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“If It Walks Like A Duck and Talks Like A Duck, Then…” – by Hoofnagle The Science Cat

So a couple days ago you got to experience a mighty venting by yours truly about the strange behavior by a group of grown men who like to imitate ducks. It’s bizarre but they are actually convinced that by talking like ducks:

1. Enemies will be intimidated and disarmed
2. Allies will be amused and compliment them
3. The public will be impressed and admire them
4. They will protect society from the anti-science enemy

In reality it’s a huge ego stroke for them. I’m convinced a large number of these guys have a kind of hero syndrome and get their fix by publicly browbeating people online for what I like to call “Quacknowledgement” or “Daffirmation”.

One of the best examples out there is the infamous Ducktor David Gorski. Don’t just take my word for it, check out this visual I’ve created using one of the latest blogs by David Gorski bashing everyone at Autism One. (each surgical oncologist duck represents the use of the word “quack”)

I think there’s more quacking in that article than was heard in the entire last season of Duck Dynasty. A whopping 23 times in just one article. Someone has a serious obsession with sounding like a duck. That isn’t normal. It’s just weird.

I did find something interesting called Anatidaephilia –

“being aroused by the idea that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you”

We won’t go there.

Lets just break this down and see it for what it is.

1. A group of people who disagree with other people decided one day that
the sound a duck makes was the perfect word to use as an insult. (“Moo” was a close second but it sounded too much like “Woo” )

2. THEY think it should be embarrassing for YOU when THEY say “Quack”. Let that sink in for a minute. THEY say “Quack”…. and YOU are supposed to be embarrassed. HUH?

Every time you see or hear one of these guys say “QUACK” you need to see what I see. A duck. Honestly. If a grown man says “Quack” what else should you think of? Every time one of these douche-canoe’s say quack, laugh your ass off because it’s RIDICULOUS. If “Quack” offends you, it’s only because THEY convinced you that a duck sound is more than what it really is.

To further illustrate what I’m saying, I will continue to highlight this issue moving forward. I am putting the Flagrantly Fowl Fratenity on notice – Starting on Monday it will officially be Duck season. We will find out who in the Skepduck community is the biggest Duck. Every article will be rated by the number of duck calls in it.

Liberate yourself.

Liberate the duck.


– Hoofnagle