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Fiat Food and Fiat Money Side Effects: Pharmaceutical and Economic Enslavement; Both are FDA and FTC Approved

Headline: Grocer to Offer Free Antibiotics to Customers for 3 Months Giant’s decision to offer free antibiotics comes as more Americans postpone needed care because of the ailing economy, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released in October.

There is a parallel between the ailing economy and our ailing health. For too long the economy has operated on the artificial sustenance of fiat money (that is, money created out of thin air and backed by nothing). Similarly, for too long have millions subsisted on food devoid of the adequate nutrient content necessary to sustain optimal health. Government nutritional experts, if they followed the pattern of government economic experts, would propose more “fast food” as a solution to crises of nutritional deficiencies.

I know, it sounds absurd. How can you improve the health of people eating deficient foods by providing MORE deficient foods? This is tantamount to repairing an economy in tatters precisely because of money devoid of real value — by printing even more of the same.

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Under the definition of insanity in the dictionary, we should now see a picture of Treasury Secretary Paulsen and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

The end result of subsisting on valueless food is valueless health. So it does come down to what you really value. If you value health, you will do all within your power to feed your family that which is rife with vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, along with essential fats and all the amino acids a body needs. You might also consider limiting your exposure to toxins that further deplete whatever nutrients you still may have.

It is time we recognize that private or semi-private industry is merely imitating government in their “bailout” behavior. In the case of Giant Foods providing free antibiotics, it is eerily similar to government bailouts of one-time private-sector businesses with free “money.” Those businesses are now enslaved to bureaucrats.

As an important side note, people with acute or chronic infections do not suffer from antibiotic deficiencies. And the economy does not suffer from a lack of fiat money.

Just as there is no emphasis being placed on sound nutrition as a solution to the health care crisis in America, don’t you find it equally interesting that there is no emphasis on sound money as a solution to the economic crisis? Who would want to perpetuate disease in the health and economic arena and why?

The end result of relying on empty calories for better physiological and monetary health is pharmaceutical and economic enslavement. Only one question remains: Who are the slaveholders?

Once you identify them, you are free to direct your ire at the true beneficiaries of the current system of disease management in both the health care sector and the economy-at-large instead of tilting at Democratic and Republican windmills.

H.R. 2755 anyone? Got Ron Paul?