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Governor Jesse Ventura, 63 Documents, TSA Fourth Amendment Violations, Seal Team 6, Iran War Mongering, Liam Scheff, Avastin Withdrawal, Drugging Foster Kids, Aimee’s Livin’ Magic Raw Foods and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show November 22, 2011

Governor, Navy Seal, author, freedom-fighter and superhero (to us!) Jesse Ventura joins The Robert Scott Bell Show for a barn-burning, document-un-shredding hour of pure radio blitzkrieg! Conspiracy Realist Liam Scheff joins the fray to talk conspiracy theory and reality. From the TSA’s criminal activity against the citizens of the United States, and Ventura’s lawsuit against them, to Sean Hannity’s decided lack of courage when faced with an in-studio guest on FoxNews, nothing is off-limits on today’s show. We’ll air the chicken-hawks current move to invade Iran, Rick Perry’s Bliderberg confirmation as candidate, and the reality or fiction of Seal Team Six’s assassination of Osama bin Laden.

The Gov’s new book, “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read” is on sale everywhere – do not miss this book – you will get the actual government documents in your hands so you can understand who’s really running the show.

And “American Conspiracies” – one of Liam’s most highly recommended books – is now available in paperback and for electronic reading devices.

Liam’s review:

Must we go to war with everyone we do not like? The sabers are rattling from both the Obama Administration and the chicken hawks within the Republican Party. Only Ron Paul seems to be calling for calm, rational discourse…

After many years and billions in Roche’s illicit gains, Avastin has now been withdrawn by FDA as a breast cancer drug – but has it really? It remains on the market for colon, lung, kidney and brain cancer. If it was not safe enough for people with breast cancer, how is it miraculously safe for others? Hmmmm.

Liam put out a request a while back from our friends at Aimee’s Livin’ Magic in Maine. Oh boy, did they respond! I may have to break a big rule in broadcasting and actually eat some of this delicious raw food on the air! and

Here are some other stories we’ll try to cover on the show today:

Guess who is getting pumped full of psychiatric drugs? Foster kids. When will we stop allowing the sacrifice of children on the altar of the Church of Biological Mysticism? Is there any wonder that I call for a separation of medicine (drugs) and state?

Do antibiotics work against viruses? No. So why does the CDC need to remind us of the danger of prescribing them in cases of viral infection? Is the CDC stupid or are the doctors?

Europeans are not allowed to know that water prevents and cures dehydration, but they want to lead the world in antibiotics. In a pharmaceutically insane world, this makes perfect sense. Somehow…

First the Amish and now the Mennonites. What is with the Obama Administration going after these religious minorities? Fascism is not just for Republicans…

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (11/20/11) on GCN from this past Sunday, you can still listen to it here: Guests included Chris Barr (with and update about breast cancer and diabetes) and Erik Petroni (the new Ron Paul Super Brochure) and more: and

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