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Encore! Restoring Immunity, Flu Shot Fiasco, Russia GMO Corn Ban, Whole Foods Genetic Deception, Ronnie McMullen Structured Water, Gratitude & More!

Encore! Happy Thanksgiving! The Robert Scott Bell Show November 22, 2012 Click here to listen.

Is the GMO world finally crumbling? If 2012 is a year of consciousness transformation; it follows that GMO’s would be revealed to be the debacle that they are. No matter how much money Monsanto and the biotech industry throws at positive PR, events are colluding to cause blowback on

RSB & Coast Guard Corey

these genetic abominations. A 2-year French study reveals GM-induced rat tumors. Russia has banned GM corn! Whole Foods is caught lying about GM ingredients in their stores. Prop 37 in California is alive and awareness is growing. Is it time to rest? No way. Now is the time to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, administrators and everyone. Even the flu shot is not immune to the consciousness shift. We’ll reveal it all on today’s RSB Show!

Special thanks to everyone who came out to Love Whole Foods yesterday evening for my lecture on health sovereignty! Coast Guard Corey, you are great for my immune system!

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Ronnie McMullen is back, this time to discuss one of my favorite topics: water. Structured water is water in nature. If you take a gallon or ten gallons of water and pour it in a mountain stream at the top of the mountain and then collect it at the bottom, the water is structured. Structured water is free of memory. It has a balanced pH. The main contingent of structured water is life force energy, and that life force energy comes down to the water molecule itself. The water molecule has the power, the

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RSB and Vaishali hosting a seminar together? Yes! March 23 – 24, 2013 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California!

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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In case you missed my RSB’s Sunday broadcast (09/23/12) on GCN with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Saying No to Vaccines, Incredible Revelations in NEJM, More War on Cancer, Big Pharma’s Medicare, More Antibiotics, More MRSA, Safer Infection Options, NH Free State Project Carla Gericke, Jury Nullifies Cannabis Conviction, Distrust in U.S. Media High, Stupid Studies, Not-So-Skinny Milk, “Everyone is a Terrorist” Test, GMO Researcher Rat Cancer Study Pushback and More on you can download the archive here:

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