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Freshman Friday! Toxic sunscreen? Core strength, Doc of Detox Darrell Wolfe, Liam Scheff, MMR, Vaxxed, Dr. Frank King, reversing man boobs!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Party on Garth…wait, Garth Brooks?

Friday palm treesIt’s always fun on Friday where Captain Morgen joins the Mad-Men of health and freedom…RSB and Super D!  Today we take Freshman Friday up a notch – or down – depending on how you look at it!  Catering to Don’s sophomoric humor, yet on a serious topic, how can we help those suffering from chronic diarrhea? For those dealing with the lack of nutrient absorption, dehydration, and discomfort, this is no laughing matter, but Dr Rob is flush has some simple ways to start treatment.  Remember, it takes a little time for your body to heal, in addition to these protocols, give it lots of rest and love over the weekend!  (You can find the supplement Rob mentioned here, at Alta Health Products Can-gest)

constitution class flag memeIs this “Wear Orange Movement” going to impede on our second ammendment freedoms?  Not if we have anything to say about it!  Just in time for Independence Day, join us in July for a special class on the constitution, and gun training.  Check out our Special Events page for all the details.

 RSB also weighs in on a recent article that’s making the rounds on the inter-web, “Excuse Me While I Lather My Children in This Toxic Death Cream”.  What does he have to say to mom’s who are tired of trying to be the perfect parent? You’ll have to listen and see!  Can the Captain talk him down off his soap box?

vaxxed memeDo you live in Central Florida? Gather your friends, order your tickets, and come meet RSB and Captain Morgen at the Vaxxed movie showings this weekend!  More details here:

Time to Detox!  Dr. Wolfe is here!
(DOD) - Detoxifridays Image - 1.0 - ckAre you ready to strengthen your core? Dr. Darrell Wolfe and RSB will discuss the importance of the central muscle group as it relates to your entire visceral system. The core gets you off the floor! It is party central for your vital organs. Whether it be a prolapsed uterus or troubles with the prostate, you cannot overstate the importance of shoring up the core. If your colon lacks tone, it may be due to weakness in the core. Have you ever seen a beach ball belly that hangs way over the beltline? Core deficiency is at fault. This is not to overlook the toxicological burden and its impact on the physical structure. Toxins can create very real pressure, pain and scar tissue to manifest. The antibiotic domino is very real and devastating. What’s the remedy and how do we apply it appropriately to reverse the results of chemical onslaught? Darrell talks about hands-on-techniques to help you achieve abdominal lift that is measurable. Breaking up scar tissue is key and you can learn how to do it at home. How to break down crystallization within the body tissues? Get ready to learn. The next Doc of Detox teleconference will cover prostate issues for men and endometriosis for women. Email to find out how you can participate.

Dr. Wolfe will be with RSB at the I-ACT Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, June 23-25, 2016, to talk about the domino effect of fungus in the body leading to cancer. How does scar tissue precipitate such manifestations? Colon therapists are lifesavers! Please join us at I-ACT! Remember, self-love is key to honor your self. It’s the only way you can truly honor others. As above, so below. Let love be the driving force.

Remember, The Doc of Detox Daily Cleansing Tea can also remove the interference for more light to reach your cell so desperately in need. Removing scar tissue is so important! When you choose healing, it is actually possible to expel fibroids from the uterus naturally or reabsorb them and deal with them in another way. The health of the large intestine and the colon are also critical in recovery from female-specific tissue ailments. Clean up the water going in so that the clean water can clean up your body on the way out! Have you ordered a structured water shower head yet?dr wolfe doc of detox


Also, the International Training Institute of Health (ITIOH) is available so you can go beyond treatment to retrain yourself and release your inner healer. It does not have to take 20 years, either. Upcoming webinars include from Fibroids To Cancer on May 22, Whole Life Healing on May 22ndand Dr. Wolfe’s Deep Tissue training on May 28th. Then come and see RSB and the Doc of Detox at the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists (I-ACT) in St. Petersburg, Florida June 23-25, 2016. Remember the webinars and teleseminars every other week, beyond our DetoxiFriday broadcasts. Email to find out how you can participate. Dr. Wolfe’s life mission is to train and empower you to go beyond treatment!


HOUR 2 – Special interview with Liam Scheff

Liam-Scheff-bio-image-Quote2Investigative journalist and Official Stories author Liam Scheff returns to talk about the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe. Doctors are waking up and saying “my God, what have I done?” in relation to their reliance on vaccination after seeing the film. Was there anything that they missed?

We’ll talk about the appearance of Luc Montagnier and his comments about the CDC regarding MMR and HIV. Got cognitive dissonance? Then we’ll shift to discussion of modern relationships. How has Liam’s perspective shifted, and perhaps softened over the time he has studied the issue in an anthropological way? What is the economic influence on relationships throughout history? What is marriage, what do we intend when we enter into it, and how should we expect it to change over time?

Liam calls America, The Divorce Machine. Americans are not trained to communicate well. We’re given no reasonable instruction in relationships or psychology. We’re black and white, good or bad, saintly or evil – or, that’s how we’re told to present ourselves and see ourselves.

This brutalizing dichotomy prevents us from being sane, healthy, happy, reasonable or stable. This way of thinking feeds the monster that is American divorce. We could do things differently, though, if we really gave ourselves permission to think out loud about what relationships, marriage and tribe mean to us. It is always a fascinating discussion when we get together!

Healing Revolution time with Dr. Frank King! 

Dr. Frank King is back to kick off June with more of the Healing Revolution! Check out this really cool article about Dr. Frank King & His Fantastic Farm in the latest edition of Our State. We’ll begin by answering Janice’s question about “man-boobs” as they relate to endocrine disrupting chemicals from pesticide-laden foods, medicines, synthetic growth hormones and more! What can be done to remove these estrogenic compounds from the body of your children before they do permanent damage? Get ready to learn more about 21st Century Syndrome and what you can do about it with homeopathy and more.


Question of the Day: Hi Robert and Dr. King! I appreciate all that you do by educating us about how to become healthier without pharmaceuticals. I have a question. Hey friend of mine has a nine-year-old son who is concerned about his “man-boobs.” What is causing them and what do they need to do to make them go away. He is very athletic but he is not overweight. I appreciate any help!! ~ Janice

Where does a formula for PMS fit into the equation? How about the one for Menopause? There is a Male Strengthener formula to help reset the masculine balance, too. Consider environmental detoxification formulas like the Whole Body Detox and even professional remedies for removing pesticides and herbicides. Contact your favorite health care provider and let them know that there is help at King Bio.

There are even emotionally focused remedies for people internal struggles with issues of gender and sexual identity. Since we are heading to summer in the northern hemisphere, we’ll revisit homeopathic options for Poison Ivy/Oak, insect bites and stings (Bug Away) and more! Also, the Whole Person Appraisal form is free and available to you at King Bio to assess and reassess your personal health needs. Join the Healing Revolution by reading Dr. King’s book about he 8 Essentials to life and health!


TTAC-Aug-2015RE-Launch! Ty Bollinger has up-dated and is re-releasing his much applauded docu-series, The Truth About Cancer.  Stay tuned for how you can gain access, and share it with those you love.  Too much epic information to not get informed!

More upcoming RSB events:

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