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EPIC FAIL Part 1 – Paul Offit Tries To Debunk Jim Carrey, Ends Up Getting Debunked By A Cat

Apparently someone accidentally lifted the rock that Paul Offit was under this morning and HuffPo decided to help him make an ass out of himself.  I had no intention of having anything to do with this knuckle-dragger today. I’ve been preoccupied lately with several other Skepducks making noise elsewhere. However, when I saw this article trying to discredit Jim Carrey, I figured – why the hell not? The only difference between Offit and the others is – he’s the darling of the media. Aside from that, he is just as much of a card carrying Narccisscientist as any of them.

Don’t believe me? Check it out.

From the article:

Carrey maintains that his objection is to the additives in vaccines, like thimerosal and mercury, not the vaccines themselves. “I am not anti-vaccine,” he tweeted.

This is not all that uncommon. No problem with vaccines, just not ok with thimerosol. Get rid of the thimerosol. Use something else.

Now enter Paul Offit. What he says next is pure Narcisscientism gold:

But it’s simply not possible to hold both beliefs, said Dr. Paul Offit,  ….  Carrey’s insistence on making an issue out of a non-issue like the supposed dangers of the preservative thimerosal actually is an anti-vaccine position, Offit explained.

You can’t hold both beliefs, Jim. Paul Offit said so. He’s the official talking head on TV. He’s a doctor. You have now been discredited,  denied your right to believe what you want and are now officially labeled an Anti-vaxxer. Move along please.

Paul Offit should know better than to blurt out a False Dilemma like that and think it won’t be noticed. If he’s going to start things off with an Excluded Middle Fallacy, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Paul Offit is not the leading authority on what beliefs you’re able to hold. Period. Just because “he says so” is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Who the f*** do you think you are Offit? Do you think you can wave your hand and bestow the label of Anti-Vaxxer on anyone you choose? NEWS FLASH – Deeming something to be a “non-issue”… does not make it so.

By Offit’s count, there are several high-quality studies that show thimerosal in vaccines does not cause autism or developmental delays in the children who receive them.

Ok. I’m not a scientist or a doctor. I make no claim to be an expert in either of these areas.

Oh snap.  I can see skeptics jumping out of their chairs and reading from the same hymnal in unison:

 “HA HA! Only scientists know how to accurately analyze and interpret studies and research. You are not a scientist nor a physician, therefore you do not have the training and experience to understand the science!”

How many times have you heard that one?

Here’s the thinking on this one:

– The scientists say that only scientists can understand science.

– I am not a scientist so I cannot understand science.

This is a circular argument where the conclusion is included in the premise. Circular Reasoning or “Begging The Question”. Another common logical fallacy you will come across. Thats right! These “skeptic specialists” who are on a perpetual search and destroy mission to seek out those logical fallacies attributed to quacks and cranks….are found in their own backyard.

Correct me please if I am wrong but… I dont’ have to be a scientist in order to accurately reach a logical conclusion like this:

  • Studies do exist that call into question a possible link between thimerosol/mercury and autism or neurological disorders. It doesn’t take a doctor to see that. I just have to know how to read and possess the average level of reasoning skills to come to that conclusion.

  • Are these studies “high-quality” studies? While it is not impossible that EVERY single study that has EVER shown a link to autism has been wrong….it just doesn’t seem probable. Just from a basic statistical perspective…. you know? Think about it.

All studies showing link WRONG.

All studies showing no link RIGHT.


I don’t have to be a scientist to be able to call bullshit on that nonsense.

I’m going to stop there. Part 2 tomorrow.

Something tells me Jim Carrey isn’t intimidated by all of this. I think he can handle it but I can’t let it slip by without keeping it real.

The way I see it, the difference between Carrey and Offit is

  • One is a hilarious actor who can read a script really well.

  • The other one is Jim Carrey

– Hoofnagle The Science Cat