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GOP Corruption Denies Ron Paul Nomination, Ginger Taylor Reports From Tampa RNC, Genetic Voting, Psychologists on Drugs, Drugmakers Feed Republicans & Democrats, Serious Political Healing, Liam Scheff Police State Small Town USA, Doug Wead Encore, Tactical Strategies, What To Do Next and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 29, 2012

Ding-dong, the RNC is dead? It’s time to cover the cowardly behavior of the RNC in response to Ron Paul delegates playing by the rules. What happened? What happens next? Where do you divert your energies to achieve liberty in this lifetime? Is there a genetic explanation? Is this why psychologists want to prescribe SSRI drugs like psychiatrists? How much does drug money play a role in the Republican and Democrat parties? RSB delves into some serious political healing for the cause of freedom today!

First up, the Canary Party’s Ginger Taylor reports live from the RNC on what really happened behind the scenes to deny the nomination of Ron Paul. What happens to the coronation of Mitt Romney after such corruption is made visible to all? We’ve got the news that the old media does not want to reveal. Is there any anger at the GOP corruption from within? This is just the beginning… and

Police state small town USA? Liam Scheff has the cops called on him in small town Idaho! Why? Because he wouldn’t surrender his bag, containing his wallet, keys and ticket. Liam offered to show the contents of his bag to store employees – and did so – twice – but still, the store manager, “Hastings” or, demanded that Liam, not charged with any crime or even attempt of a crime, was demanded to “surrender” his bag. Liam offered again to show the contents, but protested that the teenaged store employees couldn’t vouch safe for his tickets, wallet and identification.

See how the police state has infiltrated even your local video and bookstore. And join Liam in writing and calling Hastings for an apology and an explanation of their “we’ll call the tax payer funded police” policy for people who don’t “surrender” their personal property. Call: 1-877-HASTINGS (877-427-8464) Email:

Encore interview! Doug Wead returns to discuss the status of the Ron Paul campaign and larger movement to restore liberty. What are constitutional Republicans and why was it important that Ron Paul run as a major party candidate? Why did Rand Paul endorse Mitt? Will Romney reach out to Ron Paul in any way? Doug Wead is a historian and New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books.  He has served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the Bush, Sr. White House.  In 2012 he took a sabbatical from writing to serve as the senior adviser to the Ron Paul presidential campaign. In 1979 he co-founded Mercy Corps, which has distributed more than $ 2 billion of food and medicine around the world. As a corporate-motivational speaker he has addressed business audiences in coliseums and soccer stadiums in forty countries.  He is the author of 30 books. Recent titles include All the Presidents’ Children and The Raising of a President.

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It was a wild day yesterday at the RNC as 6 states nominated Ron Paul for president, one over the 5 state minimum.

Ron Paul gets 6 states, so the RNC cowardly changes the rules to an 8 state minimum at the last minute.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviews Rand Paul at the RNC

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto interviews Ron Paul at the RNC

Psychologists now want to prescribe drugs like psychiatrists – do they really know what they ask?

Can we blame our voting patterns on our genes?–abc-news-wellness.html

What are drugmakers feeding to Republicans (and Democrats)?

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