to take and when was not listed in the article of Sound Outlook. Should we just take it as we see fit, follow the dosage recommendations on the bottle or do you suggest a more effective way? We are so elated to learn these directions of healing. Thank you for your help and keep up the tremendous work! ~ Leah Johnson

2) Robert, In the past month, I have learned of an issue that could very well be the next Agent Orange as far as being linked to chronic illnesses in our troops. I am talking about the military burn pits that were used throughout Iraq and Afghanistan and (as I understand it) are still being used to this day. This issue is something that I was completely ignorant about until I started looking into it after a longtime friend of mine died last month at age 42 of advanced stage lung cancer. She was a health and fitness fanatic and never was a smoker. But her 6 tours of Iraq and Afghanistan were in areas that these open burn pits existed, and from what I understand she had a great deal of exposure to them. It is the only plausible explanation as to why she developed cancer.

The question that I have is what would you recommend for Iraq/Afghanistan military veterans that have had exposure to these burn pits? What can they do to minimize the potential damage and prevent future health complications? The only advice I can think of is to recommend that they see Dr. Buttar for an evaluation and proper detoxification, but that may not be feasible for everyone. Any suggestions that you have would definitely be welcomed. Feel free to ask Dr. Buttar, Dr. Nuzum, or any of the other experts on your show for input as well. I think it is very likely that we will see many more cases of chronic illnesses from exposure to these open burn pits in the years ahead. I have attached a link to an article on this if you wish to discuss it on the show. Thanks again Robert for all that you do. ~ Erik

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