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ENCORE PRESENTATION – Bill Stanton, Detoxification, Allopathic Antagonists, Avastin, Natural Pain Relief & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show December 22, 2011

chronic painOver 100 million Americans are in chronic pain. 

Whenever I want to take on allopathic medicine and Big Pharma, I call on my old friend and nutritional expert Bill Stanton to help me out. Bill is one of my oldest friends and has appeared on the RSB show way back in 1999 when it was called Jump Start Your Health! He returns to discuss toxicity as the foundation for all disease, including and especially FDA-approved drug toxicity. We’ll talk inflammation and pain, toxins and cancer, vitamin C, turmeric, radioactivity and more! For those in the Atlanta area who would like a consultation, call 678-344-7338.

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. The health care system is evidently not prepared to handle it, unless they put everyone on serious narcotics. I may have a better idea, or three…

Due to the above story, I feel inclined to devote a whole hour to the issue of pain. Have you ever been in so much pain that you could understand why people in pain have wanted to die? I will share with you the most physically painful experience of my life. Do you have arthritis or even rheumatoid-arthritis? What about fibromyalgia? Is there a way to regenerate cartilage and other skeletal tissue? Can we reduce pain without NSAIDS, opiates and Cox-2 inhibiting drugs? I plan to reveal protocols for skeletal regeneration in addition to reducing pain, naturally.

Not only does Avastin not work for breast cancer, it costs $88,000 a year to be on it. Are women really clamoring for this chemotherapeutic agent?

If diet sodas do not help with dieting why are they called diet?

If you need chlorine gas to clean your chickens – do you really want to eat them? Well, 5 workers at Tyson’s plant are in critical condition and 45 others are hospitalized.

This from the “there are not enough women smokers in the world department.” Experts are now saying that women who do not smoke are more likely to suffer with obesity and all its concurrent complications. Are they joking?

Is your dishwasher dangerous? Could black mold be lurking about?

Thank you to everyone calling 1-866-939-BELL (2355). Please keep your comments and questions coming 24/7. I plan to take a call on boils. What can you do if you have one? I shall reveal the homeopathic solution. Plus, one caller who smoke may be a little upset with me. Could be interesting…


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