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Food Freedom, Health Sovereignty, Eric Herm Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth, Chelsea Marando Farms, Whooping Cough Vaccine Revelations, Alive Foundation Awards, Depression Herbs, Ron Paul’s Free Country and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 5, 2012

The Robert Scott Bell Show April 5, 2012

If you wanted to live in a free country, what would you ask of government? In a country of people who value empire and exceptionalism, you might ask to assure the continuity of government. In a country of people who value freedom, you would more likely insist that government protect liberty and nothing more. Do you want to live in freedom or tyranny? We ignore the Constitution at our peril, but I am not only talking about the Federal one. We each have a constitution that must be fed and nourished and obeyed. One of the easiest ways to establish tyranny is to get the people to abandon the care of their own bodies under the pretense that some wise overlords in government can take care of it better than you. Danger Will Robinson. When the grocery stores are bare – what will you do? Start growing your own food today! The farming theme runs through the RSB Show today in order that we may re-establish food freedom and health sovereignty!

What else might RSB cover today?

  • Antibiotics and detached retinas
  • Strengthening your connective tissue
  • Silver for burn care
  • Whooping cough
  • Vaccine failure collectivism
  • 5 medical tests/procedures no longer recommended
  • 5 herbs for depression

First up, Eric Herm, Son of A Farmer and Child of the Earth drops by to get us back on a path to agriculture’s higher consciousness! We’ll talk about the abandonment of nature among the 20th and 21st century farmer, as well as the path back to growing sanity rather than genetically modified monstrosities. Monsanto and Dupont may be a greater threat than any standing army! Eric shares his journey back to awareness in nature. How can we reach out to the generations who have abandoned the wisdom of Creation while reintroducing those who have not yet been corrupted? and

Josh and Anna Scurry return for a brief, but exciting update on a new honoree at the Alive Foundation NY Awards Show! This is going to be so moving! Get your tickets here: and …and remember to vote for The RSB Show!

Learn to garden and farm organically! Where will you be on Earth Day? Chelsea Marando, from Marando Farms in Ft. Lauderdale joins RSB to celebrate organic agriculture and teach others how to plug in to it as well! April 21 in Ft. Lauderdale will be a great celebration! Wherever you are, get out there and meet your local farmers and learn from them! Growing your own food is the path to health sovereignty, so start now! and

Call us at 1-866-939-BELL (2355) if you have any questions!

Other stories we might cover on The RSB Show today:

More vaccine failures in the news – this time Whooping Cough!

5 great herbs for natural depression relief!

Common antibiotics now linked to detached retina and other connective tissue disorders…

Doctor’s seek to end 5 cancer tests and treatments – it’s about time!

What’s it like to be the son of a farmer?

Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto’s show yesterday – “I want to live in a free country.”

Did you catch RSB on The Jerry Doyle Show?

Dr. Carolyn Dean let’s loose on vaccines!

Where are you going to be Saturday, April 21, 2012? How about celebrating Earth Day and Marando Farms in Ft. Lauderdale with RSB and friends?

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now! I downloaded the Vaccine seminar a couple of weeks ago, and I am about 90% thru it. I will be going over it the second time with my wife very soon. Great work! I was wanting a more cogent and hard hitting approach, but as I listened and considered what you were doing, I think it is genius! So many are unaware, and have not any understanding of these things; They need time to process the vast amount of information. Not to mention what you two took so great care in doing to transition people from vaccine delusion, to vaccine truth. – John Barker

Do you know where you are going to be June 29-30, 2012? How about New York City for Alive New York? Have you voted yet? The Robert Scott Bell Show is nominated as best health radio show!

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (04/01/12) on GCN from this past Sunday when RSB covered the FDA’s banning of mercury and BPA (April Fool’s!), as well as bogus cancer studies, bogus heart attack vaccines, depressing fast food and more! Listen here:

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