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ENCORE! Wellness trend predictions, Ozempic resolutions, Tom Woods, Diary of a Psychosis, How Public Health Disgraced Itself During COVID Mania, Lyme disease options, Long Covid, Marianne Williamson ignorance, Jeremy Slate, Unremarkable to Extraordinary: Ignite Your Passion to Go from Passive Observer to Creator of Your Own Life, Homeopathic Hit – Stramonium and MORE!

January 26, 2024 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

What wellness trends will be big in 2024? The Ozempic “ripple effect” and more expert predictions
Experts predict a resurgence in weight loss-focused trends in 2024, prompted by drugs like Ozempic becoming more mainstream. Celebrity endorsements have helped these new weight-loss drugs gain traction, and their popularity has spurred interest in supplements making weight-loss claims, such as berberine, touted online as “nature’s Ozempic.” The trend is expected to influence food, beverage, and dietary supplement markets, with snack-makers and fast-food chains likely offering smaller portions and more nutritious ingredients. After years of focusing on mental health, physical health is returning as a top New Year’s resolution. Additionally, wearable health tech and artificial intelligence are expected to play a larger role in health monitoring and screening. There’s also a predicted shift towards wellness strategies backed by clinical studies and research, with consumers becoming more discerning about online mental health content. Social activities and in-person therapy sessions are anticipated to gain popularity, reflecting a desire for more authentic and engaging experiences. Overall, there’s a continued focus on longevity and self-care, with plant-based eating, sleep health, and gut health remaining important for living better for longer.

Weight Loss Drugs Out of Reach for Millions on Medicare Promising new obesity drugs like Wegovy and Zepbound are inaccessible to millions of older Americans due to Medicare’s prohibition on covering such medications. Despite rising obesity rates among older adults, Medicare’s decades-old law prevents coverage for these weight loss drugs. The debate intensifies as lawmakers and drugmakers advocate for change. These drugs, costing up to $1,300 monthly, have shown significant weight loss results and reduced risk of heart problems. However, the high cost of covering these drugs under Medicare poses a financial challenge. Legislation is being introduced to allow Medicare coverage for these drugs, amidst growing evidence of their health benefits. The decision faces hurdles due to the potential impact on Medicare’s finances, with studies showing both potential savings and costs for the government.

Special Guest Tom Woods

Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is the 2019 winner of the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award from the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna. He is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute and host of The Tom Woods Show.

Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and his master’s, M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University. He has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, C-SPAN, and Bloomberg Television, among other outlets, and has been a guest on hundreds of radio programs, including National Public Radio, the Dennis Miller Show, the Michael Reagan Show, the Dennis Prager Show, and the Michael Medved Show.

He is the author of thirteen books, most recently Diary of a Psychosis: How Public Health Disgraced Itself During COVID Mania and Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion.

His other books include the New York Times bestsellers Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse (read Ron Paul’s foreword) and The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, as well as Who Killed the Constitution? The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to Barack Obama (with Kevin R.C. Gutzman), Sacred Then and Sacred Now: The Return of the Old Latin Mass, 33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, and The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy. His critically acclaimed book The Church Confronts Modernity was released in paperback by Columbia University Press in 2007. A collection of Tom’s essays, called W obronie zdrowego rozsadku, was released exclusively in Polish in 2007.

Question of The Day!

Hi Dr. Bell! I met you last September at the HealingStrong conference. I have since been diagnosed with lyme disease (bartonella strain). Do you treat that with silver? Thank you!

Hour 2

Millions of Americans have Long Covid. We shouldn’t forget this. Marianne Williamson highlights the ongoing issue of Long Covid affecting millions of Americans. She emphasizes the need not to forget those afflicted and suggests measures to mitigate the spread. Williamson advocates for making high-quality masks freely available to everyone and mandatory in healthcare settings. Additionally, she calls for improvements in indoor air quality nationwide and stresses the importance of providing adequate healthcare for those suffering from Long Covid. The tweet reflects a call to action for continued vigilance and support for those impacted by Long Covid.

Special Guest Jeremy Slate

Jeremy Ryan Slate is the host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He studied literature at Oxford University, as well as holding a Master’s in Early Roman Empire Propaganda from Seton Hall University. His podcast was named the #1 Podcast to Listen To by INC Magazine in 2019, as well as Top 40 Under 40 by Podcast Magazine in 2022.

Jeremy and his wife, Brielle, co-founded Command Your Brand—a new media public relations agency designed to help entrepreneurs share their message by appearing as guests on podcasts. He resides in Stillwater, NJ where he raises chickens and is a former competitive powerlifter.


Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
In this episode, we’re focusing on Stramonium, a homeopathic remedy often used for intense fears, nightmares, and certain neurological disorders.
Let’s explore the various applications of Stramonium, especially in these health scenarios.

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