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GMO Action Alert, Health Freedom Resonates, Orange TKO Bill Tufts Environmental Clean-up, D-Limonene Defeats Cancer, Not-A-Doc Chris Barr, Stephen Rogers Shentrition Adaptogens, Color-Coded Poop for Dumb Doctors, Healing Energy in Motion and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 19, 2012

ANH “GMO” Action Alert!

Are you ready? We are back rockin’ the health world in studio – but we’ll revisit the Health Freedom Expo with some life-changing interviews conducted there. Be sure to respond to the ANH-USA Action Alert on bio-tech shenanigans in Congress <>! The message of health freedom is resonating across all of the artificial divisions that the elite use to divide us. Welcome to the United States and World of Health Talk Radio!

Bill Tufts, Orange TKO

First up, some environmental healing with Orange TKO’s Bill Tufts, who joined RSB at the Health Freedom Expo to discuss scientific breakthroughs revealing d-limonene’s anti-cancer properties. You’ll never believe what the University of Arizona found out! If you are concerned about your kids and pets, please abandon the petrochemical cleaners and pesticides before it is too late! Can you clean in an environmentally friendly way? Absolutely. How about getting rid of ants, roaches and other undesirable creepy-crawlies in your home? It is amazing what this humble distillate from the orange peel can do! Call 1-800-991-2463 if you would like to learn more!

Nutritional historian and Not-A-Doc Chris Barr also joined me at the HFE to discuss more ways to counter cancer nutritionally. Can you bat a thousand in the battle against cancer? Chris will reveal very simple, yet critical, nutritional strategies to do just that. We’ll discuss the role of Selenium, Chromium, Silica and more! Do you know which herbs to utilize when addressing lung issues? Is there a difference between USP isolate “nutrients” and the real nutrition that you get from food and food-grown supplements? Have you gotten Chris’s books on Selenium and Chromium yet? and

Stephen Rogers

Founder of Shen-Life and Shentrition, Stephen Rogers helped RSB get through the exhausting pace of events at the Health Freedom Expo once again! You have not really tried a super food until you have done so with the additional support of adaptogenic herbs! We’ll discuss the concepts of trauma and drama as they provide the experience to lead us back to health freedom and healing. What is the Law of Non-Interference? Why is free will such an important part of our journey back to health? How can anger help or hinder you on your path? What key adaptogens are critical for liver recovery? Could emotions used positively really just be energy in motion? Stephen will help us all overcome depression, which is merely a form of depletion and stagnation. Sometimes it takes a collapse to realize that we need to rebuild anew. Learn more at and or 1-866-497-7436.

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More stories we may cover today:

Urgent Action Alert from the ANH – Biotech companies are buying Congress in order to render moot any decision coming from the judicial branch on government. Here’s what need to be done right now: and

Color-coded Poop for Dumb Doctors

Color-coded poop for dumb doctors? Gives new meaning to primary colors and Lincoln logs…

E. coli or E. chromi? Color coded crayolas are not far behind before you flush so that your doctor will have an easier time prescribing you drugs. Modern medicine has finally gone to $#!%…

Could your local government clear cut your vegetable and herb garden?

The Ron Paul r3VOLution is alive and well…

Ron Paul Wins Iowa! Supporters are changing the GOP!

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

What are people saying about Liam Scheff’s Official Stories? You can’t put it down!

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Just announced! RSB will be appearing at BM Organics in Ft. Lauderdale Wednesday evening, June 20, 2012! What would you like to know about gastrointestinal recovery?

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (06/17/12) on GCN from this past Sunday when RSB interviewed Stephen D. Rogers on Adaptogenic Shentrition, Modern Medical Test Dangers, Radiation Scan Scam, Vaccine Scares, Raw Milk Revolution, Kid Farming, Monsanto GMO’s Pink Slimed, Swiss Homeopathy and More, you can listen here:

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