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Jim Carrey vocalizes the truth about vaccines, Hoofnagle the Cat debunks the skeptics, Dr. Buttar & Advanced Medicine Monday, & more!

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Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT:
In the wake of last weeks historically draconian removal of vaccine exception in California, those who see this move for what it is have been hitting the streets, via twitter and social media, to voice their objections.  One such voice was the comedy legend, Jim Carrey, who stirred the preverbal nest of pro-vaccine zealots far and wide, with a series of tweets and comments regarding SB277, vaccine related damages, and the evidence connecting their use with the development of neurological diseases in children.  Unfortunately when we get passionate we sometimes make mistakes, and in Jim Carrey’s case, he accidentally used a photo of a child with tuberous sclerosis, who did not actually develop his disease from a child hood vaccination.  But like the honest fellow we suspect he is, Jim was quick to endow a full apology to the family.

The skeptics were quick to attempt to silence Jim Carrey, and his bullhorn of truth. One such attempt by Paul Offit, published through The Huffington Post, proclaimed to “debunk” Jim Carrey and his “Anti Vaccination” tweets.  But in true skeptic fashion, their hubris once again clouded their logic, as Paul Offit became the latest victim of Hoofnagle The Science Cat, as Mr. Offit’s attempt were thoroughly exposed to actually, debunk himself.  The skeptics also attempted to use their age old tactic of portraying the critic as one who “lacks proper credentials”.  Super Don pointedly destroyed that ad hominem attack with this fine piece of art work!  One might ask what inspired Jim Carrey to begin this passionate rant, it turns out it was non other than the powerful vaccine documentary “Trace Amounts”. RSB will be joined by the director of “Trace Amounts”, Eric Gladen, to discuss what is covered in his paradigm shattering documentary, and what insight he has on Jim Carrey and the anti-vaccine movement in California.  RSB will also address the rapidly escalating financial crisis in Greece, and how their situation could easily replicate itself here in the good old United States of America.

In Hour 2 RSB is joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar for another information packed Advanced Medical Monday!  Many this week have been alerted to vaccinate by the first North American measles death since 2003,  but was this death actually caused by lack of a vaccination?  RSB & Dr. Buttar will also weigh in on the mysterious and ominous deaths of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Bruce Hedendal, & Dr. Teresa Sievers, and the conversations beginning to circulate speculating the cause of their suspicious and untimely demises.  Erin Elizabeth, of Health Nut News, has also dug up some further information, relevant to this discussion, as she highlights how 2 more doctors have gone missing over the last weekend.  Are these deaths simply unfortunate coincidences, or is there an active attempt to silence doctors who dare to speak the gospel of Health Freedom?  In other news, Mammograms are coming under fire, as a new study has found that wide spread breast screenings have not actually decreased the number of breast cancer deaths.  In another damning study, Statins have been linked to aggression in older women. Think SB277 was the end of the pharmaceutical companies power play? Well, the next step is here folks. Just when we thought vaccines were just for kids,  they’ll soon be coming after all adults to be fully immunized!

Questions of the Day:

Hi Robert,

We have recently had new neighbours move in opposite, a really nice Asian family. They have a 16 year old daughter with anorexia which is causing the whole family a lot of problems. She has been put on an SSRI, Sertraline, which causes more problems, especially if she misses a couple of doses. What would your advise be to try to overcome the anorexia and to get off the SSRI?  Also, I have had allergic asthma for the past 65 years and have had to take steroid and reliever inhalers all through the summer. I had Black Seed oil info appear on my facebook page which stated it was ‘the cure for everything but death’. Intrigued I did further research online and found a youtube video of a woman who had used it and her asthma symptoms disappeared, so I tried it. This is the first summer I have not had to use any inhalers, this is truly remarkable. Have you heard of this?  Thanks again for all your help in the past. Best regards!

~Derek from the UK

Hello RSB and Super Don,

I wanted to inquire about vaccines and potential nerve issues. My little boy of 4 years old now got some of the vaccine shots – the DTaP-IPV-Hib vaccine (2,4,6 months) and Pneumococcal conjugate (Pneu-C-13) vaccine (2, 4 & 12 month) – before we knew better. he got all the shots till his 12 month check-up. Thankfully there are no major issues with him except our naturopath noticed that he does have some nerve issues. At his last checkup, his score was really high. My naturopath jokely say that his nerves are “possitively electric”.

He has been taking homeopathic remedies and have been working to some extend. It does seem to wear off with time however so we switched remedies once the current one wears off. With the recent Disneyland measles fear mongering campaign, it got me wondering if his vaccine shots might have caused his ongoing nerves issues – especially with the components like aluminium and mercury in the shots. He is not jumpy or have anr obvious mental defficienies, just very active and can’t sit still (more so than a ‘normal’ 4 year old).  Could you shed some light on the matter. What would you recommend besides using Dr. King’s children vaccine remedy? Would the HempMed px oil help?  Thanks for your help!

~Lynette from Toronto Canada

As always, remember, The Power to Heal is Yours!
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