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Health Freedom or Obama-care?

Radio broadcast from Sunday, September 19, 2010 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: If the government can force you to buy medical insurance, by what delusion do you think the Feds cannot force you and your kids to take drugs or get vaccinated?

For those few on the left who still cling to the illusion that Obama-care is somehow an improvement to health care in America, you must ignore the fact that it relies on force for its very existence. For those on the right who think that it was just fine before Obama-care passed, you also must ignore the fact that medical monopoly exists by government force as well, not by the free market.

Republicans and Democrats tend to argue about how much government intervention into the care of our health is desirable. Other than Congressman (and Doctor) Ron Paul, I do not hear anyone from the right or left calling for unfettered access to a free market in healing.

Michael Moore is dead wrong about health care in Cuba. It is not better because of communism or socialism. It is better simply because they cannot afford a Big Pharma monopoly, nor the junk/processed foods of Big Agribusiness. They live simple, eat simple and walk or ride bikes to get where they are going

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