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ENCORE PRESENTATION – FDA Avastin Ban, Breast Cancer Answer, Chris Barr, Diabetes Debunked, Ron Paul Super Brochure, Banned Water for Hydration, Vegetable People Pizzas and more on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for December 25, 2011, 1PM to 3PM EST

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Hour 1 Like Water for Hydration (except in Europe)! “Never Quit Never” for Ron Paul!

The European Union has single-handedly saved the planet! The EU has banned anybody who sells water from making the claim that water prevents or cures dehydration! In secret meetings with the FDA, the EFSA/EU has determined that the people of Europe are as dumb as Americans for allowing a bureaucratic oligarchy to decide what can be said about the food and drinks that are available for purchase in their domain.

What else do the FDA/Health Canada/EFSA world regulatory bodies have to say about what we cannot say about the food or drink we wish to consume?

  • Food does not prevent or cure starvation
  • Oxygen from the air does not prevent or cure asphyxiation
  • Warmth does not prevent or cure hypothermia
  • Ice does not prevent or cure Hyperthermia
  • Breast milk cannot claim to provide nutrition for babies
  • The sun is in violation of EFSA and FDA labeling edicts because its rays claimed to stimulate Vitamin D production in the prevention of many diseases

Pizza as a vegetable?

Everything will be all right, as long as Congress can classify pizza as a vegetable! “…the kind of pizza served in most school lunchrooms can hardly be considered a health food in any way, shape, or form. From the refined, brominated white flour-based dough to the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) laden cheese, this processed food product is a detriment to the health of school children. Even the sauce used on most processed pizzas contains chemical additives and preservatives, as well as potential pesticide residues from conventional tomatoes.”

In stunning show of bureaucratic idiocy, EU directive bans health claim that water prevents dehydration

Let’s do an end around the old media for Ron Paul! Ron Paul Products reveals the power of imagination, creativity and moving forward to reclaim liberty! You can sponsor an Iowa or Florida precinct with a Super Brochure for Ron Paul!

Saying no: Sheriffs fed up with worsening federal interference, bureaucracy Adding a new wrinkle to the phrase, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not taking it anymore,” several California sheriffs, as well as one from Oregon, say they aren’t cow-towing to the federal leviathan anymore.

Occupy GMOs: Protesters block access to manufacturing plant filled with animal ‘Frankenfeed’ Tired of the quiet import and use of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in the animal food supply throughout Europe, a group of protesters in France has decided to make a statement by blockading the entrances of the Glon Sanders animal feed plant in Saint-Gerard, Morbihan, France. The company’s more than 200 employees have been unable to come to work for some time now, which means that production has stopped at the plant, and its offices remain empty.

Fluoride OK’d for San Jose drinking water Dentists and children’s health advocates in California are cheering a decision to add fluoride to the drinking water of San Jose — the largest city in the nation without the cavity-fighting mineral in its water supply.

Bird flu science too scary to publish, some say Some biosecurity experts are concerned new research could be used as a blueprint by nefarious forces and are arguing against publication of the work.

Hour 2 – Avastin Revoked, Real Medicine (or Food) for Reversing (or Preventing) Breast Cancer, Plus American Diabetes Awareness Month

Just in time for Thanksgiving – It’s Can-Gest Awareness Week! Actually the government calls it Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Awareness Week. Why?

The federal government by way of the FDA revoked approval of Avastin for breast cancer noting that risks of Avastin to those with breast cancer far exceed any benefit.

HOWEVER, the federal government by way of MediCare says it will still pay for the failed and now federally unapproved drug for breast cancer treatment.

No mention by the FDA of selenium for breast cancer (first successfully documented for treatment of breast cancer almost 100 years ago in 1915) or by MediCare of any intention to pay for selenium supplementation.

The cost for one year’s failed treatment of Avastin is $88,000! That amount would purchase almost 55 years of 100 per cent whole food selenium to provide 900 micrograms daily — the minimum amount most commonly found by Dr. Robert Donaldson 30 years ago to reduce pain and tumor mass in each and every case of those with terminal cancer given less than one year to live.  More than 100 out of 140 were still alive four years later.

“None of the studies showed Avastin extended the lives of patients with advanced breast cancer.”

Side effects of Avastin are “severe side effects, including holes in the stomach and intestines, severe bleeding and blood clots.”

Side effects of selenium toxicity (rarely ever encountered) are mild gastrointestinal upset, sour/garlicky breath and hair falling out.

Selenium has a much longer track record of success against breast cancer (and most all other cancers) with far fewer and less severe side effects for an infinitesimally smaller cost.

This is American Diabetes Awareness Month and this past week included World Diabetes Day.

“Type II diabetes is not a disease.  It is the lack of a natural ingredient, known as GTF chromium,” exclaimed Dr. Walter Mertz more than 50 years ago at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Dr. Mertz was the assistant to Dr. Klaus Schwarz who established the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) as necessary for blood sugar metabolism at the NIH in 1959.  The GTF molecule was found to predominantly contain the mineral chromium at that time.

Subsequently it was discovered that only chromium formed within food or through biological, living processes as found only in whole food supplements is predominantly available and active within the body.

It took more than 50 years for just one mention of GTF to finally enter the web site of the largest diabetes organization that is the American Dummiabetes Association (ADA) in the summer of 2011.  Even then it was only by way of a question asked by a reader.

The “expert” response offered began with mostly inaccuracy and ignorance rather than actual science about chromium.  The bulk of the response was a tirade against dietary supplements as dangerous compared to drug safety.  Since the medical community admits to almost 100,000 deaths every year from approved drugs and can’t find even 100 deaths total through all of the last 100 years combined from dietary supplements the inaccuracy and ignorance of the ADA is magnified at least 100 fold.

Only a scant few days prior to World Diabetes Day a news item revealed “half of the adult population will develop diabetes or prediabetes by 2020″ according to the Centers for Disease Creationtrol and Promotionevention (CDC).

Earlier this year Chris Barr discovered just one page at the massive CDC web site addressing GTF that was at the end of a document and noted that the “biologically active form of an organic Cr(III) complex” as “often referred to as glucose tolerance factor (GTF)”.

“Studies have shown that the Cr(III) supplementation in deficient and marginally deficient subjects can result in the rapid reversal of many of the symptoms of chromium-deficiency,” was the concluding statement of this CDC document.

So the CDC admits that chromium supplementation can be beneficial for “the rapid reversal of many of the symptoms of chromium-deficiency”.  Just prior to this statement the CDC noted “Cr(III) deficiency has been associated with” a list that concludes with “impaired glucose tolerance, and maturity-onset diabetes”.  The list also contains other issues common to diabetics including high glucose in the urine, elevated fasting blood sugar, and cardiovascular disease.

All this was hidden away at the tail end of a CDC document addressing chromium toxicity though it admits that toxic forms of chromium do not naturally occur and are only created by industrial processing.

Yet neither CDC or NIH promote chromium in spite of their own positive findings related to this essential mineral nutrient that is the most removed nutrient from the processed foods most commonly consumed by Americans.

The National Diabetes Prevention Program is the latest program just released in coordination with the CDC and the NIH as well as the Department of Health and Human Services developed by Emory University.

There is not so much as a single mention of either GTF or chromium to be found within this massive federal government document/program brought about as part of the Obama health scam bill.

Yet another major abject failure of the federal government.

Take personal responsibility for this issue with 100 micrograms of 100 per cent whole food GTF Chromium taken three times daily rather than relying upon failed federal government programs.

American Diabetes Awareness Month should be American GTF Chromium Awareness Month.  World Diabetes Day should be World GTF Chromium Day.

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